Pure Integrity

All of our truly natural, artisan-crafted products contain the purest organic ingredients available. We craft our amazing products from carefully selected botanicals of the purest possible quality, while maintaining the natural botanicals pure potency. This means that each ingredient (except for raw, organic honey, organic beeswax, and clays used in our masks) is completely derived from all natural, organic, and/or wildcrafted plants. Thus, we do not add any unnatural, toxic, synthetic preservatives, including parabens or other synthetic chemicals – thus ensuring a longer shelf-life. Most skin-care products will last for years on market shelves because of these carcinogenic preservatives.

We certify natural retailers, and small boutiques to re-sell face naturals products. Our natural certified retailers utilize the correct storage and sell by timeline in order to maintain product integrity. Other than purchasing from one of our natural retailers, we recommend that you purchase your face naturals products directly from the manufacturer through facenaturals.com. This will ensure the longest possible shelf life and stability of each product for your personal use.


Pure Potency

Purchasing your traditional skin care products through a retailer may result in the shortened shelf life of the product, as many skin-care products typically sit on store shelves for long periods of time without rotation or regard to stability. Ordering directly from face naturals will ensure the freshest possible selection and best potential botanical potency.

Many of our clients who ask about retailers that carry our products prefer to purchase at stores for fear of not being able to return the product if they do not find satisfaction. Your face naturals family guarantees that if you purchase your face naturals skin care direct from us and do not find satisfaction, we will honor a no hassle return or exchange. For more information, please view our Returns and Exchanges policy. This policy allows you to contact us regarding any dissatisfaction, and exchange for a different product better suited to your needs, or receive a full refund for your order.

Placing an order directly through us is the best way to ensure that you receive the freshest products and the highest quality, as most of our products are made just a day or two in advance of shipment to you. You can still enjoy the retail location (brick and mortar store) benefits when it comes to personal customer service along with the needs of refunds and exchange.

Our mission is your health and your complete satisfaction with your face naturals skin care. Please read more about our Healthy Mission. If you still wish to purchase from a retailer that re-sells face naturals products, contact us with your city, state, and zip code. We will let you know about any retailers near you.

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