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Sweeten Your Health with Honey!

September is National Honey Month! To celebrate the end of it, we decided to give you the sugary details about how a regular dose of honey can enhance your health. We are not just talking about the naturally sweet goodness that drips like gooey gold from every tablespoon. We will inform you on how to use it to maximize its benefits in every part of your life.

Fruit of Paradise – Grapefruit!

Many people are very familiar with this fruit – the tart, citrusy burst of its juice, the glittering brilliance of its aroma, and the appealing lushness of its pulp. The grapefruit holds a place in the hearts of many people who are insistent on good, quality health. Grown in semi-tropical states like Florida, the grapefruit comes into season during the fall, proving that Autumn is not just for apples.

The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo

When walking down the hair-care aisle in the supermarket, you see lots of enticing brand names proclaiming miracle work for your hair. Bottles bursting with color that contain fruity or floral fragrances promise to handle all of your hair dilemmas with exotic ingredients advertised on each label. Do they really do as promised? Or can they make a bad hair day much worse? And, what about all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients that make you feel like you should have paid more attention in chemistry class? What do they do?

Creativity With Castor Oil

Condition Your Complexion with Castor Oil

Today, we dish on one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to natural beauty and health regimens – castor oil. You have probably heard an old-timer suggest that you use castor oil to fix a number of minor ills, or tell an anecdote about how they used it in the old days to refine and preserve youth and beauty. Now, you can learn the facts about this oil outside of the buzz, and learn how to use it properly.

Native to Africa and India, castor oil is extracted from the castor bean by way of harvesting and pressing the beans. The oil is then distributed and sold at different kinds of vendors worldwide. Rich in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, castor oil provides some top-notch nourishment for both your skin and hair.

Healthy Reflections

Healthy Reflections: Foods that Reflect Your Natural Beauty

If you are a fan of face naturals, then you know that what you put on your skin can make a huge impact on your appearance. We use organic ingredients to ensure that you feed the surface of your skin with nourishing botanicals. But no matter what brand of love you slather on you skin, the real reflection of health happens because you feed your body properly. 

Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging From Head To Toe

Getting Back to Your Natural Youth from Head to Toe

Whether you are still in your twenties, noticing the signs of premature aging, or being asked whether you want a senior discount at the local movie theater, your appearance probably plays a key role in how you feel about yourself – whether man or woman. No matter who you are or what your age, a great deal of your self-esteem lies in both how you treat yourself and look at yourself. We all have imperfections we come to terms with. We all age and start to show it at some point. However, the naturally unique beauty that encompasses us draws a fine line into what works for us. This extends to any beauty products. None of us are conventional people, so why turn to conventional products?

Healthy Living – Natural Solutions in Skincare

Synthetic vs. Natural Skincare: a Skintimate Look at Your Products

One of the main keys to healthy living lies in keeping yourself clean and maintaining your personal hygiene. This also extends to proper skincare and haircare, which requires a number of different steps and vast understanding about how the skin actually works. We cannot just go around slathering different products on ourselves, and hope for the best possible results. However, even those with extensive knowledge about how to maintain proper skin and hair health may opt for products that contain harmful ingredients that not only damage your hair do and complexion, but also factor into some frightening health problems as well.