Truth In Aging Series – Rebuilding Your Arms To Get Rid of Batwings

Bid Farewell to Batwings

While most of us would enjoy the ability to fly with a pair of our own wings, no one likes to have flabby arms with lose skin that does not quite fit the way it used to. Many people will develop what is often referred to as ‘batwings’ as they grow older, or loose skin around the upper arms. They create an untoned, infirm appearance for those that develop them, and may feel floppy when one moves their arms around. Like many other aesthetics of aging, this is an undesirable effect, and many people look for new ways to combat It.

Batwings, however, are one of the most difficult aesthetics to handle, and require some work and dedication. So, if you are really into maintaining a youthful appearance, then you will want to restore your arms’ skin to conform to the shape of the arm. It can be a difficult task to take charge of, but the results are totally worth it. Through daily exercises designed to tone your arms, healthy diet, and a few natural remedies to supplement the transformation, you can get rid of that extra flab that hangs onto your arms, and give your body that youthful shape.


Batwing Basics

So, where do batwings come from? How do they form? Many individuals do not realize that they are there or have developed until the day they wave goodbye to a friend, and feel a little extra jiggling. Flabby arms can develop for a number of different reasons. For starters, it is simply another aesthetic that an aging body acquires over time. Gravity constantly pulls the skin downward, causing it to loosen up and become less elastic. This, mixed with loss of collagen and elastin from other environmental damage, help to allow flabby arms to form over the years.

However, other factors will contribute to these formations as well. If you struggled with gaining or loosing weight, then this causes the skin to stretch. Thus, your arms’ skin may hang a little more loosely than it normally would. Individuals who worked out their triceps a great deal in their youth but stopped practicing this exercise as much over the years, then the skin will remain stretchy with less muscle to cling to. Regaining the firm, toned appearance that your arms had in your youth will require creativity, dedication, and hard work.


Exercise is Essential

First and foremost, you will want to start by performing certain exercises on a daily basis. This will provide your skin with the tone and support it needs to have a better connectivity with the muscle fibers. If you have not started already, implement an anti-aging diet to help you maintain a trim, healthy figure. Our blog posts ‘Dos and Don’ts of an Anti-Aging Diet‘ and ‘Slow Down the Years with Superfoods‘ will guide you through creating meals that suit your anti-aging needs through nutrition – both for the skin and the body as a whole.

Once you have established a good dieting routine, you can create an exercise routine to go through once or twice a day. If you complete a routine once in the morning and once at night, you can train your arms to become more toned more quickly. Try lifting weights up to ten pounds, one in each hand. Hold your arms outward from the side of your head, as though you are already flexing the muscles you wish to attain. Lift one arm up, then as you bring it down, lift the other arm up. You can also assume the same stance, but bring both hands clutching the weights together in front of your face. Add some pushups to your exercise routine, like diamond pushups. With this type of pushup, you will align the tips of your index fingers and the tips of your thumbs. This will greatly build up your arm and chest muscles so that the loose skin has something to hang on to.

You may start with a shorter exercise routine, and build yourself up to a longer, more in-depth one as your arms get stronger. As your muscles become bigger, they will fill in some of the loose skin that seems to hang from your arms, providing a fuller, more toned appearance. Daily exercise is highly important – not only to feel younger and stay healthier, but to look the part as well. Even though it could take a great deal of time and dedication to get the results you want, your body will thank you for your effort, as will your reflection too. However, we do have a few natural tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you defeat the batwings a little more quickly, while treating your skin to some serious at-home spa time.


Body-Wrapping for Best Results

Body wraps are not just spa specialties anymore, and you can easily create your own to help reduce the appearance of the batwings – or any other cellulite formation that impedes you from getting the look that you want! Implementing daily body wraps or indulging in one every other day will help you defeat cellulite and reduce the flabbiness of your arms – especially when performed along with a regular exercise routine. You can create this amazing remedy in your own skin kitchen before relaxing to let it do its work. Give these suggestions a go, and watch your batwings melt after a few months of making this routine a regular practice.

First, you will need two basic cellulite-fighters that double as detoxifiers to create a thick paste. Finely ground, organic, caffeinated coffee and a pureed cucumber are the two main ingredients you will need. Make sure you mix the coffee grounds in the blender with the cucumber, and blend them until the paste is smooth and thick. The coffee will work as a detoxifier and diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates fat cells to improve their appearance and make them seem smaller. Cucumber works in a similar manner by drawing excess hydration away from the cellulite, making the cells shrink in size. These effects often only last over the course of a few hours, but can provide more immediate results for your upcoming days at the beach.

You can fine-tune this recipe by adding a some essential oils properly diluted with an anti-aging carrier oil. Be careful not to add too much, as you do not want your coffee and cucumber paste to become runny or too viscous. Your best bet for a carrier oil is apricot kernel oil, which has some of the best anti-aging properties available and a high profile of vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the most sought-after and synthetically replicated nutrients due to its restorative abilities in healing environmental damage and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Since part of the reason behind your lose skin lies in gravity, loss of connection, and environmental damage, using this carrier oil will help repair some of the damage that comes from these factors. Plus, it works for the majority of skin types, from sensitive to nonreactive, making it an excellent option for almost anyone. You can read more about the benefits of apricot kernel oil with our blog post ‘Rejuvenating Apricot Oil’s Benefits.’

For essential oil selections, you will want to chose a detoxifying oil that improves circulation and the connectivity of collagen and elastin. Remember, part of the batwing battle lies in restoring the connectivity and reducing the looseness. Oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and cypress can all both encourage better circulation and tone the skin. Rosemary essential oil is known for abilities in renewing collagen and elastin, while drawing out excess water and toxins stored beneath the skin. Cypress essential oil has excellent astringent abilities that reduce the skin’s ability to retain fluid while detoxing skin cells just beneath the surface of the skin. If you want some muscle relief after the aforementioned workout, then add peppermint essential oil, as it soothes muscle tension and relaxes tightened, strained tissues while improving circulation to the surface of the skin. Eucalyptus works similarly to that of peppermint, as it detoxes, soothes tightness, and significantly improves circulation.

After pureeing the cucumber and coffee, you can blend some apricot kernel oil with the proper dilution of your choice of essential oils. Allow these ingredients to sit and permeate for about a day before applying them to your upper arms. Then, spread a thin, even layer on some cling wrap. Measure the cling wrap around each arm before placing the mixture onto it. You will want to ensure that sizable strip is left empty at the ends so that you can seal the wrap properly. You may also want to heat up the mixture slightly for a warmer, more comfortable application that opens your pores to ensure improved absorption. Leave the body wrap applied to your arms for up to an hour, and use any remaining mixture to wrap other areas with problem cellulite.


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