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The Price of Pretty

What young woman does not enjoy enhancing her features with a little extra glam and glimmer? Numerous cosmetic products loom enticingly from store shelves inviting a woman of all ages and social statuses to purchase them for a unique appearance. Plus, the makeup industry rakes in a lot of cash and attention, with models wearing a specific brand, or actresses using a line for their cover photo shoots. As one of the main products mass-produced on today’s market, it is by far one of the most common commodities associated with female identity and fashion. It makes eyes look brighter, complexions appear more even, and lips look fuller and more kissable. What is not to love about good makeup that plays up your facial features?

Maybe the concoction of toxic ingredients will make you change your mind. Like many food, skincare, and household products, cosmetics often contain a variety of harmful substances. Some of them can actually contribute to bad skin reactions. Others can cause more serious problems after long-term, chronic use. No one wants to serve themselves to a cocktail of carcinogens for the sake of their physical appearance, yet the process of enhancing your appearance and the end result is often so enjoyable and fulfilling. Everyone likes to receive compliments about their appearance. No one wants to expose themselves to things that could cut their lives a little shorter. Here are some ingredients to watch for, and some natural solutions to your cosmetic concerns.


Unmasking Makeup Ingredients

Many ingredients previously discussed in our blog articles pertain mostly to skincare products, and the chemicals that end up slathered, foamed, and bubbled all over your skin. Today, we focus on cosmetic products, such as makeup. What toxic ingredients lurk inside of your favorite foundation? Are you tasting your own health risks when you slide on that lipstick? Does your eyeshadow contribute to heavy metal poisoning? And what about your blush, concealer, and mascara? Many of our favorite tools for improving our appearance may have toxic effects on our health from the inside of our body to the surface of our skin. Discover which substances to avoid in order to maintain your natural beauty without exposing yourself to carcinogens or toxins.

Mineral oil often finds its way into a number of cosmetic products, including lip balms, lip glosses, and other products intended to leave a shiny or dewy finish on the complexion. It is made through the distillation of petroleum, making it a petroleum by-product. Despite its luxurious finish it leaves on the skin, the World Health Organization has identified a number of contaminants that could make it toxic, and has also been identified as a human carcinogen. It is also labeled as comedogenic, meaning that it clogs pores and disrupts the normal functions of the skin. So much for obtaining that flawless radiance, right? Not only is this ingredient unhealthy for the body in general, but it completely obstructs its own purposes.

Heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum, can been found in formulas for lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeshadows with potentially dangerous quantities. Many researchers have good reason for concern, since continuous, chronic, or long-term exposure and usage of these ingredients can lead to health problems such as organ system toxicity. For instance, cadmium may cause kidney problems after this type of exposure. At least thirty-three different brands of lipstick use lead in their formulas, and mercury has been identified in a number of different eyeshadows. The risks of exposure to these metals range from cancer development, neurotoxicity, reproductive dysfunction, and  increased potential for birth defects. The long list continues, as more experts and consumers alike push for improved testing methods in cosmetics.

Toluene is a substance found in a number of different eyeshadows. It has negative effects on the brain, kidneys, and reproductive system. It affects the brain with symptoms such as excessive fatigue, migraines, lack of mental clarity. It can also contribute to memory loss or impaired speech, sight, and ability to think. Plus, it can cause pregnant women to have spontaneous abortions, birth defects, and infertility. Not only is it used in makeup, but it can also be found in paint products and dyes. So, the next time you go to purchase that glittering eyeshadow with intense color, you may want to check the ingredient list for toluene. In fact, it can make its way into other types of cosmetic products as well, so you could benefit from keeping an eye out with all of your preferred products.

Diazolidinyl urea and imidazolidinyl urea are both used in cosmetic products as preservatives that stave off bacteria and other microbials. These ingredients have been identified as formaldehyde releasers, and potentially sensitizing for skin. Both of them give off formaldehyde, which has been identified as a human carcinogen. It is mainly a respiratory and skin irritant, increasing a person’s potential for developing asthma, respiratory problems, and contact dermatitis. Thus, if you use products consisting of this ingredient, you could put yourself at risk for potentially irritated, reactive skin and breathing problems.

BHT and BHA are both examples of synthetically created antioxidants that serve as preservatives in many makeup products. Both of these ingredients may elicit skin sensitivity, and have been labeled as a potential human carcinogen. BHA may also be an endocrine disruptor. Studies performed on rodents showed evidence that both may encourage tumor growth, thicken the consistency of the blood, and interfere with lung function. Plus, other evidence reports that it may bioaccumulate in the body. While we all want our cosmetics to last us a substantial amount of time, we do not want for them to contribute to the aforementioned health problems as a result.


Cosmetics You Can Count On

Now that we have discussed the scary side of today’s cosmetics, we can deliver the good news. Below, we provided some examples of cosmetic vendors that follow some strict labeling and ingredient ethics. Each of these examples label each and every ingredient, and do not use toxic or carcinogenic ingredients that could compromise the health of the customer. Of course, cosmetics are not limited to these two companies, and you may conduct your own research on others that provide similar services. However, some of our staff had some good experiences with these companies, and wanted to share their knowledge with our readers.

Alima Pure is a brand that uses solely botanical ingredients and non toxic, non allergenic minerals to create their line of makeup. When customers come to us with questions about which makeup brands they can turn to for a safe application, this is often the first brand that comes to mind for a recommendation. Alima Pure carries a variety of amazing cosmetics from foundation, to eyeshadows, to lip products. Plus, they actually stick. This means that they often last much longer than the average, natural makeup line after the initial application. And, the products themselves will last you a long time as well, with a good shelf life and excellent ingredient integrity.

Vapour Beauty has a unique line of products that work well for a multitude of different people. They even have an ingredient glossary advertised on their home page for any visitors that wish to look into their ingredients. Their cosmetic products range from facial makeup, lipsticks and lip glosses, blushes, and eye shimmer. They have color shades that look intense and deep, with easy application that lasts. Plus, the range of colors available is sure to match any personality or fashion preference, whether you are a femme fatale or your look pretty in pink. Take a look at their ingredient glossary and some of their products.


Natural Beauty with Face Naturals

From skincare to cosmetics, we work hard to provide our readers and clientele with information that will keep them in the know, when they make decisions to further their healthy future. Toxic ingredients lurk in nearly every type of consumer product available on the modern market, from food to housekeeping. We find information about which ingredients to avoid and which ones to turn to when you want to make a more natural choice. A healthy mission starts with you and extends to your family and community. Become a member of the face naturals family today for more great blog posts that educate you and your loved ones about how to make informed decisions regarding the products you purchase.

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