Organic, Natural, Remedies to Acne

Adios to Acne

Acneic blemishes can form the brunt of embarrassment for people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders. With a large portion of the population having experience with blemish-prone skin at one point or another, lots of rumors about home remedies and medications that curb the appearance of blemishes circulate in magazines, beauty and health blogs, and by word of mouth. With all the information circulating the internet regarding the causes and treatment of acne out there, some people find it difficult to figure out what really helps ban the blemishes from their faces.

The struggle with acne often begins when we hit our preteen years. Puffy, oozing whiteheads push from beneath the surface of the skin, while blackheads speckled the bridge of the nose. Many people may even advise that, “Your face must be dirty,” or “Don’t worry – it’ll go away when you’re a grown up.” Well, many people wash their faces twice daily – and still have the same problem. Some even visited a dermatologist – with no real solution for the problem outside of taking antibiotics. And once people start hitting their twenties, they still struggle with some gnarly breakouts.

Want to know the secret to bidding an organic goodbye to your breakouts? Here is a hint: no medications, topical applications with weird chemical ingredients, alcoholic skin-care products, or zit-popping involved. We dish on the secret to actually healing your acneic skin from the inside out – not just fixing the topical symptom of blemishes. But first, we will check out why acne usually occurs, what not to do to when it comes to treating it, and finally the natural solution to one of your body’s natural ways of communicating. Stop looking at acne as a problem. Start seeing it as a message about what your body really needs from you.


Breakdown of Breakouts

What is acne, anyway? Sure, we know that those nasty and sometimes painful bumps that appear on our faces can fall into the acneic category. But the definition of acne goes a little deeper than the surface of the skin. Acne is a skin condition that develops whenever your pores or follicles cultivate plugs consisting of excess oil, dead skin cells, and other debris that collects on your skin throughout the day. These plugs may attract bacteria, which flourish in this environment.

The plugs clog your pores and hair follicles, causing them to transform into inflamed, irritated, and unsightly bumps that form either into cyst-like pimples beneath the surface of the skin, whiteheads bulging with puss, or blackheads caused by the browning of the plugs nested into the pores. These blemishes may feel painful from infection or inflammation, swell above the surface of your skin with infected puss, or nest into the pores to look like tiny specks of dirt.

Here is what acne is not. It is NOT a sign that you do not wash your face enough, nor is it a sign of uncleanliness. While the dirt and microscopic debris from the air may collect on your face throughout the day, that does not mean you are a dirty person. Acne is also NOT a sign that you are still going through puberty. While many people begin their experience with acne during their teenage years, do not let people fool you into thinking that it will magically end by the time you hit twenty. Many hold onto this myth until they hit early adulthood – still experiencing regular breakouts that actually get worse after their teens.


The Base of the Blemish

A couple of factors play into the severity and type of breakout you experience. Often, the main reasons for buildup of sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria in your pores include an imbalance in hormones, some prescription medications, irritation caused by other skin-care products, stress, and an unregulated diet. These factors greatly contribute the clarity of your skin, and how it appears and responds on a day to day basis.

Myself, and many other people struggling with acne, often start to notice blemishes during our preteen years. This starts to happen because of hormone imbalances that often occur when our bodies finish developing physically throughout our teenage years. Androgens are the culprit hormones behind this occurrence, as they encourage our sebaceous glands to inflate and generate more copious amounts of sebum. This may carry into adulthood, especially in women.

If you take a prescription medication, and you noticed that your acne either developed or worsened after you began taking it, you may want to talk to your doctor about switching it up, since some medications can either cause or worsen acneic conditions. Medicines containing ingredients like lithium can irritate your skin, and deepen the outbreaks. Women who take birth control may notice that it further irritates their acneic condition as well, since birth control often alters hormones and their function.

Many people often purchase numerous products from store shelves to slather on their face, whether it is makeup, facial cleansers, toners, or other items meant to improve appearance. Chances are that these products neither help nor heal your skin at all, doing more harm than you might suspect. Excess oiliness sometimes means that your skin is thirsty, and many products that claim to inhibit breakouts will actually strip your skin of needed moisture. This will cause flareups, as excessive amounts of oil build up in the pores. Other products may smother your skin and make it difficult for the pores to breath. Thick lotions will collect in the pores along with dead skin cells and provide a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish. Too much makeup will do the same, as debris from the makeup particles gets trapped in the pores. Stay away from skin-care products that contain alcohol, preservatives, fragrance, and parabens, as all of these items will do more harm than good. Furthermore, they do not nourish the skin. Real solutions rarely come from store shelves.

The way your body handles stress will greatly impact all aspects of your health, including your skin. Of course, we all know about wrinkles and dark spots, but stress can alter the hormone production of your body. This may increase sebum production, or further stress your skin allowing inflammation to occur. Try not to let the little things get to you, and handle the big things with a grain of salt and a smile. While stress is not necessarily the root cause of your blemishes, it certainly will contribute to the severity of them.

