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Lips – one of the most expressive and telling features on our faces – can often make or break our natural look. Each pair of lips varies, with some people priding themselves on pillow-plush lips, and others speaking through full, but smaller lips. We use them to speak, to smile, to express ourselves in unique but universal ways. But did you know that your lips can kiss and tell you a thing or two about your health?

Sometimes our lips become chapped, and need a little extra moisture to bring back their puffy shine. Others are chronically cracked and dried from chewing on them anxiously. Then, some people have all the luck with a cherry-bomb red pucker that grabs all the attention of everyone in the room. No matter what condition your lips are in, we will show you how they communicate, and give you the details on products that could make or break your strongest beauty assets.


Culprits for Cracked Lips

A number of different factors may cause your pucker to become a little less pretty and a little too dry. From the weather to a nervous habit of chewing or licking your lips, you can pinpoint the problem and figure out how to handle it. Remember that your lips are an area of skin that do not produce their own protective oils, unlike the rest of your complexion. This makes them more sensitive to internal and external changes.

A lack of proper vitamin intake can lead to your lips feeling and looking raw and cracked. Vitamin deficiencies can cause minor sores on the corners of your mouth, and make it more difficult to maintain a proper moisture level. Look into amping up your intake of vitamins B and C to improve lip health. More to that note, if your body has an intake of too much vitamin A, then this can also allow your lips to become a little rougher.

When winter weather starts to set in, especially around this time of year, then moving from a cool outdoor environment to a warmer indoor environment can cause chapped lips as well. The change in temperature can cause moisture to evaporate more quickly, thus stripping your lips of needed emollience. Likewise, exposing your lips to too much sunlight in summer without the protection of an organic lip balm can cause raw, cracked lips.

If you have a nervous habit of chewing or licking your lips when you feel stressed, then this habit can contribute to a painful pucker. Sometimes, when a person feels under pressure, that person may lick or bite at their lips without even realizing it. Saliva strips your lips of moisture because of its acidity. So, ask family or friends to catch you if you find yourself doing this. Then, you can be consciously aware of the habit, and figure out how to stop yourself from doing it.

Other conditions, such as dehydration or malnutrition can make your lips less than kissable. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and get proper nutrition to keep the cracking and chapping at bay. Other health issues, like a condition called cheilitis or chronically chapped lips, participating in chemotherapy, periodontal disease, or mouth abscesses can make for chapped lips.


Bad Balms and Poisonous Products

Another contributing factor may lie within the products that you turn to for relief from chapped lips. Many people do not realize what chemicals are used in the formulas that they often apply to their lips. Most conventional lip balms claim to sooth and relieve chapped lips. However, the chemicals used as ingredients in these balms can often contribute to the problem.

Many lip balms contain silicone oil. Not only is this ingredient terrible for your skin in general, it also keeps moisture and oil locked away from your lips. Remember how lips already do not produce their own oil? Well, any moisture that they might receive is sealed off, making them subject to more dryness.

If your lip balm contains fragrance, or an alcoholic ingredient, then you need to chuck it. Fragrance and alcohol will draw moisture away from the surface of your lips, and cause it to evaporate more quickly. This inhibits their ability to absorb moisture as a means to keep from becoming chapped.

Watch out for salicylic acid and saccharin in your lip balms as well. Saccharin, commonly known as an artificial sweetener can give lip balms that sweet flavor. Saccharin is also terrible for any type of skin, and should not be applied to the skin’s surface, much less ingested. Salicylic acid makes the process of moisture absorption difficult for the lips, and may contribute to the peeling and cracking common with chapped lips.

Keep an eye out for petroleum-based ingredients as well, such as mineral oil, paraffin, and petrolatum. These ingredients give lip balms the oily, moistened texture, making them balmy. But these are the same products often used in fuels for automobiles and other forms of transportation, and you do not want these toxic ingredients on your sensitive lips.

Finally, avoid products containing parabens and oxybenzone. Parabens serve as preservatives, and have been found to have carcinogenic effects on the human body when applied to the surface of the skin. Oxybenzone, an additive in sunscreens, can cause endocrine disruption, and has links to either causing or contributing to cancer formation.


Pump Your Pucker with Organic Lip Balms

You do have an option if you want a safer way to keep your lips moisturized. We know you want your pucker to remain kissably soft and healthy, without all the extra toxins that many brands add to their balm formulas. So, if you want an appetizing flavor that works effectively without the poison, try one of the many lip balms available through face naturals.

Each lip balm uses only organic botanicals that naturally hydrate and moisten your lips, for a pillow-plush pout that looks as healthy as it feels. You can give your lips that refreshing drink of flavor, and still heal the skin of the peeling, cracking, bleeding, swelling, and soreness that often comes with chapped lips.

Our lip balms wrap your lips in organic shea butter for maximum emollience. We added bees’ wax to offer a protective layer that keeps moisture locked in place. With organic sweet almond oil to hold the basic ingredients together, your lips get a dose of vitamin E. Plus, the essential oils used to add scent have benefits as well.

We offer a whole range of original flavors, and at least one is bound to suit you. If you want a tropical getaway packed into one tube, then our Coconut and Key Lime will work best for you. You can also try the Spiced Apple Cider Lip Balm to match the crisp fall weather. Our Mint Chocolate Lip Balm is perfect for the upcoming cookie-baking season of Christmas. The Cool Mint Lip Balm makes a perfect stocking stuffer, and the Simply Shine Lip Balm will soothe even the poutiest of lips.


Let Your Lips Feast on face naturals

Collect all thirteen of our signature lip balms and discover the organic goodness of healing botanicals. One of them is bound to make a perfect match for any friend or family member. Plus, they contain no ingredients that work counterintuitively. With no petroleum products or parabens, you can experience nature’s remedy to chapped lips.

For more information about our products, feel free to contact your face naturals family. Find the perfect gift for your loved ones at our web-store, and do not be shy about asking which products work for different skin types. We are happy to help you make a selection that compliments your complexion.



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