Healthy Hair – Natural Cures, Tips, and Know Hows

Healthy Hair Growth

Hair growth creates one of the deepest forms of anxiety about one’s physical appearance during our adult lives. It touches both men and women, and can be related to a number of different health problems. While many professionals will often blame it on genetics alone, it often occurs as result or reaction to a number of other rooted issues that can cause hair fallout. From improper diet, to the simple ways you handle your hair on a daily basis, a number of reasons can contribute to hair fallout or thinning hair.  

A variety of ways also exist to help reverse this condition, depending on the reason behind it. Many people can grow their tresses back, despite having experienced thinning hair for years. Whether it is due to genetics, age, or some habits in the average hair-care routine, face naturals will outline what to avoid to eliminate hair fall and loss, and how to potentially grow back your healthy head of hair. Turn to nature for hair growth remedies that have lasted throughout the ages, and you can attain the desired results with regular practice of these methods.


Hair-Growth Hindrances

Lots of different issues can cause hair loss, especially as you age. Some of the reasons are internal, and some external. Once you understand the reasons behind the thinning tresses, you can better understand which approach to take in regrowing it. We outline a number of factors that can easily influence your hair growth. Some you may be familiar with; some may surprise you. Take a look at this list of hair-hampering habits to find out if you are a guilty of a few of them.  

First, let us outline some of the internal factors that can affect the thickness and growth of your hair. Sometimes, the immune system will attack hair follicles themselves, reducing the thickness of the hair. This condition is called alopecia, and can result in bald patches. Another reason for hair loss is an imbalance in hormones, often rooted in thyroid problems, pregnancy, or the onset of menopause. When your hormones are thrown off balance, then the rest of your system may get out of line – including your skin and hair. Genetics may also present a factor in your ability to grow or lose hair. Many men and women alike may go bald due to genetic patterns that allow this to happen.  

External conditions can change the body’s ability to produce hair as well. Many of such conditions are within your control, and require some simple adjustments to your routine in order regulate hair growth properly. Your medications can have direct influence over your hair growth, such as treatments for cancer, blood pressure, or depression. They can throw off your hormones or result in your body not distributing certain nutrients as evenly. Nutritional intake can also make or break your body’s hair growth abilities, as well as stress, which can affect the way your body transfers nutrients throughout the body. If you are not taking in enough proteins, essential fatty acids, or minerals, then your body cannot produce hair properly.   

Other external factors may include which products you put on your tresses, or habits like brushing. Habits such as straightening, curling, blow-drying, or over-brushing your hair can damage the strand’s protective cuticle, shorten its life, and damage the follicle itself. It can also rip the strand entirely. Heat damage is a common factor in the appearance and ability to grow of many people’s hair. Forgoing the styling, or at least keeping it to a minimum will allow maximum growth. Many haircare or styling products will have a directly negative influence your hair’s natural ability to grow as well. They will leave a coating of chemicals not designed to stay on any part of your body for long periods of time.


Healing Your Hair’s Ability to Grow

Provided your hairloss situation is reversible, there are numerous ways to ensure that you grow thicker hair faster. Making a few small changes to your health and hair routine can make a world of difference! As with most important factors in being the most naturally beautiful you possible, it starts from the inside. Learn how to optimize your hair’s ability to grow by using these surprising methods for hair growth. Like many natural remedies, ensuring thicker, better hair growth starts from the inside. 

Make sure you consume a diet that fits your hair’s needs! Plenty of trace minerals, like iron, calcium, and zinc, are perfect for feeding your hair. Ensuring you have enough vitamin C in your diet will boost your body’s ability to absorb these minerals as well. Vitamin D will also help your hair grow faster and stronger. You can get the best source of this vitamin for free – by spending some time in the sunshine each day. Plus, eating enough protein provides the necessary building blocks for cell regeneration.  

