Give Life To Your Skin With Lavender

Let Lavender Lighten Your Life!

Originating in the Mediterranean mountains, lavender spread all over the world as its popularity grew. Spanning from Europe, to Australia, and all the way to America, this hardy purplish flower can blossom nearly anywhere. It has a history that dates back up to 2500 years ago, when many physicians used it for its potent medicinal properties. Appreciated by Romans, Syrians, and even mentioned in the Bible as ‘spikenard,’ organic lavender has earned its place in the face naturals’ hall of ingredient highlights.  

We use organic lavender in a number of different products, and some of them are our most popular items. The amazing benefits to skin, health, and mind attribute to lavender’s continuous en vogue status. Check out how organic lavender can lighten your life and add a little bit of floral finesse to your skin-care routine. Plus, discover our line of products scented naturally with an organic lavender aroma.


How Lavender Loves Your Body

Organic lavender can add a unique, delicate, and sweet taste to a multitude of different dishes. As a member of the mint family, many countries use it in their cultural cuisine as an additive to baked goods, meats, sea foods, and salads. It makes a tasteful but healthy garnish, as well as a healthful tea that blends well with other herbs such as chamomile.

The tea derived from this lightly fragrant flower can offer relief to digestive problems such as indigestion. Like most members of the mint family, it calms ad relaxes muscles to keep them from aching and tightening – a common contributor with digestive problems. It can also induce sleepiness for individuals struggling with conditions like insomnia or anxiety. Drinking a cup of lavender tea mixed with chamomile can ensure a restful and peaceful night of sleep.


Mental Relaxation with Organic Lavender

Aromatherapy often employs lavender oil to help relieve mental nervousness. Those struggling with anxiety, depression, or stress can benefit from breathing in the oil’s aroma. For anyone struggling with a great deal of emotional or mental stress in their lives, you should recommend face naturals’ line of lavender-scented body products to help calm the waves of stress-induced anxiety.

One study even suggested that individuals participating in this practice may experience less physical pain as a result of aromatherapy through lavender oil. It comes as no surprise, then, that the scent of lavender can relieve headaches or migraines caused by tension and stress. We recommend carrying around our Lavender Dream Liquid Lotion to apply whenever your brain starts to strain.


Lavish Sensitive Skin with Lavender

Lavender’s benefits extend to the skin as well – our favorite uses for this fragrant flower! Lavender will gently blanket sensitive or fussy skin with comfort and gentleness. It can remedy a variety of agitating skin conditions that many people encounter. Learn how to love your skin by letting lavender lavish your skin with care – no matter what problems you have experienced in the past!

Reactive skin that often has a difficult time adjusting to other products. But you can rely on lavender to save the day and soothe the flare-ups. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties from its slightly camphorous nature, allowing an improved blood flow and oxygen to reach the surface of the skin. This eliminates swelling and calms any irritation that comes from highly reactive skin. Our line of Soothe facial products embodies these abilities, and can keep reactivity at a minimum.

For people who struggle with fragile, dry, or mature skin, lavender can offer moisture and tension relief to smooth wrinkles and keep dry patches under control. This can help people struggling with eczema, or simply dryness associated with the aging process. Our Restore line employs lavender to help maintain moisture and elasticity, while calming any irritation that causes unsightly redness or stinging sensations.


Learn More about Lavender from Face Naturals

Face naturals offers a multitude of different products that have lavender as an ingredient. These products include bar soaps, lotions, moisturizers, body cleansers, and shampoos – all with the softly floral scent of gentle organic lavender. Let our collection of lavender products take you to the brisk mountain air where this starring flower is native. Check out our other ingredient highlights to discover more about our special ingredients.

Face naturals works hard to keep your skin healthy and happy! Join us in our skin-care journey of natural, organic goodness. When it comes to finding products that keep their word and heal your skin, trust the word of your face naturals family. Contact us to open up a world of possibilities and discover your own path to personalized natural beauty.





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