Our Healthy Approach To Life

We founded face naturals on the basis of creating safe, healthy products for the usage of our own family’s needs, since we could not find products that met our standards of safe, healthy skin-care that did not put our bodies or lives at risk. Later, we made the decision to grow our product line – and our face naturals family!

We decided to offer our products to everyone as a means of providing people like us with the option of using healing, toxin-free skin-care that does not contain unlisted ingredients, toxic preservatives, cancer causing chemicals, or a molotov cocktail of carcinogens that could lead to an unhealthy body or disease. We discovered that we were not the only people that needed and wanted truly natural skin care that’s made with organic ingredients. We realized that most people truly want to apply healthy botanicals that are made from earth onto their skin without the worry of harmful endocrine disruption chemicals that could cause life long health problems. After years of product development, proper challenge testing, family, friends, and public testing, we decided to share our amazing products with other like minded wonderful people just like.. you!


Our Healthy Mission

We want to give our clients better options regarding organic, natural skin-care products. But, our mission extends even further than that. We also want to provide those who visit our website and purchase our products with information and education on how to better preserve their health.

All written content, including product descriptions, blogs, emails between us and our clients, and any other content posted on our website or provided personally from our staff, is designed to help our clients make a well-informed decision regarding their health. This extends beyond skin-care, and into information on food, production companies, chemicals, health conditions, and other health-related topics.

We seek to help people make informed decisions, and to educate them about the realities behind the corporate masquerade. Our material presents alternative options outside of big-money products that we often see advertised. Education and information are our favorite and strongest tools against consuming products that contribute to bad health.

Thus, we encourage our clients to ask questions, read our material, check out our provided references for said material, and offer new information that they come across on their own. Sharing is caring, and this includes informing and educating others about the products they use, and how certain items can affect their health.

More to the point, we list each and every ingredient used in each and every product with each full description, along with other information regarding how some of these ingredients work with the skin. We do this to ensure that each client knows and understands the formula of each product, and encourage inquiries should any questions arise.


Face Naturals Glossary

To fully understand what we mean when we use certain terms to describe our products and/or ingredients, take a look at the following glossary to gain full knowledge of our message, product quality, and mission. These terms represent what the face naturals family stands for. This way, you can understand, too. Understanding, informing, and educating is our mission. This includes backing everything we do as well with proper information.

artisan-crafted: created, formulated, small batch manufactured, and packaged with love, by hand, without mechanical automation.

  • botanical: substance obtained from a part of a plant and used as an ingredient in a product
  • cruelty-free: no animals harmed in making or creation of ingredients or products; no animal-testing involved in production
  • edible: fit for consumption
  • gluten-free: does not contain gluten or gluten-containing ingredients within the formula
  • GMO-free: no genetically modified organisms used as ingredients in any formula
  • healing: of a therapeutic or helpful quality; to mend back to healthy state of being
  • healthy: able to work with the natural processes of the body; to reflect health
  • organic: uses no chemicals or synthetic ingredients; only plants untampered with by toxic chemicals
  • pesticide-free: ingredients grown without use of chemical or synthetic pesticide
  • raw: ingredients like organic honey and organic beeswax in their rawest, most natural form
  • safe: will not cause harm to the body or its natural functions
  • small-batch: made-to-order products to optimize quality of formula and freshness
  • toxin-free: no substances that could interrupt the normal functions of the body
  • vegan: (aside from honey and beeswax) no ingredients or products that use animal product or by-product
  • wild-crafted: any ingredient not listed as organic is wild-crafted; harvested from the wild as opposed to a cultivated farm


Bringing You the Best in Organic Botanical Skin Care

We hope the information we provided regarding our terminology, background, and mission clarifies any desire for information regarding face naturals. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our products or ingredients, we invite you to contact us, so we can clarify any details that you want us to expound upon.

Our goal is to provide the population with plenty of information and education on healthier alternatives to what the main stream represents and provides. We want to give truths as wholesome as our products, and build lasting relationships with our readers, clients, and wholesalers. Help the face naturals family grow by supporting our healthy mission today!

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