Eat foods like Greek yogurt, which provides both calcium and protein. Nuts or nut butters can also add some extra protein to your diet. Raw fruits and vegetables with bright colors (i.e. carrots, spinach, bell peppers, berries, etc.) are also excellent sources of hair nourishment, as they contain B vitamins and carotenoids, which strengthen and enable your hair growth. Taking supplements to boost the process can help as well. Supplements that help you fill your daily needs of minerals, biotin, keratin, and collagen are all excellent sources of hair-growth nutrients. 

You can also implement a few practices into your routine. One of which includes improving blood circulation to the scalp. This ensures that the nutrients flow easily to the scalp and hair, and that your hair has easy access to them. Gently massaging your scalp for about twenty to thirty minutes per day can help attain better blood flow. You can also brush your hair gently. Over-brushing, brushing your hair while wet, and treating snags and tangles carelessly should be avoided at all costs, as this can damage follicles and result in strand breakage.  

Avoid washing your hair every day as well. Many will argue that washing your hair daily will not contribute to hairloss. We beg to differ, as this practice will keep your scalp from functioning naturally. When you wash everyday, you strip your scalp of oils and its preferred pH, making it more difficult to maintain its natural balance. Additionally, using haircare products that contain sulfates and silicones can add even more stress to your follicles and hair. Many chemicals can cause further damage by covering each strand in a chemical cuticle, further weakening your hair.  

Opting for hair styles that do not stress your hair can also prove beneficial as well. Pulling your hair back in tight hairstyles will stretch and strain the follicles that each strand is connected with. This can result in damaged or split hair, and damaged or dead follicles. Let your hair down while it dries and when you sleep to give your follicles a break. Use only scrunchies that contain no metal pieces as well. The metal in many scrunchies can cut your strands and cause further breakage.  

In fact, stay away from stress, as this will definitely weaken your hair. It can create hormone imbalances, which will affect your scalps ability to regulate itself. Plus, it affects circulation and stimulation of growth, as well as nourishment. When your body loses energy due to stress, it will only distribute nutrients to the most important systems. This means it could skip out on nourishing your hair properly. Plus, stress can affect your blood circulation. While a couple of stressful days at work and school are not going to cause you to go bald next week, months of allowing stress to overcome you definitely contributes to faster hairfall.    

Finally, remember to get your hair trimmed a few inches every one to one and a half months. This will eliminate any exhausted, split ends, thus allowing the shiny, fresh hair to grow full and stronger. Remember how exfoliation is important for your complexion because it removes dead skin and reveals newer skin beneath? The same can go for your hair. We highly recommend this practice – especially if you are new to natural hair care. When embarking on your face naturals journey, go ahead and whack of some inches. This will ensure a shorter detox period for your hair, and eliminate the unhealthy, dead ends that can hinder the growth process.


Nourishing Your Noggin

Other, more direct approaches also exist, outside of your daily hair practices. You can apply some of these solutions directly to your hair and scalp, nourishing from the outside in. These practices can help you achieve quicker results that also will continue to show in the long run. Try them at home, and tailor their usage to your convenience. You can give your hair a much needed spa day from items right from your own kitchen! Many items that go in your mouth can also provide some needed pampering for your skin and hair as well. Not to mention, sometimes it just feels nice to participate in ideas like these.   

Organic apple cider vinegar offers an excellent example of a home remedy for better hair growth. Since your scalp prefers a slightly acidic environment, hair will flourish with a little apple cider vinegar to improve the pH. It also helps remove buildup that contributes to dull, lackluster hair. We base our natural conditioners in apple cider vinegar to help maintain shine and acidity. You can also rinse your scalp with apple cider vinegar, and leave in for about twenty minutes prior to a wash. This method results in shinier hair, detangled naturally by the vinegar. And do not worry about the smell. After a proper shampooing and rinsing, the scent will not linger.  

