Cell Phone Radiation and Your Health!

Secrets about Your Cell Phone

The one thing you may carry around with you all day may also be the one thing jeopardizing the global health as you read this post. You’re not alone in carrying this potential weapon of mass destruction. Millions of people walking the planet also carry them – billions actually. More than five billion, if you would like a ball-park estimate. What is the offending object? Cell phones! And as their uses expand from just texting and talking to self-contained laptops, more and more people consume them.

As the demand for cell phones grows, so do the frequencies that they give off in order for us to establish communication with others globally. Many of us extend the use to cafes, restaurants, and our homes for internet purposes. The models of cell phones have advanced to a point at which they often receive and send signals, even when not in use. We use these devices on a daily basis, but do we really know how they will affect the general population? Or how it affects us right now? We will give you some ideas as to how cell phones secretly influence your life.


Enter the World of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

With the rise of cell phone usage has come a new health condition that could turn lives into a living torment: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). One study shows that up to eight percent of the world’s population may experience severe symptoms of this syndrome, while up to thirty five percent face less noticeable symptoms. This syndrome spawns form the formation of synthetic EMF, or electromagnetic fields, which facilitate the signals coming and going.

Imagine having headaches at random, or itchy rashes appear out of nowhere. One person describes frightening experiences with brain fog, the bottomless pit of depression, and symptoms that resembled a stroke, with no plausible explanation. One side of the body would remain weaker than the other for long periods of time. Eventually, this individual learned that she developed cancers in multiple parts of the body. This, and many of the aforementioned symptoms, were rooted in EHS.

People who struggle with EHS often experience symptoms near any place or thing that emits a signal via wifi, cell phone, or other internet transmitters. Since many places including cafes, restaurants, even stores contain wifi hotspots, they have difficulty going out in public. Even people can become a source of irritation with cell phones emitting signals that could trigger symptoms in these people. Leaving their house becomes a struggle, as they have to deal with the constant stream of signals interfering with their bodies’ ability to communicate with its own cells.


EMF Affects You!

Electric and magnetic fields or electro magnetic radiation could be harming your health! You may be thinking that since you do not experience this extreme type of sensitivity, then this information must not apply to you. And because only around forty three percent of the population may experience potential symptoms of this syndrome, that the issue really does not deserve discussion. Well, just because you have the blessing of no sensitive reactions toward EMF, does not put eliminate you from being at risk as well.

First of all, radiation’s abilities and powers are magnified greatly by water in the surrounding proximity. Considering the fact that seventy percent of the human body consists of water, this makes for a terrifying reality. Every time you put your cell phone to your ear, you amplify its power and the effect it has on your body. Not to mention putting it right next to your brain, the main powerhouse of your body, can disturb the communication of your body as a whole.

There are also multiple links between EMF radiation and infertility. It causes endocrine disruption in a way that causes sterilization. Each year for the past fifty years, the average sperm count of men has reduced by one percent. This means that average sperm count has gone down at least fifty percent, and continues to drop. The results are similar for women as well, with more and more couples finding difficulty in conceiving.

Finally, EMF radiation affects you and the rest of the world as millions of honey bees disappear regularly. Cell phone signals from the phone to the tower cause honey bees to get confused, stop their search for food, and swarm in a seemingly aimless fashion. The problem with this? Well, with no honey bees, we will have nothing to pollinate our plant-based food sources. This could send the whole world into famine, as the honey bee population continues to decline.


Eliminating EMF

You are probably wondering how you can eliminate the effects of EMF radiation from your life. Many people, like yourself, need their cell phones on a daily basis, depending on them for communication, notes, pictures, and a number of other vast purposes. There are a few ways you can scale down the risk to yourself and your family without completely giving your cell phone the boot.

Start by turning off your cell phone when you do not use it. Go back to using a watch to tell time, and an alarm clock to wake you up. Use landlines as much as possible, whether at work or at home to eliminate some of the contact your body makes with the cell phone. This will help keep your body’s cells free of interference from the phone’s transmissions for longer periods of time.

When you must use your cell phone, try to only communicate with people when you have a strong signal. This will keep your phone from emitting as much radiation as it would with a poor signal. You can also keep your phone away from your body as much as you possibly can while it is powered up. Keep it in your purse or briefcase instead of your pocket. You can also purchase a compatible headset to keep the transmissions further away from your head.

Finally, keep your cell phones away from children. Children are more susceptible to the radiative interference created by this equipment. Especially during their sleeping hours, the radiation can emit and interfere with the communication of their brain. Make cell phone calls away from your children, and keep laptops and other wireless devices unplugged during the night to ensure that their growth is not hampered.


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