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Classy Skincare with Organic Clove

We artisan-craft all of our products from natural botanical ingredients – organic clove among them. However, its uses extend beyond skincare, as it appears in recipes, aromatherapy, and other sources of spicy goodness. Since it is one of the more commonly known herbs lining grocery store shelves, many individuals seek to better understand its benefits and how they can employ this spice into their daily lives. With so many purposes and abilities, we gave this super spice its place among the ingredient highlights. Clove’s capabilities stretch far beyond offering a sharply sweet aroma and a stage-stealing ingredient in some of our skincare products. 

Cloves found their way from the Malucca Islands to Ancient Rome, where they were prized as a specialty spice. The Romans chewed the clove buds as a way to keep their breath fresh when they were in the company of important people, such as the Emperor. The spice’s popularity continued to grow on into the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with nations going to war over the monopolization of clove distribution. In fact, in an attempt to monopolize clove harvests, the Dutch went so far as to cut down clove trees belonging to other people who had cultural tradition rooted deeply into the tree’s growth. Today, clove usage is maximized for its skincare and culinary purposes. Discover new ways to use clove in your life, and find out why face naturals puts this spice in the ingredient spotlight.


Spicy Nutrition

Cloves contain a variety of beneficial nutrients that aid important bodily functions. From minerals to vitamins, cloves may prove an important addition to spice up your meals and boost your nutrient intake. You could use clove powder in dishes that include foods such as sweet potatoes, coffee, cinnamon, or citrus fruits like oranges, as cloves may enhance the overall flavors. You can reap a number of benefits from occasionally using cloves to spice up your meals, and enjoy a fuller, more assertive flavor to go along with some of your favorite dishes. Learn how adding organic clove powder not only improves favorite recipes, but health as well.

With a wealth of minerals to offer, clove can help regulate different bodily functions. One of these minerals, manganese, keeps bones strong and improves energy levels. Copper helps hair maintain its strength and color. The iron ensures a strong red blood cell content, while the calcium maintains the structure of the skeletal system. Other beneficial minerals include magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. Many people struggle with a deficiency of these minerals, as much of the food typically consumed by Americans is void of such necessary nutrients.

Cloves also contain vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, E, and K, and B vitamins including niacin, thiamin, and pyridoxine. Niacin helps the skin maintain firmness, and improves circulation. Vitamin A boosts cell growth in tissues, and ensures strong vision. Vitamin C keeps the immune system functioning properly, while encouraging collagen and elastin production. For cell protection from debris and environmental damage, the reserves of vitamin E perform as an antioxidant. Other nutrients found in cloves include folates, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin.

Cloves can improve a number of different health conditions as a result of having so many properties and abilities. When you struggle with a sore throat or cough, either make a clove tea or add the powder to your preferred brew. It acts as an expectorant and improves circulation, which in turn, allows your body to expel the mucus and infection at a more efficient rate. You may also use it to fight off periodontal disease, bad breath, asthma, and to stabilize blood sugar levels. Plus, the amount of antioxidants available in this spice provide it with anti-cancer properties. Add some spice to your life, and incorporate clove into more of your meals.


Catch Some Clove in Your Skincare

Because of its impressive nutritive profile, organic clove essential oil makes a superior ingredient in some of our natural skincare products. We use it in our deodorants, bar soaps, and facial products because it performs both as a synergistic ingredient to combat chronically acneic skin and an aromatic addition for a sweet but spicy product. Its strong cleansing abilities add to its uses, making this oil one of the most reliable additions to products intended to cleanse. Take a look at some of our signature products to find out what clove could do for your skin.

As mentioned above, organic clove has plenty of vitamin A. Thus, it perfects the skincare routine in need of chronic acne prevention or anti-aging. Our Anti-Blemish line, complete with a facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and serum, uses clove essential oil to disinfect the affected area of skin. Since clove essential oil boosts circulation and acts as a local anesthetic, it relieves inflammation associated with chronic, cystic acne and keeps pain from irritation at bay. Plus, when the blemishes leave difficult scars in their wake, clove will fade them out over time. This helps contribute to ultimate acne relief, as it exfoliates and renews the complexion by improving cell turnover and detoxifying the epidermal surface.

The antiseptic qualities of clove essential oil make it perfect for cleansing products. Plus, its pungently sweet scent provides aromatic perfection for the body products it is used in. Our formulas for the Cinnamon Spice Bar Soap and Summer Herb Garden Bar Soap use finely crushed organic clove buds to improve the exfoliation properties of these soaps. We take it even further in our Orange Spice Body Scrub by using the essential oil to enhance the rich, warm aroma of spices and citrus synergistically blended together. Plus, clove not only works well to deodorize breath. It also works to deodorize your skin in our Lemon and Clove Cream and Stick Deodorants. It kills bacteria and fungus known for depleting skin immunity and causing odor.


Keep Clove in Your Skincare with Face Naturals

Our ingredient highlights were designed to inform you about our selected ingredients used in each signature formula. We want you to fully grasp the benefits of our organic botanicals so that you can employ in new and exciting ways – both in your skincare and health habits! Try some of the products mentioned above to see how clove essential oil will work for you, or add more to your diet to find out if it will make a difference for you. Comment below to share your experience, or tell us more about the health and skin benefits of clove. Share your ideas with your face naturals family.

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