DIY Organic Food Recipes That Anyone Can Make From Home

In The Raw!

More and more people want to go organic with their meals, using wholesome, all-natural ingredients to make tasty creations that nourish the body and mind. Many of those people have difficulty putting together dishes that deliver a dose of delicious nutrients and vitamins – or they simply do not have the time. You may struggle to manage daily life with kids, school, work, and a million other things, but you are in luck because some of the easiest organic meals have the highest nutritional value.

Many individuals underestimate the nourishment that raw, organic foods can provide the body. But we know that you can create some of the most artful entrees with the best raw ingredients that nature has to offer. Since we know how to nourish our bodies with the bare essentials, we decided to share some of our secret recipes with you. Whether you want a snack, dessert, drink, or meal – all easy to make – we have some suggestions for you to build from. Bon appetite!


Scrumptious Snacks

Get started with some lighter eats that you can travel with anywhere. Put these cool treats in your child’s lunchbox or take them with you to work for a satisfying satiation. You can also use them as tasty appetizers when entertaining guests.


Yummy Yogurt on the Go!

Pick up a few cups of organic, plain Greek yogurt and a container of your favorite organic berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and black berries are all favorites of mine. Stash a cup or two of the yogurt into a compartment of your purse or brief case along with a handful of tasty berries in a small, plastic bag. Whenever you feel the munchies coming, open your yogurt, mix in the berries, and voila! You have a tasty snack ready to go and packed with fresh fruit.




Make it work as an appetizer for guests by pouring the yogurt into a separate container, placing it on a larger plate, and arranging the berries around it in a fun design. Put tooth picks in the berries to assure hygiene, and snacks are served!

Greek yogurt contains double the protein as typical yogurt – which feeds and energizes your body. This also curbs your appetite, and your digestive tract has an easier time metabolizing it than regular yogurt. The probiotic content in Greek yogurt also helps ease digestion and build your immune system.

Any variety of organic berry you select will feed your body with incredible nourishment. Most berries are rich in antioxidants, making them excellent as a preventative measure for numerous degenerative diseases caused by oxidative damage to cells. They also contain plenty of fiber, which helps with blood pressure and leveling out cholesterol.


Holy Guacamole!

This snack requires a little more preparation, but not a professional resume as a chef. An organic avocado per person will usually leave you with some leftover to enjoy later. Simply peel the avocados, remove the pits, and mash them up in a bowl – or toss them in the blender if you like a smoother consistency. I prefer chunky, so I use a fork. Add one or two teaspoons of organic garlic powder or diced garlic, organic black pepper, organic sea salt, and organic celery seed per avocado. You can buy organic tortilla chips or crackers flavored with olive oil and sea salt for dipping. Let the guacamole sit so that the flavors permeate the avocado. You can dip it into smaller tupperware containers and send it with your kid as a snack or take it to work for a nutritious and filling bite.




Organic avocado contains up to 3 grams of protein, which will help keep you fuller for longer. It also has fiber, potassium, vitamins E and B, and folic acid, along with a number of other nutrients needed to optimize health. Additionally, avocados can prohibit the growth of cancer cells, or even completely eradicate them.

The crackers or chips will help fill you up even more completely. The added benefits of the grains used in organic chips and crackers can greatly help decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Even the spices used in the guacamole can help boost your health. Garlic promotes healthy circulation, while sea salt can help mineralize your body’s cells. Black pepper, also excellent for circulation, contains strong antioxidants and helps revitalize your energy.


Make Mighty Meals

Now that you have held yourself and your family over until dinner, it is time to bring on the main event. We provided a few suggestions that you cannot go wrong with when it comes to feeding your family the best in raw, organic foods. Putting together tasty, filling meals is easier than you think, when you use the best ingredients and a little know-how.


Oddball Oatmeal

A typical breakfast-time treat – with a twist. Use one cup of organic, whole grain oatmeal, a fourth of a cup of shelled, organic hemp seed, and forth of a cup of organic granola. Put the hemp seed and oatmeal in a bowl with as much organic milk as desired, depending on your preference in consistency. You can use almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or cow’s milk, depending on your preference also. If you want to add a little extra flavor, you can use a flavored milk like vanilla. Heat these ingredients up for about one to two minutes. Then, add the granola along with two tablespoons of organic, raw sugar, two tablespoons of organic, raw honey, a tablespoon of organic cream cheese, and a table spoon of organic butter. Mix these ingredients together, and you have a hot and healthful serving to start your day right!




