Reinventing Healthy Resilience with Organic Raspberry

Revving Up Your Health with Organic Raspberry

Nothing is more picturesque or appetizing than sun-ripened raspberries glittering like rubies in the palm of your hand or a bowl. As one of the most popular, flavorful types of berries on the market, raspberries have become one of the most recognized foods to add to dishes for color and healthy eating. We use a couple of different forms of raspberry botanicals in our skincare products to incorporate its benefits into a quality beauty secret. As one of the oldest fruits available, raspberries have earned their spot in our ingredient spotlight. They traveled a long way and lasted for thousands of years to be available on the market today. Discover the wonders of this jewel-toned berry, and find out how it earned its ingredient highlight. 

As a member of the rose family, the raspberry plant may have originated in Eastern Asia. From there, many historians believe that an ancient, prehistoric people brought them along during a migration voyage across the Bering Straight thousands of years ago. Since then, raspberries have flourished, and their growth has spread, with cultivation extending all the way to the edges of the Arctic Circle. The first president of the United States, George Washington, grew raspberries at his home in Virginia called Mount Vernon. The rich history of raspberries only adds to our appreciation of them. But these facts only scrape the tip of the iceberg, as some of raspberries most interesting aspects lie within their health and beauty properties.


Ready-Made Raspberry Health Benefits

With an incredible wealth of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, raspberries enhance health in a number of different ways. They can benefit a number of different systems, and prevent and heal multiple kinds of damage. Plus, it is easy to incorporate them into your daily diet, as you can either consume them raw or add them to your favorite dishes for a sweet but tart flare. You may also enjoy teas that contain dried raspberries or raspberry leaves, as they often have a bold taste as well. Discover why you should take your diet to a level of berry betterment with raspberries.

Raspberries have an impressive profile of nutrients, including many vital vitamins and minerals. Each of these components perform an important role in ensuring health organ functions. The long string of vitamins includes vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, along with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and potassium. Each of these essentials plays a key role in how your body maintains its state of health, from the circulatory system to stabilizing mood. Even just replacing one meal a day with a cup of raspberries will not only encourage weight loss, but will also provide the body with almost enough vitamin C and manganese for a daily serving.

Raspberries have few calories and little fat, thus making them one of the best options when trying to lose some weight. Since they have such an extensive amount of nutrients, they will provide sufficient energy to each system in the body. Plus, they greatly improve cardiovascular and circulatory health, as vitamin C strengthens capillaries, while the mineral content keeps blood cells at a healthy level. Raspberries also have plentiful reserves of antioxidants, which can impede tumor growth, and help prevent cancer or the weakening of the tissues. They can serve as a mood-boosting relief for anxiety and depression as a bonus.


Sun-Ripened Skincare

Face naturals uses raspberry botanical derivatives in a number of its products, both for they way they can benefit overall skin health, and for the tart, juicy aroma that they can add to a formula. Plus, raspberries are ideal for a number of skin types, due to their range of abilities in toning and tightening aged, wrinkled skin, fighting off blemishes and overproduction of oil, exfoliating dead skin away with the acid content, and providing relief from irritation for sensitive skin through the content of tannins and omega fatty acids.

Raspberries have anthocyanins, which are compounds that provide the fruit with its ruby-like color. They work similarly on human skin, offering the complexion a brightening boost of color. Other compounds within raspberries contribute to improving the skin’s youth and resilience, encouraging a firmer tone. Plus, their astringent properties tighten pores to refine the appearance of the complexion, and draw toxins out. This fruit’s anti-aging abilities extend to reducing the appearance of dark spots, smoothing out wrinkles, and mineralizing the skin. This is why we employ organic raspberry extract in our Super Fruit line, complete with a facial cleanser and toner. We also use this extract to enhance the natural aromas of our raspberry scented selections of lotions, body butters, lip balms, and body scrubs.

Red raspberry seed oil’s abilities extend beyond improving the skin’s general appearance. It also works well for sensitive or oily skin. Since it has gentle astringent properties, it helps manage sebum production while still providing excellent moisturization. With a high content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it can soothe inflamed or irritated skin while offering protection from sunburn. In fact, red raspberry seed oil can be used as a natural sunscreen for smaller areas of exposed skin, such as the neck and face. It has an SPF range of 28-50, depending on the harvest. We use organic red raspberry seed oil in our Super Fruit Facial Cream and Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil.


Skin Solutions for All at Face Naturals

Our ingredient highlights cover some of the key ingredients that we use in our natural skincare products. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the products and formulas, and educating our readers and customers about what they are putting on their skin when they use our products. Our ingredient lists are fully disclosed with each product description, with additional information on how they work. These highlights are written to give you the bigger picture of how these botanicals will work for your complexion. Comment below to share your experience with raspberries or provide some more ways to incorporate raspberries into your life. We want you to share your ideas with us!

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