Truth In Aging Series – Keeping Your Neck In Check

Renewing Your Neck

If you have found yourself trying to cover up your neck with turtleneck shirts, scarves, or jackets due to an unsightly neck, then you may well be wondering how to get back the smooth, elegant look it had before. Our necks are covered with some of the thinnest skin on our bodies, and often get exposed to some of the most environmental damage, whether from pollution, sunlight, or gravity itself. But lots of other factors play a key role in the way our skin ages, from the position in which we sleep to our typical posture. This thin layer of skin lacks the fatty tissues that help keep other areas supple and firm. Even skincare plays a role, since the skin on our necks receives so little attention. 

Wrinkled, sagging neck skin is one of the most difficult aesthetics of aging to get rid of, since the skin is so thin compared to the other skin. Some even say that no matter how your face looks, your neck will show your real age. Despite how difficult it can be to refine and renew your neck, we found some tips and tricks to help you restore the appearance of your – with some attention, dedication, and consistency. Discover different foods, supplements, movements, and botanical treatments you can employ to improve your neck, without the expensive facelifts or laser treatments.


Take off Turkey the Tasty Way

One way to improve the sagging skin on your neck lies in consuming specific kinds of foods that target toning. We touched on some reasons that you should create an anti-aging diet, and how it can improve your health and appearance in our blog posts ‘Slow Down the Years with Superfoods‘ and ‘Dos and Don’ts of an Anti-Aging Diet.’ These posts will help you create a more general plan for what to put in your meals, and what you should leave out of them altogether. However, there are some kinds of raw foods that will help you improve the appearance of your neck in a more targeted manner.

Niacin, for instance, is a B-vitamin that helps keep the blood vessels flushed clean and functioning properly – especially the ones near the surface of the skin. This helps improve the flow of nutrients, and helps even the thinnest of skin regain some of its lost elasticity and support. You can purchase it in supplement form at most local grocery stores, vitamin shops, or health food suppliers. You can also obtain niacin through foods like broccoli, asparagus, peanuts, and coffee.

Many Americans suffer from a deficiency of the mineral selenium, which is key in maintaining youthful skin. Selenium works to help the body create antioxidants that feed on free radicals, while also encouraging proper detoxification functions within the body’s system. It is one of the top agents for skin healing, whether from acne, reactive conditions, or taking the age off of the surface of the skin. You can obtain selenium through multi-mineral supplements, or foods including breads made from whole grains, sunflower seeds, and brazil nuts.

Include more pomegranate juice, aloe vera, and water into your diet to improve the appearance of your neck. Pomegranate has an impressive profile of a compound called anthocyanins, which improve blood vessel tissues by making them stronger. Aloe vera is one of the greatest anti-aging botanicals you can drink, with improvement in elasticity and strength through the content of malic acid. Water is a general given in any good anti-aging routine, as under-hydrated skin is more likely to develop sagging and wrinkles.

Citrus fruits are another group of foods you will definitely want to add more of to your diet, as they are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is the main nutrient that aids in the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Consuming more of these fruits will help brighten, firm, and tone your skin all around. Select fruits like grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, or tangerines to get your fill of vitamin C. You may also want to take daily supplements to help ensure that your body gets the amount it needs, as well as the skin on your neck.


Work Out the Waddle

Another way to improve the way your neck looks is to engage in neck exercises to improve the muscle tone of the skin. This will reduce the amount of wrinkles, and tighten the sagging, as these muscles often go unworked. One way to easily implement this idea into your daily routine is to start sleeping with your neck outstretched to its full length. Much of the sagging and wrinkles comes from sleeping for several hours with the neck tucked, thus scrunching the skin. Walking and sitting in the same manner will also greatly improve your neck’s appearance. So, start sitting and walking with your head held high!