Finally, one of the most important factors of all is what you eat and how you nourish yourself. Bet you did not see that one coming. Consuming foods rich in carbs and refined sugars like enriched breads and snack cakes can contribute to your problem, as these foods often foster the growth of bacteria and can throw off hormone production. Not ingesting enough foods with omegas 3 and 6 can also factor into your acneic blemishes, as these fatty acids work as anti-inflammatories, and may improve your problems. You should also ensure that you have a healthy intake of probiotic rich foods, as these will better your body’s absorption of nutrients.


Accomplish Acne-Free Complexion

Now for the exciting part – the secret to successfully beating those blemishes. It all starts from the inside with changes to your diet. Then, we will work on the outside to calm the surface problems that we all face from breakouts. Healing yourself takes time, so do not expect immediate results as soon as you start implementing your new plan to handle your acne. However, you will notice a difference overtime – just as I have. And solving the problem takes patience and experimenting. So stop thinking of acne as a simple aggravation. Think of it as a journey to better understanding your body.

First of all, let us switch the diet around for improvements from the inside. If you have frequent stomach aches, headaches, and even skin problems, then you may suffer from low stomach acid. This is an easily-fixed situation, and you can handle the problem relatively quickly. Supplement your diet with betane HCl, or hydrochloric acid. It comes in vitamin-like pills, and will boost your stomach’s ability to break down food for better absorption. Test to see if you have low stomach acid by drinking two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of honey or maple syrup mixed into water. Drink this whenever you have a stomach ache, and if you feel better after drinking it, then you have a solution. You can either drink this concoction on a daily basis or take the aforementioned supplements to help out.

You can further amend this issue by eating more probiotic rich foods, like Greek yogurt, organic cheese, or sauerkraut. This will help build up your gut flora, which are essential for properly digesting food. Eating plenty of fruits rich in antioxidants will also further aid your situation, as antioxidants help protect the skin from the inside out, and reduce the possibility of inflammation. You can even put plain Greek yogurt on your face as a mask to improve acne, as the lactic acid works as a topical anti-inflammatory, and the live enzymes in yogurt will eat away any dead skin cells while offering moisturization.

Another way to test your diet – apply some avocado to a blemish or pimple. If the pimple heals up mostly after about twenty four hours, then congratulations. You need a better intake of omega fatty acids to reduce the inflammation in your body. Now you have an excellent excuse to add more guacamole to your diet, or other foods rich in omega fatty acids. You can also topically apply flax seed oil as a moisturizer or wear an avocado face mask for about thirty minutes to offer instant anti-inflammation to your skin anytime you want.


Banish Blemishes with Face Naturals

Maybe your skin problems are a little more surface-related, and you want an easier fix to the problem. Maybe your hormones are in check and your digestion works just fine. Maybe you practice healthy eating habits and you still have some acneic issues you would like to address. You just need that little extra oomph to really clear it up, and reveal the real you with a clarified face. You practice proper eating habits, stay away from processed foods, and exercising daily. We can have good health and still have some skin problems that need soothing. Well, after you switched around your diet with the aforementioned suggestions, your next step is face naturals and the line of organic skin-care products that targets issues directly.

Remember the main contributors to pimples? Dead skin, excess oil or sebum, bacteria, and collective debris? Well, face naturals has a variety of products that will help keep all of those in check. So, whether you already practice healthy eating habits, or are just now jumping on the train to triumph, you can use these products for more immediate results that will address specific issues that often cause or contribute to acneic skin. Take a look at what they have to offer, and discover what will work for you.

If your problem lies in excess oiliness, then you need products like the Lemongrass and Rosemary Facial Cleanser or the Purify Facial Cleanser. Each of these cleansers addresses problems with the overproduction of oil. The Lemongrass and Rosemary Facial Cleanser contains organic rosemary to improve circulation to the surface of the skin, regulating oil production. Organic lemongrass has astringent qualities that allow it to shrink pores to minimize oil production. The Purify Facial Cleanser contains organic tea tree essential oil to combat bacteria that can infect pores, while the organic peppermint improves circulation and controls oil production efficiently.

If you are like me, and struggle with hormonally induced acne, then the Hibiscus Facial Cleanser will work wonders for you. It does not further irritate sebum production, and still maintains a light astringency to improve oil production. It tones the skin and tightens the pores to refine the appearance of the complexion, yet has a gentle effect that does not interrupt the its natural processes.

For those with chronic or severe acne, especially with cyst-like formations, then the Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser will prove the most effective in deeply cleansing pores, reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by swelling, and remove dirt and debris. It also kills bacteria that may cause further problems with acneic flareups. This potent formula works expertly for those struggling with more severe types of acne that need some extra organic goodness to help keep the pores clean and face clear.


Find Your Facial Cleanser from Face Naturals

We carry a full range of unique facial cleansers that perform an admirable spectrum of tasks for your face. You can select from one that you think will work best for you, or consult one of our friendly face naturals representatives to inquire about our recommendation for your specific skin type. You can also learn more about supplementing your cleanser with a proper toner, moisturizer, and mask to get the full detox and cleansing experience for your face!

You can experience spa-quality, organic skin treatment without ever leaving your home by filling your bathroom cabinet with face naturals products. We can help you find out which products will work best for you as an individual. We look forward to working with you, and invite you to contact us to learn more about how to heal your skin the organically natural way today. Your face naturals family is waiting to lend you a helping hand!



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