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Make Your Hair Holler Hallelujah!

If you struggle with hair management, then we have a treat for you! Pollution in the air, chemicals in tap water, and carcinogens commonly found in the shampoos, conditioners, and other hair concoctions many of us commonly use can do a whole world of damage to your hair. From itchy, flakey scalp or thin, dry hair, to oily hair or fallout problems, we can help you find a hair solution that works for you, not against you.

While most overpriced products guarantee grandiose results for a hefty fee, we discovered some various ways to ensure your hair health. Your strands will stand out with some of these creative suggestions from face naturals. We even figured out how to work some of our signature products into the mix that you can trust to help your hair outshine and outlast those around you. Read on to discover new ways to wrap your hair in a world of organically natural health. We gave you a break down on what could work with your hair type.


Oil Your Coif to Opulence

If you struggle with dry, thin, or flaky hair, then taking the oil route can leave your hair deeply nourished and far healthier. We suggest using one or two table spoons for short hair, two to three tablespoons on shoulder-length hair, and three to four or more tablespoons on hair any longer than that. Dampen your hair with warm water as you heat up the oil – but not too much. Applying overheated oil to your hair can hurt and do damage. We have a couple of suggestions for oils you can use.

Applying organic coconut oil to your hair can provide plenty of nourishment that dry or brittle hair needs. With fatty acids that shelter and retexture the strands of hair, it mends damage and fortifies hair so it does not break as easily. Its penetrable moisture works deep into each strand, shielding against pollutants. It also improves circulation by increasing the hair’s oxygen and nutrient intake. The results are restored luster and a softer texture.

Organic olive oil also provides an excellent option for optimizing your hair’s moisture level. As an emollient, olive oil permeates the shaft. This allows the oil to cleanse deep beneath the hair and scalp’s surface to remove free radicals that impede hair growth and follicle function. This leaves you with superior elasticity, and a gleaming shine that even the sun cannot ignore.

Another favorite of hair gurus, organic argan oil, can boost your shine factor, mend split ends, and provide moisture at your hair’s source – the scalp. Argan oil contains the nourishment of fatty acids and vitamins that protect your hair and scalp from environmental damage.

You can mix the correct ratio of certain essential oils into the base of olive and coconut oil for an added punch to your hair’s moisture routine. Do some research regarding proper essential oil to carrier oil ratios if you want to create an oil-based hair mask that is not too concentrated. Organic cedarwood normalizes dry or oily scalps. Eucalyptus can prevent dandruff and deliver a deep cleanse with its antiseptic properties. Peppermint, another favorite of those struggling with dry hair, can improve circulation in the scalp to balance oil production, while encouraging growth. Myrrh, another good selection for dry hair types, controls dandruff and moisturizes.


Flavor Your Hair with Organic Fruit

A number of various fruits can help all kinds of hair conditions. You can use fruits as a way to provide maximum nourishment to hair with whole foods. Organic fruits are nourishment in its purest form – and not just for your tummy either. Crush or mash the fruit dose and massage it into your hair. Let it sit for about thirty minutes to an hour. We put together some suggestions that you might find helpful when constructing a mask for your hair.

Organic strawberries crushed into a pulp provide shine for dull hair. Packed with bioflavanoids, strawberries can deter hair loss and increase the flow of blood to the scalp. This makes these juicy berries ideal for making hair brighter and shinier by returning its natural gloss.

Citrus fruits are excellent for managing dull, oily hair. Organic lemon, organic lime, and organic orange all contain juices that balance your scalp’s oil production and exfoliates dead cells from the surface of each strand. This makes your hair luminous and light without all the dead weight of dead cells. These fruits are also powerhouses of vitamin C, which encourages thicker, fuller body. It can also help manage dandruff.

Organic avocado has a broad spectrum of benefits to offer your hair. It nourishes from scalp to tip, leaving no stone unturned in helping you manage your hair in a more natural way. The amino acids are strong enough to penetrate into your scalp’s surface for deep moisturization. If you struggle with frizz and coarseness, then avocado can mend damage that causes this texture. Not only can you renew your hair’s appearance, you can also provide it with a punch packed in vitamins B, E, C, and the mineral copper.

Bananas also provide a favorite ingredient for flavorful hair masks that feed each strand. A powerhouse for minerals like potassium, organic bananas contain oils and carbohydrates that repair and nourish damaged hair. These yellow fruits lock in moisture almost as effectively as coconut oil, and soothe with humectant qualities.


Make a Meal for Your Locks

You can whip up a potent mask from a few other amazing food items that might be in your kitchen. These tasty treats already make the mark as edible nourishment, but many do not think of the benefits they can provide your hair. To utilize these materials in a hair mask, simply blend them with any of the other ingredients mentioned in this article as a supplement both to nourish and create a desirable consistency for the application.

Organic, raw honey, a humectant, naturally conditions hair while sealing moisture. If you struggle with dry, damaged hair, then honey is a must for your mask. Its antioxidants trigger hair growth, while amplifying volume fullness. Honey also protects you from hair loss as it maintains strength in the follicles.

Organic Greek yogurt provides another excellent example of a mask ingredient that amplifies your hair’s health. Containing good quantities of vitamins B12 and B6, potassium, zinc, and calcium, Greek yogurt fortifies your hair’s mineral content. Thus, it strengthens the structure and retextures it for stronger hair.


Feed Your Hair Needs with face naturals

For an extra detoxifying kick to your favorite hair mask recipe, you can use our facial masks in the mix of any of the items you build your mask with. Our masks can double for face and hair to detoxify and strip your hair of the toxins and poisons it collects over time. We also have a variety of shampoos and conditioners that you can implement into your hair-care routine.

Gauge the kind of mask you use for your hair the same way you would for your face. If your scalp is oily and limp, Christy suggests the Purify Mask to remove excess oil and to lighten and fluff the appearance of your hair. For dull hair, the Strawberry and Lemon Peel Brightening Mask will remove any toxins that keep your hair from shining. If your hair is dry and brittle, then the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask or the Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask will gently nourish your hair and scalp, while detoxifying and exfoliating. No matter what hair type you have or what mask you select, you can bet on the detoxification and exfoliation qualities, as well as the vitamin enhancement they provide.

Our organic shampoos consistently contain ingredients including organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and essential oils and extracts that directly enhance the appearance and health of your hair. We also carry a line of vinegar-based conditioners that contain the humectant raw honey and bursts of citrus to emulsify, nourish, and brighten multiple hair types. For more information about our organic and vegan hair products, feel free to take a glance at out web catalogue or drop us a line. To share your favorite hair mask recipe including our products or suggestions, leave a comment below.



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