Healthy Reflections

Healthy Reflections: Foods that Reflect Your Natural Beauty

If you are a fan of face naturals, then you know that what you put on your skin can make a huge impact on your appearance. We use organic ingredients to ensure that you feed the surface of your skin with nourishing botanicals. But no matter what brand of love you slather on you skin, the real reflection of health happens because you feed your body properly. 

Many people forget to think about their outward appearance as a result of what foods they ingest. In order to reflect a picture of good health, you need to monitor what you are putting inside of your body. We give you some guidelines on what foods can help you look and feel as healthy as possible, and tell you why these foods will help you rock a reflection of health and healing.


Nourish Your Nails

Your nails often directly reflect your body’s state of health, and tell a story about whether you get enough or too little of a certain vitamin, mineral, or nutrient. Many people do not think of their nails as reflective of their state of health. But you might find yourself surprised at what your finger and toe nails can tell you about your body’s needs.

In order to maintain good nail health, you need to consume foods rich in proteins and minerals to maintain hardness and promote growth. One of these proteins – hard keratin – ensures a healthy nail by promoting proper growth and formulation. Hard keratin is found naturally in eggs and dairy products like Greek yogurt, milk, and cheese.

Phosphorus, another mineral that helps ensure good health, offers protection and growth of most tissues and cells within the body. It also affects the health of your nails, by maintaining hardness and strength. You can get your daily dose of phosphorus through eating whole grains, eggs, and nuts.

Not only does calcium maintain proper bone density, it also keeps your nails in prime condition. Without a healthy intake of calcium, your nails can become dehydrated, easily fractured, and weak. Drinking plenty of milk, eating Greek yogurt, and taking calcium supplements can help your nails grow properly, as well as maintain your bone strength.


Healing Your Hair

If you want a head of happy hair, you need to boost your intake of certain foods to achieve the shiny, strong strands you have always wanted. Like your nails, your hair can often act as an indicator of your overall health. Check out the different foods you can eat to promote a coif that gleams with good health.

Make sure that you ingest enough vitamin E and vitamin C, as both of these nutrients prove essential in proper hair maintenance. Vitamin C, found in fruits like berries, citrus fruits, and pomegranates, helps your body process and maintain higher levels of collagen, the nutrient wrapped protectively around each strand of hair. Vitamin E, available in almonds and cooked spinach, protects your hair from brittleness and breakage.

Having a proper mineral intake also helps your hair become thicker, longer, and healthier. Iron, a mineral available in blackstrap molasses and berries, promotes further growth and development of your hair. You can also ingest zinc through mango, beans, and cucumber. Zinc improves the strength and structure of hair.


Snacks for Supple Skin

You may want to sample some of these snacks on a daily basis to promote healthy skin. Your skin gives everyone on the outside a look at what goes on inside, and can communicate any stress, lack of nourishment, and sickness that you experience. Protect your complexion with some of these skin snacks that feed you from the inside out.

Believe it or not, consuming dark chocolate with at least a sixty percent cocoa content can keep your skin properly hydrated. So, you can have a tasty snack that sugars your sweet tooth, while maintaining a healthy diet. Dark chocolate also has antioxidants that boost anti-aging benefits.

Consume foods rich in beta-carotene, like carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. Beta-carotene, a B-complex vitamin, cultivates firmness in the skin’s texture and fights the signs of aging like sagging skin and fine lines. Most of the foods rich in beta-carotene also contain vitamin A, which maintains normalcy in cell function and reproduction.

Just like with your hair and nails, your skin needs plenty of protein to push its health to the next level. Eating foods with plenty amino acids or keratin, collagen, and elastin, help your complexion look and feel healthier. Include food products like milk, yogurt, beans, and eggs to up your intake of protein, resulting in firm, glowing skin.


Feed Your Reflection with Face Naturals

While eating healthy, organic foods is of great importance in maintaining proper functions for your body, it is also of equal importance to feed yourself from the outside as well as the inside. Plenty of people consume foods packed with GMOs, chemical ingredients, and non-nourishing, processed foods. Many people also slather on toxic formulas created from chemical combinations that seep into the pores and poison the blood stream.

Face naturals offers you a solution for fixing these problems. By taking our suggestions for organically nutritious meals to supplement your health, and using skin-care products that contain nothing but organic botanicals formulated to target your skin problems naturally, you open your whole body up to detoxification, cleansing, healing, and health.

Join face naturals in our quest to educate the public about taking their personal health into their own hands. Share this article and others like it with friends and loved ones on social media. Comment to keep the conversation going. Or, contact us to find out more information about products and material. We look forward to hearing from you, and making you a part of our face naturals family.



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