More intentional ways to exercise your neck lie within outstretching your neck and tilting your head back as far as you possibly can. Then, while your head is in this position, poke out your lower lip as far as you can. You may look funny, but continue holding this position for three, long, deep breaths. Then, repeat this action three more times. You can do this as many times as you want during the day. The more you do it, the faster you will see results. One doctor suggested that when his patients started participating in this practice, they saw results within three weeks, achieving smoother necks with fewer wrinkles.


Better Your Regimen with Botanicals

You can also whip up a few remedies of your own in your kitchen to refine the appearance of your neck. As mentioned before, the skin on the neck does not receive as much attention or pampering as the skin on the face, yet it is some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on your entire body. Giving it some extra tender love and care will help you to renew its appearance, so that you can put down the turtlenecks and scarves for the warm weather, and wear your bare neck with a little more confidence.

The neck needs exfoliation, just like the rest of your skin. However, it needs a slightly gentler approach than normal. Take finely ground, caffeinated, organic coffee and mix it with organic sunflower seed oil. Sunflower seed oil contains both vitamins A and E, which are beneficial in reversing the signs of skin damage and offering additional protection from any further damage in the future. Vitamin A is one of the main desired ingredients in many anti-aging products, and occurs naturally in this oil. Coffee grounds will gently polish the skin while drawing it tighter and toning, reducing the sagging and wrinkles developed over the years. Gently rub this mixture onto your neck in a circular motion every few days.

Mix aloe vera juice with lemon juice to create a toning formula with astringent properties. Lemon juice has an impressive profile of vitamin C and astringent abilities that encourage improved collagen production and draw the skin back into its youthful form. Aloe vera moisturizes, and acts as a smoothing humectant, helping you iron out the wrinkles and keep the sagging at bay further. Rub this mixture onto your neck, and leave it for up to twenty minutes. You may want to use it before you use the coffee scrub.

Puree a cucumber, and smear onto a sheet of cling wrap to create a neck wrap. Make sure you leave enough space at the ends to wrap it around your neck, so that the ends will stick to the cling. Cucumbers contain a compound called silica, which is essential in maintaining firm, toned, glowing skin. Apply the wrap to your neck and leave it for about an hour. Cucumber acts very gently on the skin, so it should cause no irritation. Repeat this process at least two times a week for best results.

Finally, you will want to install a skincare regime that honors your neck’s needs. Begin washing your face with the Hibiscus Facial Cleanser, toning with Chamomile Hydrosol, and moisturizing with the Anti-Aging Night Crème during the day and the Anti-Aging Eye Serum at night. The facial cleanser will work to reduce wrinkles by restoring nourishment to the skin with amino acids. The hydrosol gently tones with light astringent qualities, without causing further irritation. Our signature crème is light enough to use during the daytime, while the serum offers a more concentrated formula for the night. Each of these contains organic rosemary essential oil, which works to improve circulation, and encourage collagen and elastin production beneath the skin’s surface.


New Ways to Make Your Neck Neater with Face Naturals

Amplify your whole anti-aging routine with healing botanicals that can reverse and protect your skin from damage. Whether you struggle with wrinkles, age spots, sagging jowls, or arm flabs, we have plenty of suggestions, tips, and tricks that come straight from nature. You can improve your look all around with our creative ideas and signature products by implementing a healthy diet, sleep schedule, and removing all toxic skincare products from your skincare routine. Discover the ageless benefits that come from natural beauty, and get started on an improved anti-aging routine today! Check out our other blogs in this series to find some ideas that will work for you.

Contact us for some personalized recommendations for your organic skincare routine. From facial products to body products, we have you covered for your botanical, naturally beautiful needs. Provide us with some information regarding your skin type, what you wish to accomplish, and which of our products interest you the most. We will direct you toward suggestions suited to your skin type. Join the face naturals family to reap even more benefits, such as Reward Points, coupon codes, and blog posts on natural beauty tips and hot health topics that affect you, your family, and your community. Simply create an account with us to enjoy the endless possibilities produced from nature’s ingredients.



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