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Amazing Health With An Amazing Attitude

Attitude Adjustment: Bad Emotions – Bad Health

Have you adjusted your attitude today? You might want to do so after you find out how your emotions and thoughts can greatly impact your physical well-being over time. Many people do not stop to consider how their negative feelings could adversely affect the way their bodies work or how to take control of these feelings. But you can hold the reins and guide the galloping mustang of emotional reaction and response to your will.

In fact, a surprising number of people allow their emotions to string them along, and dictate the entire course of their day. What these individuals may not realize is the fact that holding onto and harboring a negative attitude can greatly depreciate their health and ability to withstand illness. Take a look at some of the health effects you may experience with a good attitude versus a bad attitude, while learning some methods to regain control over the way you feel, regardless of your situation.

Truth In Aging Series – Emotional Education and Anti-Aging

Positive Power for Skin Perfection

It is no secret that negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, grief, anger or frustration can have terrible effects on our skin – both during the current moment we feel it and years down the road! Certain facial expressions can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines, and stress causes the release of cortisol – a hormone that degrades your reserves of collagen and elastin. This can lead to sagging skin, dull complexion, and a lackluster tone. Negative emotions not only effect the way you look and the way you feel, but it also effects your lifestyle habits and your general health.  

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 6

Get Engaged with Your Emotional Health

Not all aspects of pregnancy come with a glowing smile and excitement as the expectant mother decorates her infant’s nursery. Some parts of pregnancy can feel scary, and you may feel alone and isolated at times. Rushes of unwarranted anger, threads of anxiety, and shreds of sadness may darken some of the days counting up to your baby’s birthday. On the other hand, the happiness and joy of anticipating a new family member and a new challenge also lace together with the negative, creating the aura of motherly love that friends and family comment on.