Organic Flax Seed To The Rescue!

A Friend in Organic Flax Seed

All across the board, flax seed can offer some spectacular benefits for both your health and skin. An unconventional topic on many health and beauty forums, flax seed goes under the radar for many people seeking help for their heart, digestive system, and even their skin. Face naturals highlights an unprecedented item that you will want to add to your skin-care routine and diet.

Also called linseed, this seed comes from a plant that grows annually. Its origins and uses trace all the way back to Egypt, where the people used it for laxative purposes. The first archaeological records go back as far as 6000-8000 BC, hailing from Europe and the Middle East. It was generally discovered around the Danube and the Swiss Lake, according to ancient findings.


Re-fashion Your Health

Plenty of studies show how flax seed can improve a variety of conditions – especially when it comes to the digestive system and the heart. Adding a little flax to your diet could improve your situation if you experience abdominal or intestinal discomfort – especially chronically. Flax seed proves more effective than some commonly prescribed methods of treatment for this kind of issues.

Flax seed can significantly improve diabetes type two when consumed on a daily basis. One study used sixty eight people with this condition, requiring that they take a lignan supplement derived from flax seed. The lignan enhanced glycemic control, improving the subjects’ diabetic condition. Lignan proved more efficient at treating glycemic control than its placebo counterpart.

Another study concluded that flax seed could benefit those experiencing chronic constipation as a result of irritable bowel syndrome. The subjects ingesting flax seed discovered that they experienced fewer symptoms than those left off of it. The high content in fiber common to flax seed attributes to these responses. It could also decrease the stomach aches that often result from IBS.

This miracle food may also work wonders for cancer patients. Research shows that it impacts tumor growth, especially in colon and breast cancers. A study conducted on breast cancer patients showed that flax seed could possibly lessen tumor growth. The patients that ate flax seed experienced more improvement than those ingesting placebo.

Heaven Sent for Sensitive Skin

Many people with sensitive skin have difficulty finding products to nourish it correctly, without too much abrasiveness. The moisturizers that are light enough just are not potent enough. And the ones that have a good level of moisturization might illicit a reaction. For those people, we recommend organic flax-seed oil for its incredible ability to heal skin and prevent damage.

Flax-seed oil has the capacity to nourish skin, with its high content of omega-3 fatty acids. Even the lignans in the oil has extensive antioxidant abilities – up to eight thousand times more powerful than other botanicals. For the highest, and cleanest possible nourishment, purchase organic, cold-pressed oil, and keep it in a cool dark place.

Flax-seed oil helps keep your skin hydrated properly, by sealing the moisture into your epidermis without an overbearing texture. It even works to the ends of gently treating conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It also benefits those struggling with the fickle irritations of hormonal acne. Additionally, it offers protection from environmental elements exposed to your skin daily.

Face Naturals Invites You to Feature Flax-Seed Oil in Your Skin-Care Routine

If you struggle with hormonal acne, then we understand that it makes skin care a little more complex and unpredictable. We recommend Barlean’s Organic Flax Oil in conjunction with the other recommendations of face naturals products we provided. You can contact us to discover which options might work best for your skin. We believe your skin’s organically individuality should be matched with a unique skin-care routine.

Check out our other blog posts for more hot health topics – both for your body and your skin. We will fill you in on tips and tricks to improve your health, and new options for health conditions that you may not have considered. Keep in the know about your health. Comment below to keep the conversation on the benefits of flax-seed oil going. Or check out our other articles for a different conversation.


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