Face Naturals Ingredient Terms

To fully understand what we mean when we use certain terms to describe our products and/or ingredients, take a look at the following glossary to gain full knowledge of our message, product quality, and mission. These terms represent what the face naturals family stands for. This way, you can understand, too. Understanding, informing, and educating is our mission. This includes backing everything we do as well with proper information.

artisan-craftedcreated, formulated, small batch manufactured, and packaged with love, by hand, without mechanical automation.

  • botanical: substance obtained from a part of a plant and used as an ingredient in a product
  • cruelty-free: no animals harmed in making or creation of ingredients or products; no animal-testing involved in production
  • edible: fit for consumption
  • gluten-free: does not contain gluten or gluten-containing ingredients within the formula
  • GMO-free: no genetically modified organisms used as ingredients in any formula
  • healing: of a therapeutic or helpful quality; to mend back to healthy state of being
  • healthy: able to work with the natural processes of the body; to reflect health
  • organic: uses no chemicals or synthetic ingredients; only plants untampered with by toxic chemicals
  • pesticide-free: ingredients grown without use of chemical or synthetic pesticide
  • raw: ingredients like organic honey and organic beeswax in their rawest, most natural form
  • safe: will not cause harm to the body or its natural functions
  • small-batch: made-to-order products to optimize quality of formula and freshness
  • toxin-free: no substances that could interrupt the normal functions of the body
  • vegan: (aside from honey and beeswax) no ingredients or products that use animal product or by-product
  • wild-crafted: any ingredient not listed as organic is wild-crafted; harvested from the wild as opposed to a cultivated farm