Eliminating Pain Naturally

Three Pain Killers That Nature Provides

One sensation that connects all human beings – pain – can be both excruciating enough to make a day at work a nightmare or an easily ignored dull ache on a slightly sensitive part of the body. Either way, many people turn to pain killers such as ibuprofen – an easily attained, over-the-counter medication that doctors and patients alike will turn to for instant pain relief. However, pain relief of this kind can come with some unpleasant effects on your health that you may prefer to avoid, such as the potential for liver damage that the label itself often warns us about.

You can relieve pain just as easily without the consequences of these readily available pain-relief options. You can attain holistic pain relief by simply visiting the vitamin section of your grocery store, or taking a trip to the nearest health shoppe. Add these suggestions from face naturals to your shopping list – not only for pain relief, but to offer direct treatment for some different health maladies as well. You can save your body and mind a lot of trouble by taking these helpful hints to heart and relieving various kinds of pain the natural way.



Found in the commonly used spice turmeric, curcumin ranks high in the benefits reaped from taking this supplement regularly – including natural pain relief. You can add turmeric to your meals to enhance intake, or purchase supplemental doses at your local vitamin store. Remember to enhance your rate of absorption by consuming this supplement with specific foods. Since curcumin is a fat soluble substance, you should eat it with foods rich in healthy fats, like avocado, eggs, or coconut oil. Adding a touch of black pepper to the mix greatly increases its rate of absorption.

Curcumin can help with the management of joint pain, especially for those struggling with arthritis or other inflammatory bone conditions. Many studies suggest that curcumin even works just as well as the NSAIDS and injectables, which could lead to some unwanted side effects down the road. Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from curcumin intake. So, if your joints feel a little stiff one day, boil yourself an egg or make some guacamole, supplementing with a dose of curcumin to relieve your pain.

You can also enjoy further benefits from this spice-derived compound. Slim down the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, a multitude of cancers, and encourage healthy organ functions of the liver, kidneys, and even the heart. Curcumin is an all-around miracle worker for different stages of cancer, whether the cancer is in the stem stages or forming a tumor. Research shows that curcumin works as effectively as many traditional cancer treatments. It also improves your blood flow and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, which increases circulatory and heart health.



Sometimes, effective pain relief can come from the strangest of places. Astaxanthin is one such supplement that comes in an odd package. Naturally extracted from the microalgea Haematococcus pluvialis, its unique ability to offer an envelope of cell protection makes it one of the most remarkable supplements available. It proves 6000 times stronger than vitamin C when it comes to fighting oxidative damage.

This algal extract works to a level of strength comparable to prescription pain killers. Additionally, it keeps tiredness away, which means your favorite form of pain relief could also give you a zip of natural energy. It heightens endurance and increases strength throughout the day. Some people will even take it after a workout. You also give your individual cells a chance to detox, since astaxanthin covers the whole cell in a protective layer.



Nature will even allow you to manage pain through tasty options that satisfy your appetite. Apples and fresh onions offer one route through obtaining pain relief and filling your stomach with a tasty snack. They both contain quercetin, a plant-produced water soluble source of pain relief. Its ability to reduce feelings of pain, anxiety, and depression come from more balanced levels of CRH – a hormone related the body’s management of stress.

Quercetin illicits an analgesia-like effect on nerves upset by both stress and physical pain. This allows the pain responses to lessen, while inflamed areas experience relief. It also offers protection for the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria is what provides each cell its energy to function. Thus, quercetin re-energizes on a molecular level, each apple providing a stronger, cleaner energy than a cup of coffee.


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