Truth In Aging Series – Sunscreen and Aging

Saving Your Skin From Sunscreen

The sun can cause up to ninety percent of aesthetics resulting from the dreaded aging process – such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, or age spots. It is one of many environmental elements that we receive consistent, daily exposure to, whether we walk from our car to a building a few times a day or take a walk in the sun for hours. Dermatologists have harped and crowed about the need for sunscreen to prevent some of the damage from occurring, and to protect the skin from developing skin cancer and other forms of sun damage that will show up years down the road. With all the environmental factors involved in the aging process, it is understandable that so many people place such high importance on minimizing the damage.

But as we discussed in our blog post ‘Sun Your Way to Health,’ many popular brands of sunscreen can actually cause more harm than good – both on the internal organ systems that keep your body functioning and the skin itself. While you definitely want to ensure some kind of sun protection in your anti-aging routine at any age, you also do not want to use a product that could accelerate it. We will give you the details on a list of common ingredients used in conventional sunscreens, and explain which sun-blocking options will work best in your anti-aging routine. Whether you just started putting a routine together, or are deep into ideas on how to tweak and improve it, we want to help you steer clear of products that do more damage than good.


Basics of Bad Sunscreen

Avobenzone, patented in 1973, serves the purpose of soaking up the UV rays known to cause sunburn and damage. The problem? This ingredient starts deteriorating the longer it stays in the sun. Thus, it starts discharging free radicals – the agents responsible for speeding up the skin’s aging process and causing cancer. So, if you want to prevent further damage from occurring through your sunscreen, check your ingredient list for this one. Anti-aging does not come from products that can increase the likelihood of the aesthetics of aging.   

Octinoxate, one of the most used ingredients in sunscreens, aids other ingredients in soaking into the surface of the skin more efficiently. It can speed up the aging process in two ways: endocrine disruption and causing premature aging. This ingredient can increase the amount of estrogen produced by the body, which has a direct effect on the skin by speeding up the aging process and increase skin inflammation, causing acneic blemishes. It also contributes to premature aging by causing a release of free radicals on the surface of the skin.

Octocrylene will penetrate the surface of your skin very easily, and can collect inside of your body with ease – especially with continued usage. Once it starts drawing in UV rays, it produces oxygen radicals that accelerate the aging process by jump-starting DNA mutations in skin cells. This can lead to the development of skin cancer and increased likelihood of aging aesthetics, while hindering your skin’s natural functions due to the mutations.

Ozybenzone, responsible for encouraging other ingredients to absorb into the skin, disrupts the endocrine system while piling even more the body as an individual continues to use it. The CDC actually reports that up to ninety seven percent of Americans have acquired an ample amount of this chemical in their bodies in testable amounts.  

Titanium dioxide is actually a form of nanoparticle that can collect on your skin and have bad effects of the dermal fibroblasts. These nanoparticles interrupt the skin cell’s ability to function properly. It can cause the skin to develop an inflexible, dehydrated feel and appearance, as it reduces the cell’s size and ability to move. Additionally, it decreases the skin’s ability to uptake collagen, resulting in more sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Clearly, not all anti-aging techniques are created equal. If you are not careful, you could end up attempting to take steps in reducing the aging effects from the sun, while gaining some ground in the aging process through the products themselves. The dangers of this can lead to far worse effects on your health, other than a few extra wrinkles or age spots. You could experience endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, and develop cancer as a result of ingredients such as these. However, all is not lost. We have some suggestions for you to improve your anti-aging routine and get great sun protection at the same time.


Basics of the Best Sunscreen

Zinc oxide, created from the synthesis of the mineral zinc and oxygen particles, is one of the safest forms of reliable SPF available. Zinc is actually highly beneficial for the skin, as it can help prevent and heal acneic blemishes and rehabilitate skin to decrease the signs of aging. It forms a protective layer across the skin that does not absorb into the blood stream. It can also soothe existing sunburns or rashes by creating a protective layer across the skin that holds moisture and hydration in more efficiently. Badger’s Baby Sunscreen Cream, has an SPF of 30, and uses this ingredient as a sunblock, along with a number of other botanical ingredients. Opt for this product when spending ample amounts in the sun – such as when on vacation at the beach or doing yard work. 

Coconut oil only has an SPF of 8, but can be used as a base for the next two oils we are about to mention. It works to hydrate the skin, while improving and repairing the function of the lipid layer that protects the skin naturally. You can use it as an all-over moisturizer for days walking in and out of buildings. Simply take a little of it and rub it all over your skin after a hot shower for maximum absorption. It can double as a body moisturizer and as a sunscreen for days when you receive a light amount of sun.

Carrot seed oil has an SPF of 40, and has a number of anti-aging benefits. It helps retexture the surface of the skin, minimize wrinkles, and improves the skin’s immunity to irritants and allergens. With a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, it deeply nourishes the skin through cell reparation of the cell, and improved cell maintenance and function, resulting in a more even, dewy, and youthful complexion. You can find this oil in some of our most popular anti-aging products.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil, now available on our web catalogue, has an SPF range of 28 to 50, making it an excellent form of sun protection for your face, neck, shoulders, or other small areas that receive the most sun exposure throughout the day. It can double as a facial moisturizer, as it contains a large quantity of fatty acids that restore hydration to the face and nourish with antioxidants that can fight environmental damage to restore a youthful complexion to the skin. As one of the highest ranking natural sun protectants available, it can heal a number of skin problems with its gentle effects and quick absorption.

Nature always has a solution for the problems that come from it! You can embark on your anti-aging routine at any age without the concern of synthetic chemicals that could have toxic effects on the body. Keep your body free of poisons to prolong your life and your looks, and opt for these healthier, more simplistic alternatives. And, anytime you want to try a new product, make sure you research the ingredients and empower yourself with education and information. Only you can discover what skincare companies and the FDA will not tell you.


A Brighter, Sunnier Future for Your Skin with Face Naturals

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