Dry Eyes See an Organic Solution

Keeping an Eye Out for Your Health

Dry eyes are a common condition that irritates many Americans all over the country. Many know it by the uncomfortable sensations it causes, including an itchy, burning feeling on the eyes. Others know it from what they see in others: excess mucus excreted from the eyes, or the redness that often comes with the condition.

But what causes it? And how do you treat it? Lots of people struggling with this issue turn to drowning their eyes in eye-drops throughout the day, to keep the symptoms at bay. Others simply suffer with it, hoping that it will even itself out eventually. However, few people know how to actually solve the problem, and what lies at the root of it.


The Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes happen for one of two reasons: either the tear ducts do not produce a sufficient quantity of tears to keep the eyes moisturized, or the tears are of poor quality. Both of these issues can arise either from the climate, allergens, or bodily factors often linked with age or what medicines a person takes.

Tears are made up of three different substances: water, oil, and mucus. The water provides the moisture, the oil keeps the water from evaporating immediately, and the mucus allows the tear to spread evenly across the eyeball. If the tears do not contain enough oil, then the water will evaporate quickly. If there is not enough mucus, then the tear will not disperse evenly across the eye.

Sometimes, climate can affect the tear production. If the climate is arid and dry, with little humidity, then the likelihood of experiencing dry eyes can increase. Also, as you grow older, your tear ducts may not function as well as they used to. Thus, when a person is fifty or older, they are at greater risk of experiencing dry eyes. Hormonal imbalances common in postmenopausal women may increase their risk as well.

If you take certain medications, participated in laser eye surgery, or have damaged glands due to inflammation, then these may result in dry eyes. Sometimes, inflammation can occur due to an eye infection or irritation caused by debris or lack of proper cleansing after wearing makeup.


Sweet Solutions from face naturals

If your dry eyes are due to an infection or debris trapped in your acid mantle, then the solution is simple and ready for you to notice. Face naturals offers eyelid cleansers that can help keep your eyes clean and free of debris without causing further irritation. Each cleanser is infused with cleansing, healing botanicals all sourced organically.

To keep your eyes free from debris that often comes from wearing eye makeup, then the Eye Makeup Remover offers a gentle, but effective option to cleanse away your day face. As an oil-based cleanser, it does not contain any alcohol-based ingredients that could cause your tears to dry up.

We also carry two eyelid cleansers, especially formulated to cleanse away any debris and bacteria that could block or hinder the function of your tear ducts. Plus, they each contain essential oils that support circulation, which can improve the function of tear ducts and the quality of your tears. Check out our Mint-Lavender and Rosemary Eyelid Cleansers to discover the organic power of these products.


We’re Keeping an Eye Out for Your Health

We have other products including eye serums and creams that will keep your eyes and the skin that surrounds them healthy and bright. Check out our other eye products, or contact us for more information on other skin-care products that we carry in our web-store. We look forward to hearing more from you, and helping you in your selection of organic face naturals products. Contact us here to learn more, and your face naturals family will be happy to respond!



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