Truth In Aging Series – Skin Brightening

Restoring Facial Radiance

As we age, our complexion may become duller, spottier, and ruddier. This effect is caused by a multitude of reasons such as environmental damage, toxins remaining in the skin, and inflammation. Your skin does not function as efficiently the way it used. It needs a little extra help with removing dead skin cells, excess sebum, and debris leftover from your makeup and environment. You may acquire dark, puffy circles under your eyes, and the scars add up too. All of these factors can cause you to lose the youthful glow that you may have taken for granted years ago.

Even with all the years of damage our epidermises endure, solutions occur in nature that can bring out the best in your complexion, resulting in the radiant vibrancy that emanated from your face. Your trip back to a juvenescent appearance is right around the corner, and we want to be your tour guides. No need for chemical peels, expensive spa treatments, or other strange and unfamiliar territory. Everything you need is either at the grocery store, in your kitchen, or at face naturals. Take a look at some of the skin brightening techniques we found.


Let’s Play Skin Kitchen

We will start by giving you some guidelines on how to use items from your kitchen and grocery store by offering these recipes. The ingredients used will let you return to the lustrous, dewy complexion you once enjoyed. You can implement these ideas about once or twice a week for optimal results. Not only will you indulge in some fun, but you can also watch the results become more and more noticeable over time as you use them regularly. And maybe, at that next high school reunion, people will recognize you and say, “You haven’t changed a bit since we sat together in math class!” Well, math class was gross. But, you? You are brilliant.

If your skin appears dull and lifeless because of excess oil or ruddiness, then you need some stimulation in your life. Brew a good, strong, organic peppermint tea, and mix some raw, organic honey into it. Peppermint works naturally as a strong astringent that keeps oil production at a minimum. It also stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, and ruddiness can often be rooted in a lack of proper circulation. Honey has enzymes that eat away at dead skin cells, thus unclogging pores. This way, you get humectant properties and oil control altogether. Add this to the Purify Facial Mask for a brighter, cleaner, less oily complexion. The clay in the mask will suck toxins right out of your face as well, resulting in a velvety, refreshed appearance.

If you have a nonreactive, but uneven complexion with lighter areas and darker areas, then you need some citrus in your life. Mix one part lemon juice with one part hot water and one part honey. Lemon juice has a concentrated profile of antioxidants that will brighten the skin, and help make your tone more even. Use it with the Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask for optimal results. The organic strawberry and organic lemon mixed synergistically with the clays of the mask provide an optimal level of radiance for the complexion. This is also a good method for controlling oil production. This method of skin detoxification lets your skin reproduce fresh skin cells at a more efficient rate, so this method is a must for an excellent glow.

For sensitive or super dry skin, mash up an avocado until it gets a pasty consistency. You could also use banana if you wish to combat wrinkles. Whether you opt to use both at the same time or in separate skin-food servings, you will experience a glorious return for comfortable, well moisturized skin. Both of these ingredients contain high amounts of minerals and vitamins, and work very gently for dry or sensitive skin types. The banana has a slight astringency that works great for drawing out toxins and minimizing pores, while the avocado has anti-inflammatory fatty acids that will reduce redness, flakiness, or ruddiness. Mix this formula with the Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask, one of our gentlest options for reactive skin. See? Even the more sensitive skin types can get the spa treatment they deserve.

Normal or slightly reactive skin that struggles with inflammation can enjoy some spa benefits as well. Brew a strong chamomile tea or green tea, and mix it with either the Soothe Facial Mask (if you tend toward slightly reactive) or the Balance Facial Mask (if you are normal). Chamomile tea greatly reduces inflammation, which can often lead to ruddiness and redness. Green tea is known for its antioxidant content, and brings a more radiant appearance to the skin by fading out dark spots. The mask selections will drink the toxins right of your pores, for a velvety, delectable complexion that literally brightens a room.

Greek yogurt is one of the best skin brighteners available at your local grocery store. Make sure you use the plain version, as using a flavored version could lead to irritation from sugar. Any skin type can use this one. If you struggle with hormonally sensitive skin that needs a brightening boost, then mix it with the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask. Looking for something a little stronger for your stubborn skin, but want something gentler than lemon juice? Aim to mix it with the Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask. The enzymes in the yogurt will feed off of debris, dead skin cells, and sebum, while the mineral content will generate a retextured appearance.


