Rejuvenating Apricot Kernel Oil’s Benefits

Advancing Your Life with Apricot Kernel Oil

Some of our most sought-after signature recipes contain a simple ingredient that often quietly goes unnoticed in many different cosmetic and skin-care circles. As its fan-base grows larger, attracting more attention from beauty editors and top models, we introduce the apricot kernel oil as an effective part of multiple face naturals formulas. The apricot tree native to the warm climates of the Mediterranean region of Europe, South Africa, and Australia, also grows commercially in Utah and California.

In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners used it in remedies for inflammatory skin conditions. Some believe the Chinese began using it around 3000 B.C., eventually finding its way into England during the sixteenth century. From there, it spread into Spain, and the Spanish became the main cogs in apricot kernel oil gaining the expanse in consumption we have today. Now, face naturals takes a look at this oil, and how it works as an ingredient for many of our products.


How Apricot Kernel Oil Amazes

Apricot kernel oil has a unique and rich content in nutrients that benefit and nourish the body in multiple ways. While its ingestion is rarely utilized, some people still use cold-pressed apricot kernel oil in health tonics. But what makes this carrier oil so special in the eyes of cosmetologists and skin care experts?

This carrier oil contains a potent content of vitamin B17, as well as two antioxidants – vitamins C and E. The amount of vitamin A available in apricot kernel oil is also admirable, and the availability of unsaturated fats like linoleic and oleic acids make it excellent for providing the building blocks for necessary proteins.


Be Amazed by Apricot Kernel Oil

Used in at least twenty of our products, apricot kernel oil walks the red carpet to recognition because of the incredible abilities it has in revealing a juvenescent complexion. Helpful in a number of different formulas, and serving a variety of purposes, this carrier oil is an all-around favorite of ours.

The rich content of vitamins A and E give this oil incredible antioxidant powers. These two vitamins can help reverse signs of aging, including wrinkles and dark spots, while increasing cell turnover. This allows the regeneration of cells to happen at a more rapid rate, thus allowing your complexion to even out. Skin also looks fuller from the treated wrinkles. We use apricot kernel oil in our Restore Daily Moisturizer and our Anti-Aging Night Creme to add a full-bodied effect to the formulas.

We also use this remarkable oil in all of our body lotions and our celebrated Super Fruit Facial Cream to amplify the moisturizing abilities of these authentic products. Apricot kernel oil works to moisturize most skin types, whether oily, dry, balanced, or reactive. It can help manage moisture levels for a diverse range of people. Plus, even as it absorbs into the skin, it still lingers on the surface without leaving a greasy residue.

As an ingredient in the Balance Daily Moisturizer, apricot kernel oil works to nourish irritated patches of skin, while balancing vitamin content on blemishes. In addition to offering proper moisturization, vitamins A, B17, C, and E offer anti-inflammatory properties that reduce blemish occurrence and balance facial secretions.


Apricot Kernel Oil – a Fave at Face Naturals

We love to use organic apricot kernel oil in a multitude of products that target the need for moisture, balance, and nourishment. We also love to educate our readers about what these ingredients do – not just in our organically botanical products – but in the maintenance of general health and well-being.

If you want to learn more about an ingredient in your favorite face naturals products, drop us a line. We may write a blog about your requested information. Education means almost as much to us as the quality of our ingredients, and we look forward to your feedback.



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