Removing GMOs and pesticides in your diet and skincare

Consumer Demand Vs Choosing Health

The elevated demand for the food and skin care product markets made large food and skin-care manufacturers turn to methods that do not come to our benefit at all. These super size me – cheaper by the dozen bath and body product factories started using chemical compounds to increase production, by making sure the harvests are not affected by diseases and pests, it grows faster and ripens quicker. Are these compounds good for our health? NO, they are not. In very many occasions, medical studies showed that pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers and many more used in modern agriculture, is not safe for human consumption on a long term. Even if adverse side-effects do not show up right from the start, the use of these chemicals works very much like a time bomb. They accumulate in our organs and tissues, only to burst after several years, in the shape of various diseases and even cancers, in the worst case.


Dangers Lurking in GMOs

Also, there is a general buzz around the dangers of GMOs. Genetically modified organisms, or commonly known as GMOs, are plants created to be more resistant and productive. But that doesn’t mean it is safe to consume and use such organism for skin care, even if it may seem a great method to ensure the existence of enough food and various products. Why is it dangerous to use GMOs? Well, these organisms suffered genetic mutations, made in laboratories, with the intention to change their properties. Unfortunately, it appears that these mutated organisms, even if they are just plants can have a severe impact on our health, in a negative way. They can influence the cell structures in our body and make damages that lead to illnesses. Many countries try to fight GMOs and get them banned, both for their usage in foods and skin care products.


You Shall Know Them By Their Fruit

Many health issues we suffer these days are in close connection to what we eat and what products we use to take care of our skin. The skin is our biggest organ, so it can absorb a large quantity of substances because it covers our entire body. Here is why it is so important to use reliable skin care products because every pore of your skin can absorb the wrong components. Are the skin products you are using natural and safe? Be very careful, because many manufacturers claim on their labels and advertisers that they offer natural products. But it is enough to read the product’s label and see that it contains a lot of chemicals. These substances have hard to read names and no one knows what they really are unless you are a chemistry specialist.


Choose Your Products With Health First

To avoid unwanted-cancer causing side effects and protect your health for an extended term, consider using raw, organic skin care products made by face naturals. Our healthy products will not have a very long lifetime since we do not use an toxic, unhealthy preservatives, any harmful chemicals, or any other toxic compounds that can be dangerous for you. Made entirely from plants that come out of the earth, utilizing small batch manufacturing to ensure maximum product integrity, our natural skin care products are the best option for skin health. They ensure the best skin care you will ever get and protect your health and well-being. Consider healing your skin with organic botanicals and forget about all the toxic products you’ve been using so far. It is time to take care of your body and get your healing on.

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