Organic oatmeal could be a ticket to avoiding cardiovascular disease – and it prevents heart failure, too! Your immune system benefits, as well, with a stronger response to infections and illnesses. If you struggle with type 2 diabetes, then the magnesium in oatmeal will stabilize the body’s ability to metabolize glucose and insulin.

Organic hemp seed has a high supply of fatty acids and proteins to keep your body and mind moving throughout the day. One study found that mice that ate hemp could swim for longer without tiring than mice that did not consume hemp. So, if you need a pick-me-up at noon, then adding hemp to your morning meal may help you maintain a better energy level for longer!


Salad and Sandwich, Anyone?

A classic combination for many people, salad and sandwich makes for a filling, versatile, and easy creation to make in the kitchen. This is just an example of what I like to make in my own kitchen for dinner – but the possibilities are endless and you can use your own organic selections to make an awesome salad and sandwich combo!





For the sandwich, use two slices of organic, whole wheat bread and smear one tablespoon of organic almond butter on each slice evenly. Then, smear one tablespoon of raw, organic honey to each slice as well. Slice up an organic banana and place on the bread. Another idea requires mashing up organic avocado for a spread, then adding slices of ripe, organic tomato and some pieces of crisp, fresh, organic lettuce with some sea salt and black pepper to add flavor. Cut the sandwich down the middle diagonally, because we are all picky kids on the inside that like triangle halves better.

For the salad, use a cup or two (depending on your personal hunger factor) of your choice of mixed greens. My personal favorites are organic kale, organic baby spinach, and organic romaine lettuce. Slice up some organic onion to add to the mix, with some organic shredded cheese, a handful of hemp seed, and a few dollops of your favorite Organicville dressing. I use Caesar salad dressing for mine.

Should you choose the banana-sandwich route like I do, then you are in for a good dose of protein and vitamins. Organic almond butter typically has a higher protein content than that of peanut butter, with less sugar and fat. So, if you have picky little ones – or big ones – than almond butter may be an excellent and more nutritive alternative to peanut butter. Plus, bananas contain high levels of vitamin C, manganese, and magnesium, so consuming them helps bring more antioxidants into your diet. Raw, organic honey, a natural source of sugar, also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for living a healthy lifestyle.

Organic mixed greens pack a punch of revitalizing vitamins and antioxidants that will keep you feeling full and well. Baby spinach adds plenty of iron to your diet, which contributes to good blood health. Spinach also helps keep your brain in top shape as you get older. Kale contains a high level of vitamins A, K, B, and C, and alpha-linolenic acid – an omega 3 fatty acid. Romaine lettuce helps maintain a healthy digestive tract with its excellent quantity of fiber to clean it out. It is excellent for managing weight loss as well, while improving muscle strength.


Delicious Drinks

No meal would be complete without a fun drink to wash everything down. But sometimes, drinks are the fussiest items to create – even when they are so much fun to drink. Here are a few hints and tips I use to dress up a drink and make it a little fancier.




You can fill up an ice tray, and place an organic berry or sprig of organic mint leaf in each of the slots. When the cubes freeze up, you have a delicate ice cube to add some color and light flavor to your water or tea. An additional option is to store the berries themselves in the freezer, and use them as coolers for your drinks.

For fun refreshment in the afternoon, slice up some organic cucumber, apple, lemon, and lime before adding to a jug of mineral-enhanced water. Mix in a little raw, organic sugar or honey for some light flavor to give it sweetness.

Make a fruit-infused organic smoothie! Mix any of your favorite raw, organic fruits together in a blender, add a little milk or Greek yogurt for consistency, and a spoonful or two of honey and almond butter, and you have yourself a healthy, filling, vitamin-rich, organic smoothie with little fuss!


Share with Your Face Naturals Family!

If you have some scrumptious suggestions for raw-food recipes of your own, share in the comments below so we can all sample your savory dish – and maybe add our own unique touch to it! We care about what goes into your body – and what you put on the outside of it, too! That’s why we provide you with trustworthy products made from all organic ingredients, and ensure that you get some useful information on how to nourish your body. So, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us! And remember, we invite you to share your own organic recipes in the comments below!



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