Believe it or not, some food items are also great methods to implement when trying to grow your hair. You could mash up an organic avocado, heat up some raw, organic honey, or use Greek yogurt directly on your hair. Avocado offers a high nutritional profile that can mend your hair. The omega fatty acids will keep your scalp calmed and less inflamed, while moisturizing. It contains proteins and minerals, in addition to the fatty acids, that will allow your hair to mend itself. Greek yogurt contains enzymes that will feed off of follicle-clogging dead skin, and provide minerals like calcium to each strand. Honey also has enzymes for removal of debris, and works as a humectant to draw moisture to the hair. Think of it as a meal for your coif.    

You could mix any one of these ingredients with a face naturals facial mask, such as Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask, Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask, or the Soothe Mask for a detoxing, mineralizing hair mask. This method will draw any toxins and debris from the scalp, stimulate follicles, and renew the skin. Our clays can work as intensive conditioners, and will make the detox process much quicker for those just coming off of a hair-care routine inclusive of harsh chemicals. Many people do not realize that the same clay masks they apply to their faces can also provide similar benefits for their scalp and hair. Using one of our clay masks about once or twice a month can offer a helpful addition to your hair growth practices.  

You can also lend your hair a helping hand with different oils. Carrot root and seed oil both offer an ample source of carotenes, which can rebuild hair structure from the outside. Carrot root oil also contains vitamin A, a vitamin commonly used in hair growth products in stores. Organic coconut oil, an old-fashioned remedy, has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for centuries. We use this ingredient in our shampoos. Grapeseed oil and rosehip seed oil are also excellent examples of carrier oils that nourish the scalp and hair. Rosehip seed oil has a high profile in fatty acids and a light, easily rinsed texture, while grapeseed oil will work well for oilier hair. You could apply oil to either the scalp or the hair itself, and leave in for about an hour before washing throuroughly.    

Essential oils can be added to the aforementioned carrier oils as well to stimulate hair growth. Such oils include lavender, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood, and clove. Lavender offers a gentle approach that removes bacteria from follicles that could affect a strand’s ability to grow. Plus, it soothes inflammation or itchiness. Peppermint and rosemary can help with blood circulation, thus allowing more nutrients to come to the skin’s surface. Plus, they remove dead skin cells effectively. Cedarwood has shown effectiveness in improving conditions like alopecia. Especially if you struggle with dandruff, itch, or dryness, than an oil treatment may be the key to relief.   

Our shampoos contain organic essential oils to let you reap their benefits. Our options include Lush Lavender, Mango-Honey, and Peppermint and Tea Tree. Regardless of your hair type, you can find face naturals products to match up to what your hair needs. We have a Shampoo FAQ that offers guidelines for you to gauge your hair type in accordance with our products. This way, you select the best possible shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You can also implement our Hair Shine Serum as either a pre-shampooing scalp treatment or an easy remedy for split ends. After washing your hair, apply a small amount to the ends to keep the cuticle from splitting and looking dry.


Find Your Favorite Hair Care with Face Naturals

You can deliver optimal health benefits to your naturally beautiful hair with our natural line of haircare products. Each shampoo contains organic carrier oils and essential oils formulated to offer optimal benefits to a range of differing hair types. Follow up with one of our natural conditioners, an authentic face naturals recipe that lets your hair restore itself over time, without covering up the problem like most convention conditioners. Check out our other articles like Happy Hair Naturally and The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Shampoo to learn more about the list of toxic ingredients lurking in conventional hair products, and to discover more ways to make your hair naturally healthy.  

We focus on offering our clients and customers both skin and hair-care products that safely and gently work well for their specific and unique skin or hair type, as well as providing information on health topics that affect you, your family, and your community. Join us in our healthy mission to educate others about taking care of themselves the natural way. Plus, if you are new to our products and unsure of what selections to make, you can contact our friendly staff members. We will help you by making recommendations on which products will work best for you and your skin type. Simply provide us with some information on what conditions you struggle with, what you want to accomplish with our products, and which items interest you the most. We will make suggestions based off of this information.




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