The Beauty of Carrot Seed Oil


Caress Your Complexion with Organic Carrot Seed Oil

We pride ourselves on using products that turn our ingredient list into a cornucopia of skin-care creations, with organic botanicals extracted from vegetables, fruits, and spices. That is why we are happy to feature organic carrot seed oil in our ingredient spotlight! We use organic carrot seed oil in our products due to the full range of benefits it offers the skin. The benefits do not stop there, and you can do your whole body a healthy favor by tapping into the best-kept secret we share with our readers.



The carrot plant’s roots trace all the way back to Egypt, France, and India. Also known as Queen Anne’s lace, carrot seed oil comes from the wild carrot plant, and has more viscosity to its consistency than most oils, with a goldish brown coloring. The oil has a distinctive aroma with earthy undertones. Traditions of Chinese medicine used carrot seed oil for treating diarrhea and worm infections.

Carrot seed oil offers the human body many healthful assets. You can apply it to the skin or ingest it to receive the harvest of help that this oil offers. Join us in learning about how you can indulge your appearance with a pampering from carrot seed oil, or improve your health by ingesting it as a supplement. Do not forget to take a look at some of our products that we point out along the way for exceptional skin-care formulas including this highlighted ingredient.


Components of Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil contains multiple nutrients that bolster the body and prevent aging. A long list of contents within the oil shows that its richness in special nutrients make it an excellent tool for both medicinal and skin-care usages. It has properties that produce anti-aging, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects, providing a remedy for multiple health and skin-related issues.

Nutrients featured in carrot seed oil that produce these properties, and make them more potent and effective include:

  • alpha pinene 
  • beta pinene
  • gamma terpinene 
  • limonene
  • camphene
  • sabinene
  • myrcene 
  • beta bisabolene 
  • carotol 
  • geranyl acetate
  • carotene
  • vitamin A 

These elements allow carrot seed oil to go above and beyond in its performance both in our products, and as a potential supplement for those who wish to use it as a health remedy.


Carrot Seed Oil Cares for Your Health

Many professionals suggest using carrot seed oil in health tonics to improve a wide range of health conditions. The oil proves extremely effective in improving and maintaining the function of the digestive system. It also works as a detoxifier in the circulatory system, and balances bile production in the liver.

For individuals struggling to maintain a healthy appetite, carrot seed oil can help stimulate your hunger so you will have the desire to eat. It is also an effective remedy against stomach ulcers, kidney stones, jaundice, and menstrual cramps. Carrot seed oil is also efficient in treating colitis, hepatitis, and bladder disorders. If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infection, then this oil may offer relief.

Carrot seed oil has antiviral properties that make it useful in health tonics formulated to treat cold, flu, measles, and other contagious viruses that can strike a blow to your immune system. So, while the temperatures drop and germs spread through the air, you might want to stock up on some carrot seed oil supplements.


Carrot Seed Oil for Comfortable Complexions

Face naturals is especially excited about carrot seed oil’s compatibility with skin. We use carrot seed oil in our products for a good reason, and have decided to let you in on our little secret. Carrot seed oil already earns the spotlight for treating our digestive systems with such care. The additional benefits it provides the skin make it that much better!

Using carrot seed oil to treat open wounds proves effective and cleansing, as the oil can purify a wound with its anti-septic qualities. It also works to prevent future infection on an irritated or wounded area of skin. This allows it to heal sores and rashes caused by inflammation or infection. You can mix carrot seed oil with coconut oil to generate a skin remedy for a first aid kit.

Carrot seed oil has incredible anti-aging properties that make it a favorite at face naturals! Its rich content of antioxidants make it a necessary ingredient in our Anti-Aging Night Creme. Widely considered one of the best oils for the maintenance and rejuvenation of aging skin, it stimulates cell growth. This produces a fresher, more juvenescent appearance evenly distributed amongst the complexion.

We also use carrot seed oil in our formula for the Super Fruit Facial Cream. In this formula, it can prevent and heal environmental damage that wreaks havoc on the skin. Carrot seed oil fights surface bacteria and detoxifies the top layer of skin, making this cream excellent for both anti-aging and acneic relief.


Free Your Skin with face naturals!

Carrot seed oil is just one of many organically botanical ingredients that we use to craft healing products guaranteed to work with your unique skin type. We post our ingredient highlights to further inform you in detail about what you are putting on your skin when you use face naturals skin-care products.

Check out the aforementioned products to find out if they are right for you. Or, contact us for some awesome advisement about what we think would work best for your complexion. Become a part of the face naturals family, and get in touch with us today to learn more about natural, organic skin care.



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