Send Your Scars Packing Naturally!

Healing Scars with Organic Botanicals!

Scars can leave unsightly marks on our faces, arms, hands, neck… Practically anywhere you have skin is vulnerable to a scar. We get scars from acne, sores, cuts, and scrapes. All of these abrasions may leave embarrassing traces of skin problems from our past. Some people succumb to the seductive claims of wonder potions with a list of chemical ingredients endorsed by a popular name brand. Others seek out their dermatologist. Face naturals lets you in on some tips and tricks that will fade the scars away organically to bring out your natural beauty.

Instead of turning to chemical peels, scar-removal creams, and lasers to lessen the appearance of your scars, we invite you to look into the natural options available. You can lessen the appearance of your scars easily without using chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens. Check out these age-old beauty secrets that never go out of style – the tried and true remedies that work with your skin. We give you the details on these special botanicals, and key you in about which of our products contain them.


Heal Scars with Healthy Botanicals

Organic olive oil offers dramatic scar treatment, and you may start to see results within a matter of days. Rubbings a little extra virgin olive oil onto the scarred tissues a couple of times a day will greatly improve the appearance of the scar over time. In fact, most of our products are based in olive oil, as well as some other ingredients.

Honey is an excellent healing agent, and helps break up scar tissue to reveal an evenly complected surface beneath. You can apply a little raw, organic honey to your skin for optimal healing on the skin, even after the wound has disappeared. We use organic honey in our Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask, Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask, Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Scrub, and the ever-popular Lavender-Honey Healing Cream. For more information about the benefits of honey, check out our blog article.

For dark or discolored scars that stick out, try using lemon juice on the scarred skin. This method works especially well for acne scars. Lemon naturally brightens darker areas of skin to make them less noticeable. Plus, its acidity is known to break up and smooth tough areas of skin. Massage it onto a scar with a cotton ball, and follow up with a face naturals moisturizer to keep your skin properly hydrated. You can also try some of our products that use organic lemon specifically to lighten dark areas. Our Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask works perfectly for skin dotted with acneic scars. We also use it in our Purify Daily Moisturizer and Anti-Blemish Facial Serum to make skin more evenly colored. Take a look at this blog for more information on lemon.

Rosehip seed oil marks one of the beauty industry’s favorite methods for improving the skin – especially when it comes to unsightly scars. The high content of vitamins and fatty acids available in this oil make it essential to healing the complexion, while simultaneously nurturing it. It works as effectively as professionally commended treatments, and can be massaged into scars two times a day. You can also try it through our options that contain this oil as an ingredient. A couple of fan-favorites, the Anti-Aging Night Creme and the Plum Perfect Eye Cream, feature rosehip seed oil for its remarkable ability to reduce marks of all kinds. You can apply these eye creams to scars as well as your eyes. To learn more about rosehip seed oil, read through this ingredient highlight.


Fix Your Scars with Face Naturals

Face naturals wants to boost your appearance, health, and confidence the natural way. That is why your face naturals family wants to provide you with all the information you need to keep your skin and body bursting with energy. We also want to ensure that you have access to the finest in organic skin care by sharing information about our products and natural health.

Feel free to contact us about products that will fit your skin-care needs specifically, and we can help you find the answers. Our friendly staff members are ready to hear from you, and offer the customer support you need as an individual. If you know of any other great face naturals products or natural remedies to heal scars, feel free to comment below. Sharing is caring. So share the love with other face naturals friends.



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