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Destructive Drinking: The True Anatomy of Our Drinking Water

It’s a hot summer day, and you just got in from a refreshing run – listening to your favorite song, keeping a steady pace, sweat trickling down the side of your face. You could really use a nice, tall glass of water, so you head over to the kitchen sink and fill up a glass. As you eagerly gulp down every last drop, you probably do not stop to ask yourself what chemicals are used to treat the water. Perhaps, we can persuade you to give it a second thought.

Truth In Aging – Dead Water Vs. Live Water

The Drama Surrounding Drinking Water

Water is water, right? Not necessarily. Not all water is created equal, whether it comes from a tap, a bottle, or a river. Many people fill their glasses straight from the tap without thinking twice, regularly drinking from their sinks as the ice tinkles against the sides of the glass. Others purchase cases of bottled water to carry with them while they run, walk, or perform daily errands. Regardless of preference, it is a rare occurrence that drinkers consider how it affects their bodies, and what it contributes to the body. In ‘Destructive Drinking: The True Anatomy of Our Drinking Water,’ we explore what additives may end up in your tap water and the health effects to which it could contribute. But what differences really lie between purified, soft water and mineralized, hard water? And does it really make that much of a difference?