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Peppermints’ Minty Origins

The peppermint plant is a hybrid cross between watermint and it’s green cousin, spearmint. While indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, the peppermint plant is currently widespread in several regions of the world. It’s harvested wild (wildcrafted), organically (our recommendation), or treated with chemical pesticides to ward of plant destroying invaders.

Peppermint was first publically described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus and collected as a specimen in England.  Carl treated it as a species, and is now universally agreed to be a hybrid.

Peppermint is thirsty while growing. The minty plant usually occurs in moist habitats, including stream banks and drainage areas. Peppermint as a hybrid, is typically sterile. Peppermint is seed-free and reproduces vegetatively, spreading by its rhizomes. Once germinated, peppermint has the ability to grow anywhere, with few exceptions.

Outside of the peppermint plants’ native range, it is grown for it’s oil. Peppermint is considered in abundance in New Zealand, Australia, the Galápagos Islands, and in the United States of America.


Green Minty Benefits

If the unique benefits that select herbs can provide your body interest you, you will find that you are not alone. Word continues to spread about the improvements of body and health from the usage of herbs for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. More individuals seek such alternative measures to cure or create remedies for a varying combination of ailments: from skin irritations like acne to treatment of critical diseases like cancer. The more the general public educates itself on the properties and uses of these home-grown remedies, the more specifics people seek on certain herbs.

The peppermint makes the list of herbs that continues to grow in popularity daily. Because of the numerous ailments it relieves, and the multiple forms of intake available, the growing list of peppermint questions seeks valid answers. How and what does this plant strengthen health or remedy illness? Since many of our products contain peppermint as an ingredient, we decided to show that we are listening by giving you some answers.


Organic  Peppermint – A Friend to the Physical Body

First, take a look at the benefits that peppermint offers the physical body. One doctor states that “Peppermint oil capsules have been described as the drug of first choice in IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) patients” because of its ability to alleviate their symptoms without negative side effects. Peppermint can treat IBS safely in both children and adults, with the results of one study suggesting over 50% of the individuals benefited from using the herb.

In fact, anyone experiencing a sensitive stomach will likely find that the intensity of their symptoms decreases with the usage of peppermint. Peppermint oil effectively treats digestive irritation caused by gas or a tense stomach, while also treating indigestion.

The minty blast of this oil can also relieve headaches when applied to the temples and mixed correctly with a carrier oil, or act as a decongestant that clears the respiratory tract. Simply rub it on the chest and let it do its work.

It even offers relief from other physical ailments including regression of tuberculosis inflammation, relieving hay fever symptoms, reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea, and relieving infants suffering from colic.


Plant Based Skin Saver!

When topically applied, peppermint also has strengths in clearing the complexion – especially if you suffer from hormonal acne. For individuals struggling with hormonally imbalanced skin – a source of frustrating and difficult acne – peppermint tea gives your body a slight estrogen boost when consumed, which helps clear up the skin from the inside out.

To sooth any epidermal irritation, add some tea bags of peppermint tea to your warm bath water. The leaves will release their tea into the water, providing instant relief through the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint acts as a natural antiseptic, which means that its excretions can kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This makes peppermint an essential in the healing and cleaning of topical abrasions. The menthol that occurs naturally in peppermint soothes the skin as well, providing instantaneous comfort for redness or irritation. This herb also refreshes and heals your hair by removing lice or dandruff from your scalp.


The Fresh Alternative in Managing Mentality

Peppermint can also improve your lifestyle on a mental and emotional level too. The minty smell enhances both memory and alertness. This allows a crisp mental clarity throughout the day, as peppermint increases circulation of blood within the brain.

As a natural muscle relaxant, peppermint can relieve stress as well by soothing and calming the body. Thus, the mind’s ability to let go of stress strengthens. The naturally present menthol relaxes the muscles, making it easier for your physical body to release stress and enhance rest.

Peppermint also provides sufficient relief for persons suffering with depression, as it naturally uplifts the mood and takes the edge off of the fatigue caused by depression. It also relieves insomnia through relaxation and inducing a fuller, more restful sleep. More vividly memorable dreams come as a plus.


Do You Seek Peppermint Perfection?

If you wish to experiment with the effects of peppermint for yourself, there are multiple forms of intake that may interest you. For instance, you can make a simple tea by purchasing the leaves from your local supermarket and adding water, lemon, and honey for a soothingly beneficial drink. Teas treat the symptoms of upset stomach, or helping you fall into a restful sleep.

Using peppermint essential oil is another favorite way of reaping the benefits of peppermint. You can add five to ten drops of peppermint oil to every once of carrier oil – depending on your skin’s sensitivity – creating a healing oil that  for topical treatment.

You can add both teas and oils to your bath water for an all-over skin treatment that can also put your mind at ease. You may also chew on and swallow peppermint leaves for similar results as the teas.

We offer a large number of organic peppermint-based products formulated specifically to for the purposes of skin care. So, if your interest in peppermint carries over into the bath product range, we have a whole list of treats your might like to try.


Our products formulated with organic peppermint include:


We believe experiencing is believing, so try one of our minty fresh products and believe in the power of peppermint today!



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