Winter Dry Skin and The Natural Solution

Defeating Dry Skin

Ruth and Julie sat by the fire, quietly sipping their delicious, organic peppermint tea. Ruth could almost fall asleep with the snow falling silently outside and the warmth of the fire wrapping her up in a blanket of comfort. But Julie could not get comfortable. She kept reaching over and scratching her shoulders, legs, and arms. The jerking movements from her scratching made the couch shake.

“Got a flea-problem over there, Julie?” Ruth finally asked after being shook awake. She stretched out her arms and yawned, irritated that her friend’s scratching had interrupted her dozing.

“No, Ruth. What do I look like to you? Some kind of mangy, wet dog?” Julie kept scratching at her arm.

“Well, you sure itch like one. I’ll tell you that much.” Ruth sipped her tea as she spoke. “What’s the problem, Julie? You’re gonna shed a layer of skin like a snake in the summer if you don’t watch it.”

“Believe me, I wouldn’t mind. Winter just makes my skin so dry! I can slather on a gallon jug of lotion all day, and nothing will help. I shed flakes of dry skin, and then I still itch. I’m at my wit’s end with this itching. I’m tired of looking like a squallin’ cat covered in mites!”

Ruth turned to her friend, wondering how she could help her defeat dry skin. “Yea, you definitely need some kind of help. You’re gonna make it a White Christmas in here, too, with all that skin you’ve been shedding.”

Julie rolled her eyes as she went from scratching her arm to her leg. “I’m telling you. I might start shaking my leg like one of those lap dogs. I cannot deal with this much longer! Before you know it, I will look like the oldest crocodile walking the planet.”

Ruth thought for a moment, then said, “Seems like I can help you out with your crocodile crisis.”

“How on earth can you do that? I’ve had this problem every year since the Great Drought of ’54.” Julie snorted.

“You’re going to become the Great Drought of ’54, if you don’t watch out.”

“Okay, fine, Ruthie. Tell me what I need to do,” Julie replied as she sipped her tea.

“My daughter showed me a website that sells the most amazing products. Face naturals, I believe. I’m sure if you emailed their staff, they would be glad to help you out,” Ruth said, grinning.

“I don’t like that ol’ internet stuff,” Julie snorted.

“Well, then, give them a call. Here’s their number. The lady on the phone gave me a world of wonderful information and help when I picked out my items. I’m sure they would do the same for you. Crocodile or not.” Ruth wrote a phone number out on a sticky note and handed it to Julie.

“Okay, fine, Ruth. But, if this face place doesn’t do the trick for my dry, winter skin, you owe me one hundred bucks.” Julie took the paper from Ruth, and started to put on her jacket.

“Fine. One hundred bucks says you’ll spend it on lotion anyway.” The two women said their goodbyes, and Julie headed for home.


Face Naturals Finds Natural Relief

The next morning, Julie picked up the phone and dialed the number that Ruth gave her. She tapped her foot, annoyed that her friend’s suggestion was an online company. She was seventy-four years old. She didn’t have time for this internet stuff that these kids got into these days.

“Thank you for calling face naturals. How can we help you today?” said a friendly, feminine voice on the other end.

“Hi. My friend likes your stuff and told me to call you. I have a dry-skin problem,” she replied, slightly embarassed.

“Okay, that’s fairly normal this time of year. Lots of people experience dry skin in the winter because of the temperature differences between the outside temperatures and inside temperatures. Plus, the heating system many buildings use will further dry out your skin.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Julie said, relaxing a little. “Never thought of it that way. I just thought that I was the only one who’s epidermis turned into a sack of scales with snowflakes of skin coming off of my body.”

The representative laughed gently. “No, ma’am. It’s a very common issue. Are you familiar with our products?”

“Well, no. My friend says you’re online. Don’t much like the sound of that, but I guess I could afford to evolve past being the stone-aged dinosaur I am,” Julie joked.

“Well, clearly you want to nip your dry skin in the bud. Do you have any sensitivities to ingredients?”

“Not that I know of. I’d like to get rid of a wrinkle or two before I start lookin’ like an outdated prune, though.”

The representative laughed again. “Alright. Well, the fact that you are peeling means that your skin will not retain any moisture until you exfoliate. So, we need to get you started with a body scrub and a facial mask. Then, we will figure out a body butter, a facial cleanser, and a facial moisturizer that will work well for you. Sound like a plan?”

“Sounds like a lot of work. Guess I could order from my granddaughter’s phone gadget. What do they call them these days? Smartcells? Icells?”

“Iphones, maybe? Sounds good. Can you write down my suggestions?”

“I got a pen and paper right here. Toss me some solutions to this dry desert of unbearably itchy skin. I want my crocodile days to be over!”


Julie’s Organic Skin Solution

Julie knocked on Ruth’s door, excited to show her friend the new face naturals skin-care products that had just arrived in her mailbox. She shivered in the cold wind, but not a single scratch to satisfy an itch was served to her skin. Ruth opened the door, and invited Julie for a hot cup of white tea.

“I got that face space stuff,” Julie said as she took off her jacket.

“You mean face naturals,” chuckled Ruth.

“Yes. Face naturals. And guess what? It works like an old gypsy charm!”

“I told you to try it. What did they advise you to do?”

“The lady told me that I need to exfoliate off all that dead skin that was falling like snow. So she recommended the German Chocolate Body Scrub, which smells good enough to eat. She also told me to use the Pomegranate Antioxidant Facial Mask to help get my face under control.” Julie opened the salt scrub.

“Wow, that does smell like real chocolate! Amazing! What else did you get?” Ruth asked.

“I got the Lavender-Vanilla Body Butter. She told me to apply it directly after exfoliating with the scrub in the shower so it’ll absorb better — and it works like a wish granted by a genie. Plus, she recommended the Restore Facial Cleanser and the Restore Daily Moisturizer for my face — to help keep moisture and elasticity sealed in. The products for my face also double for anti-aging!” Julie excitedly showed Ruth her other products.

“I was going to tell you that you looked much younger! Took about thirty years off of you!”

“And the Great Drought of ’56!”

“Exactly!” The two women laughed together. “Well, you think you’ll go for seconds?”

“Most definitely! The crocodile has left the building, and we can bring back our days of rockin’ to Elvis Presley with years that drop off from their products!” Julie turned Ruth’s old tape player, and they both began jamming to ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ as the wintery snow fell outside.


Follow Julie’s Lead with Face Naturals

Face naturals wants you to remember how to keep your skin in tip-top condition for the winter weather we all face. Remember to exfoliate regularly in order to maintain a proper moisture level. You can try any of our body scrubs a few times a week to achieve optimal results. Our facial masks will provide similar results for your face. Follow up with your favorite body butter, liquid lotion, or facial moisturizer for best results.

Contact us if you have any questions about our organic skin-care products. We will direct you toward what will work best for you! Provide us with some information about what you struggle with, which products interest you, and what you wish to accomplish, and we will send you suggestions for a personalized routine. Join Julie in becoming a member of the face naturals family. We look forward to serving your natural skin-care needs.

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