What Is Your Face Telling You?

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your skin is the window to your body.  Do you have recurring skin issues in the same areas of your face, month after month? Your skin may be trying to tell you something about your overall health!

By viewing your skin as a map to your internal health, you can have an understanding of what is causing your skin issues and use this opportunity to possibly catch a health issue before it develops into something serious or life threatening.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have used facial mapping as a diagnostic tool for centuries.  In a nutshell, certain areas of the face correlate to specific organs or body systems.  A recurring breakout on your forehead, perpetually congested cheeks, or even constantly rough, flaky skin on your chin could point to a much deeper health concern that needs to be addressed.  Facial mapping is far from an exact science, but it does raise some intriguing observations and could steer you in the direction of needed changes for a healthier lifestyle!

One simple fact about a healthy lifestyle is that it usually always pays off with multiple total body benefits.  Reduce your sugar intake and meat consumption and consider replacing them with a whole foods, plant based diet.  Diet plays a pivotal role in your health, and exercise is equally as important.  Most people don’t realize that the best (and least expensive!) anti-aging regimen we can all do is move!  Vigorous exercise has been proven to reduce stress, increase oxygenation, improve your mood, and prolong your quality of life.

We are always here to help you meet your total body, healthy lifestyle goals. We have many plant based recipes that we would love to share with you and have many skin care treatment options for all skin types.

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