The Fluoride Mind-Body Connection

The Fluoride Fixation

Conspiracy theories fly left and right about what goes into our water and how it affects our health and life. One substance often added to water, fluoride, has been under the conspiracy theorist microscope since the 1940s. Does the government add it to keep us under mind control? Is it a slowly working poison to keep the population down? How does it work with our bodies? Who controls the fluoridation process? While some of the observations and theories are downright silly and unfounded, recent scientific studies suggest that fluoride may be a real cause for concern.

Fluoridation, the process of supplementing public-access water sources, is generally considered a practice to ensure dental health in the drinkers, as it enhances the whiteness of teeth and offers cavity prevention. However, are these cosmetic precautions worth the potential damage that actually does occur from fluoridation of water? All conspiracy theories and jokes aside, we may need to take the fluoride content a little more seriously, as it could be damaging to our children. Face naturals glances into the facts behind the concerns.


Damaged by Drinking

In 2006, one report added fluoride to a list of notorious substances that pose a hazard to the human body. This list also included lead, mercury, and arsenic. It was categorized as a neurotoxin and potential causation for developmental disorders. It poses a particular danger for fetuses, infants, and small children, as they possess brains still undergoing development.

A recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and the China Medical University shared research material consisting of twenty seven different studies regarding the effects of fluoridated water on children. Several consistencies revealed indications of impairments in cognitive development in school-aged children. Such findings indicate that fluoridation may contribute to some of the neurodevelopment issues common in children today.

There were detectable levels of fluoride in each of the studied children’s urine. The higher the concentration of fluoride in a subject’s urine, the worse the test scores for the children. Links between fluoridation and IQ rankings may also exist, as some evidence suggests that higher levels of fluoride are linked to a lower IQ. These findings could offer more understanding about how to prevent or treat neurodevelopmental disorders.

While these findings are substantially evidential, more assessment in the future is needed to fully understand the impact of this substance. Many variables came into play with this study, and need further refinement to gain a better, more complete knowledge about the impact that fluoridation has on children. However, this was merely a pilot study, and more future experiments will be set up to further research fluoridation and its connection with children’s brains.


Facts about Fluorosis

Even fully developed adults can have adverse reactions from overexposure to fluoride. When this happens, it is called fluorosis, and can entail a number of symptoms that resemble metabolic dysfunctions like hypothyroidism and a number of other potentially serious conditions. Watch out for symptoms if you drink fluoridated water, and listen to your body’s responses. This could help you determine whether you are experiencing fluorosis or not.

Some of the symptoms of fluorosis include disordered or impaired learning – especially in young children. You may have difficulty concentrating on a task, where others have no trouble getting the task finished. At times, you may become incoherent and unresponsive to the world around you. Fluoridation also causes memory loss and confusion, like having difficulty understanding what another person is trying to explain. Sometimes, visual disturbances, such as hallucinations, also come with the territory.

A few physical symptoms may make themselves known as well. Disturbances in body temperature may cause you to become to cold and start shivering suddenly. You may experience chest pains or heart palpitations as a result of fluorosis as well. Sudden bouts of dizziness similar to vertigo may also occur. Fatigue, migraines, painful joints, nausea, and sensitivity to light may also develop over time, and worsen with continued exposure.


Fight Fluoride Exposure with Face Naturals

Face naturals wants to keep you alert and in the know about important health problems that plague our society. Many people have no idea that fluoridation could cause more harm than good, if the levels of such are not regulated and ensured. We recommend you either install a good water filter, or purchase bulk supplies of purified water for drinking to keep you and your family safe from the neurotoxin. For more information about what goes into your water, click here.

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