Truth In Aging Series – Timeless Aging

Turning Back Time with Botanicals

No matter what age we are, we all have one thing in common – we seek perfection in multiple areas in life. To some of us, this means carving perfection from our skincare routine, maximizing the effects of each product and each ingredient to ensure a glowing complexion free of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and scars. This task is much easier said than done, as we scour shelves for beauty products that work effectively without causing anymore damage than has already been done. Surrounded by a culture that seeks to achieve the appearance of the cover girls we see in magazines, we often find ourselves getting in over our heads with thousands of products on the market. How do we make a selection that can turn back the time for our skin without any damage?

First and foremost, before making any quick dives into a change in skincare routine, you have to understand where your skin falls onto the scale. Create a list of sensitivities, reactions, and ingredients that may cause flare-ups on your skin before delving into any products. Next, list what you want to accomplish. Sagging, scars, dark spots, and wrinkles may all make the list, but if the products you want do not respond well with your skin, then you could set yourself on an even faster track toward facial disaster by speeding up the aging process and causing further damage to skin made delicate by the passing of time and increased exposure. Did you get your list of skin stuff yet? Good. Now, proceed to the face naturals guide of the best botanicals to turn back time. You can achieve anti-aging bliss by using some simple ingredients.


Oils for Immortality 

We sing the praises of applying pure, organic oils to the facial tissues as a means of retaining a healthy moisture content and a more brilliant tone, and we are not alone. Different oils can provide a variety of beneficial nutrients to the skin’s surface that can be soaked in through the pores. Find out why oil applications are one of the most heralded forms of skincare, and chose which one will help you achieve your anti-aging goals. We pointed out some of our products that contain these ingredients, so do not hesitate to check them out and see if they provide the healthy anti-aging product you are looking for!

Rosehip seed oil improved a number of different aesthetic factors in premature aging for a study including one hundred and eighty people. The premature aging came from a number of different root causes, including trauma, environmental damage, or surgery. It diminished the appearance of features such as wrinkles, scars, and discoloration, leaving the complexion much more even and brighter. It also proved to slow down the progression of aging in a multitude of supplemental studies. This is because of retinoic acid, a substance identified in rosehip seed oil as a major contributor to healthier skin. It also has an incredible range of fatty acids that provide hydration for a fuller, more resilient, and more elastic texture in skin tone, reducing the appearance of sagging. These fatty acids are time-released, allowing the oil to work on the face for hours after the initial application. Check out our products that contain rosehip seed oil as an ingredient to improve the skin.

Argan oil has two hundred percent more vitamin E in the form of tocopherols than olive oil. This means that it delivers twice the protection from environmental aging. It works as an antioxidant that feeds off of free radicals – the particles responsible for destroying the skin and slowing up its processes. Vitamin E also helps the skin maintain a proper level of moisture, contributing to a more spritely complexion. Argan oil also contains an incredibly impressive content of fatty acids, which help the cell membranes stay strong, and reduce the skin’s inflammatory response toward irritation and damage. This keeps the complexion from becoming ruddy, dry, and inflexible. Many of our products make use of argan oil to improve the quality and function of our anti-aging selections.

Carrot seed oil has a great deal of scientific evidence backing its abilities in providing antioxidant benefits. It contains a complex of B vitamins known to help keep the skin in youthful, strong condition, carotene needed for improved skin function and reproduction, vitamin A for protection from environmental factors and improved skin immunity. It helps keep wrinkles at a minimum while ensuring a bright complexion bursting with radiance and color. Plus, it detoxifies the surface of the skin, helping to draw out toxins from within the pores for a more refined appearance. Select from one of our formulas that use carrot seed oil as an ingredient to take it for a test-drive.


Juices for Juvenescence

Juices can provide excellent mask bases and occasional facial spritzes to keep your complexion looking as fresh as a spring rain. Some of them even make great spot treatments for tough spots that need a little concentration of tender love and care. We use botanicals from the same fruits mentioned here in some of our skincare products to achieve similar results. Take a look at these anti-aging botanicals, and find one of our products that peaks your interest.