Brightening in a Bottle

After you rinse off your mask to reveal a newer, brighter you, you must take the vital step of proper moisturization. Your skin will be very thirsty after you remove the mask, and with all those toxins and debris banished from you complexion, it will drink up whatever you put on it. We have a few natural suggestions of deeply penetrating moisturizers that will serve your skin with a further dose of vitamins and minerals. Do not be surprised when your skin absorbs it quicker than a blink of an eye.

One thing I like to do after an intense facial mask session is to apply a coating of honey all over my face for a while. I do this before applying any kind of moisturizer, as honey is a humectant. A humectant will help the skin draw in a retain moisture. This means that you could make your moisturizer work more effectively by letting the honey sit on your face for a while after rinsing off one of the aforementioned facial mask recipes. Plus, honey reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots, and removes any bacteria or microbials. This is an anti-aging plus.

After rinsing off the clay mask or honey mask, we recommend applying an oil to your face. Here, you have an incredible range of options to mix and match depending on your skin type and personal preference. We will give you a few ideas to go off of. The reason that a plain oil may present a better option lies in the fact that oils offer a concentrated and intensive form of hydration to your face, which is highly desirable after using a clay mask.

Olive oil is a classic – full of vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and brighten your skin. It has a molecular structure that resembles the oil your skin secretes to keep itself moisturized, so it is easily absorbed into the skin. With vitamin E on board, it will protect and repair damage caused by free radicals. It works gently with almost any skin type, and nourishes the skin with its penetrating abilities. It works effectively as an anti-inflammatory as well, which will lend a hand in reducing redness and ruddiness.

If you prefer a lighter approach, and find that olive oil is too heavy, then rosehip seed oil is a go-to. It is extremely light, and offers optimal mineralization. It has vitamin A in its profile, which works to actively repair damaged skin. This means that it will help your complexion regain the luster that it lost due to the aging process. Additionally, it has fatty acids that allow your skin to retain moisture and keep a firm, supple appearance. It also directly affects dark spots and discoloration, by making these traits appear lighter, as it stimulates cell regeneration.

Argan oil is another must-have, especially if you struggle with extremely dry, sensitive, or damaged skin. It has almost no aroma whatsoever, and has a thick consistency similar to, if not heavier than, olive oil, and a clear coloration. Argan oil contains about eighty percent fatty acids, meaning that it will offer an extremely high level of hydration and restore elasticity to your skin. It has saponins, which activate the cell’s ability to renew itself properly. Additionally, it helps control sebum production, another factor in dull complexion.

Finally, one of my personal favorites, you can use sunflower oil! You can purchase it cheap and in large quantities, so it will last you forever. Plus, it is slightly lighter in texture than olive oil so you do not have to deal with a thick application. If you struggle with acne in addition to dullness due to aging, then this is the perfect selection. Sunflower oil contains antioxidants that will protect from premature aging – making it an option for those who want to start their anti-aging routine early. It also helps brightening with its vitamin content of A and D, and creates a protective barrier of moisture across the skin to keep debris, dead skin, and oil from clogging your pores and making your skin dull again.


Bring Out Your Brightness with Face Naturals

We aim to provide our readers with useful information about how to turn back time on their skin and body. But that is not all! We also write about hot health topics that could affect you, your family, and your community. Check out other blog posts for helpful information on natural options that bring out the best in you and others. Providing education and information about how to maintain your health, and avoid unhealthy toxins that surround us is a big part of our healthy mission, as well as offering safe, healthy, toxin-free products made from organic, botanical ingredients.

Comment below and tell us about your favorite natural anti-aging skin-care routine! We would love to find out what our readers find works for them. Sometimes, we even like to see if it works for us too! You may get to see your suggestion in another blog post. Plus, your fellow readers might like to find out what worked best for you too! Everyone’s skin is as unique as they are. Share your skin solutions with your face naturals family today! Or contact us to get started on your journey toward your individual skin solutions. Provide us with information about your skin, what you wish to achieve, and what products interest you, and we will provide you with recommendations on your own natural skincare routine.



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