Parabens and Your Health!

All About Parabens

As the awareness of the widespread usage of synthetic chemicals in the skin-care industry grows, many articles touch on whether or not they cause potential damage to the human body, and who could be at risk of experiencing their effects. One of the most debated and discussed groups of chemicals, called parabens, is widely used as a preservative to hinder the growth and spread of bacteria. Often added to cosmetics, toiletries, and even foods, these preservatives work with a broad range of formulas.

But are the potential effects of parabens worth it? How can you avoid them? We will outline the names of specific parabens, what products manufacturers use them in, and how to avoid them to better your health and lifestyle. With the majority of urine tests showing detectable amounts of various parabens, you and your family could be at risk for lots of complications linked to these preservatives. Learn how to avoid them and what solutions are literally at your fingertips.


The Terror Lurks in Toiletries

You can bet that the store-bought lotion your friend carries in her purse or that name-brand perfume your sister likes to use probably contains some type of paraben. If you indulge in cosmetics such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes, then you probably apply them to your face. In fact, anyone who slathers on your average body wash, lotion, bar soap, or deodorant would more than likely test positive for parabens in their urine. And the more products you apply to your skin, the higher the rate of detectable parabens.

The products that typically contain the highest levels of paraben ingredients include: hair gels, lotions, cosmetics, perfumes, antiperspirants, and deodorants. You can still find it in a number of other products, even the brands that masquerade under greenwashed labels. Brands that advertise their products as all-natural are often the worst culprits, with items containing the highest amounts of paraben ingredients. The scariest part? These greenwashed brands can exclude parabens from their lists of ingredients altogether.

However, many products provide full disclosure of their ingredients. You can read the list, and you may recognize a few of these substances. Parabens often fall under the names of methyl paraben, propyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, and E216. If any of these ingredients shows up on the list, chuck that product in the trash! These ingredients are linked to some serious health problems that could affect you and your family members.


How Parabens Poison You

Paraben ingredients cause disruption for many of your body’s systems, including the endocrine system, metabolic system, and neurological system, creating the potential for dysfunction when used over long periods of time. This group of ingredients is also linked to multiple forms of cancers, making it a threat to the health of the general population. Yet, many still slather such products onto our skin every day.

Parabens have a direct influence on estrogen’s movement through the body, which can cause numerous problems with the endocrine system. Men stand a greater chance at having a lower sperm count and developing breasts. Women have a higher probability of miscarriages, premature births, and birth defects. In fact, parabens are detectable in the urine of pregnant women, which implies that these chemical preservatives directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Some of the scariest statistics show that ninety nine percent of all women struggling with breast cancer had tissue biopsies in which parabens were detectable in the tissue samples obtained. This study involved forty different women, and could mean that paraben ingredients directly influence the growth and spread of mutated tissue cells related to breast cancer. You can learn more about breast cancer by checking out either one of our blogs centered on the subject here and here.

Other health problems you may encounter as a result of using parabens include loss in bone density leading to osteoporosis, obesity, and metabolic disease. These complications are potentially life threatening and can easily alter your quality of life for the worse. However, you can take preventative measures to help ensure that these conditions do not get in the way of you and your family.


Keep Parabens a Thing of the Past with Face Naturals

Get rid of all your toiletries that contain paraben ingredients today, and start a whole new collection of products that will not harm your body. Avoid these preservatives by reading the ingredient lists to see if any of the substances match what we have highlighted in this post. Purchase products from face naturals instead, for wholesomely healing skin care made with organic, botanical ingredients. We guarantee that our products contain no chemically laden preservatives or unlisted ingredients, only natural botanicals. This way, you can eliminate the sneaky tactics used by mass-production companies.

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