Lemon juice prevents most forms of cancer cells, and can keep melanoma and other forms of skin cancer at a minimum. That is already a good reason to use it for anti-aging purposes. Its abilities in this area extend because of its acidic nature, which keeps pores refined to reduce the amount of toxins and debris that enters into the skin. This same acid content allows your skin to remain toned, while keeping the color of the complexion even, bright, and glowing. These abilities will reduce the appearance of sagging, scars, and hyperpigmentation due to dark spots. We add lemon-derived botanical ingredients to a number of our skincare products.

Cranberry juice contains an extremely high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help retexture, strengthen, and improve the overall quality of the skin tone. Like carrot seed oil, it contains B vitamins to greatly improve cell regeneration. Plus, its amount of vitamin C helps keep enough collagen and elastin for less sagging and wrinkles. This, in turn, improves the blood vessels ability to transport other nutrients to the surface of the skin, for a more nourished, vibrant complexion. You can cram cranberry into your skincare with some of our products.

Aloe vera juice is one of the main humectants that plays a star role in anti-aging. As a humectant, it helps the skin absorb and maintain hydration properly, resulting in fewer wrinkles. It also rehabilitates fibroblasts – the cells in charge of maintaining healthy levels of collagen and elastin. Additionally, aloe vera contains polysacchrides – compounds that aid in the process of retexturing your skin cells for improved firmness and tightness. Try our products that contain aloe vera, and reap the benefits of the other ingredients as they work in tandem.


Teas for Timelessness

These teas will help your skin stay healthy from the inside out. You can brew them for a warm mask base, drink them, or use the tea bags to put over your eyes or on areas that need more attention. We even use a couple of these teas in our organic skincare products to maximize their benefits synergistically with other botanicals. So, add a cup or two of these time-saving teas and find out which of our skin-saving products contain them as ingredients!

Rooibos tea contains superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant known for its abilities in helping the skin reproduce younger skin cells for a fresher, more flexible complexion. It performs as a live enzyme that helps decrease the appearance and depth of wrinkles and effectively decelerates the aging process. This tea also has extensive abilities in keeping the skin clean and detoxified with its antimicrobial properties that can keep pathogens and bacteria from causing blemishes or infection on the skin’s surface.

Green tea can decrease the amount of environmental damage your skin gets from the sun’s damaging UV rays, especially when applied before going outside. It keeps DNA damage to a minimum. It also has an impressive profile of antioxidants that can work to reverse some damage with the catechin polyphenols. It also fades out old scars and keeps the skin’s tone firm and supple for a more youthful appearance. Our Purify Facial Mask contains green tea extract for detoxing purposes.

White tea, the least fermented of the tea leaves, has the highest amount of antioxidants compared to other teas. It helps skin maintain its youthful elasticity while allowing the complexion to maintain its radiant luminosity. It works gently, and helps the epidermis reinforce its ability to resist stress, preventing any further damage from occurring. Additionally, this tea provides some of the best protection from microbials, keeping the skin’s immunity to pathogens boosted. Our products that contain white tea offer some of the gentlest, most moisturizing anti-aging benefits possible.


Find Botanical Bliss with Face Naturals

Put your faith in face naturals for all of the latest tips, tricks, and remedies for natural skincare that suits natural beauties. Whether you want to up your anti-aging routine, maximize your acne prevention plan, hydrate your dry skin to health, or draw out the excess oil that makes your skin look congested, we have some suggestions that will work for you! Nature has everything you need to make the most out of your skincare without damaging your complexion with harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Find out what works for you by checking out our other blog posts.

To find out which of our products will work best for you, contact us! Provide us with information regarding your skin type, such as blemishes, sensitivities, reactions, maturity, or dryness. We will direct you toward a routine made with your unique skin in mind filled with products that will greatly improve your complexion. Join our healthy mission today, and kick toxic chemicals out of your cabinet for a wholesome, organic approach to staying positive, healthy, and naturally beautiful.






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