Alzheimer’s and The Hope For Our Future

Anticipating Alzheimer’s: Optimizing Life with Alzheimer’s with Herbs and Botanicals

Whether it is a grandparent, parent, yourself, or another loved one, Alzheimer’s disease can directly affect the lives of many individuals. When we start seeing the small signs – slippage of memory, irritability, or loosing small things like car keys or glasses consistently – we know it is only a matter of time before the diagnosis removes all doubt. Alzheimer’s can cause painful changes to take place in the lives of those who struggle with it, and those who struggle to take care of the stricken.

We understand the complexity of these struggles, as some members of the face naturals family have loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. We know the importance of preventative steps early on in life, as well as methods to make the disease more manageable for both the caretakers and those fighting for their mind in the throws of Alzheimer’s. So, we put together some suggestions for taking such measures using organic herbs and botanicals that may benefit brain and memory function.

Affecting one in eight adults and placing as the sixth leading cause of death in America, Alzheimer’s can take a loved one in a mental stranglehold, stripping them of their control, agency, memory, and eventually, identity. As a neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s greatly affects mood, as well as a person’s ability to remember, think, behave, and even function.

It is a slippery, downhill slope for the individual and those who love the individual to travel. It is also scary to watch someone close to you struggle with Alzheimer’s, and wonder when and if it will be you next. If Alzheimer’s runs in your family, and you want to keep it at bay, or help an older loved one manage it better, here are a few ideas we found to make this possible.


Preventative Precautions

Of course, the best cure is taking the proper steps toward prevention – and it is never too late or too early to start ensuring the health of your brain function. Many different forms of mental boosters exist to help manage brain function, including teas, herbal supplements, and foods that slow the disease’s onslaught while laying the groundwork that allows your brain function to go a little further – even as you age.

Remember that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, according to a pilot study performed in 2010, two apples a day can keep Alzheimer’s at bay. A variety of studies performed in laboratories and on animals suggests that drinking apple juice can also stave off the cognitive decline, as mice that consumed it experienced less degeneration than mice that did not.

Regular consumption of organic rosemary either as a whole herb, tea, botanical supplement, or used as an aromatic oil can enhance cognitive function and ability by mending and repairing cells that would later experience damage from Alzheimer’s. The high count of antioxidants in rosemary’s content can prevent and hold off the initial onslaught of the disease.

Ingesting organic turmeric in a supplemental form or as a spice to give life to your favorite dishes can help you steer clear of Alzheimer’s. According to research performed at UCLA in 2006, this spice can blast out the plaques in your brain often symptomatic of the disease.

As we mentioned in a previous article, organic hemp seed can help you maintain your memory, improve brain function, and even provide a method of complete prevention from Alzheimer’s, and a wide variety of other degenerative disorders. Containing the perfect ratio of omegas 3 and 6, hemp seed delivers a healing helping of mental regeneration by renewing the materials in your brain. Thus, eating a regular portion of hemp seed could pave the way for you to avoid Alzheimer’s altogether.

Of course, you may have just as much concern for a loved one whose memory and mind seem to slip through the cracks day by day. How can you help them manage and maintain a good quality of life? What are some steps you can take on your own to help them improve cognitive function? We have a few helpful ideas for you.


Medicinal Management 

There are multiple ways to incorporate herbs and botanicals into the treatment and care of loved ones struggling with Alzheimer’s. These suggestions also take the forms of teas, supplements, and aromatherapies shown to either slow the progression, or make the symptoms common in this disease more manageable for all parties involved. As these treatments are metabolized into the body and its systems, they can maintain better behavior, spark better memory, and aid cognitive function.

One well-known supplement that softens the effects of Alzheimer’s – ginkgo biloba – works better than placebo supplements. The general stance of medically scientific studies suggests that taking it as a regular supplement can not only offer a method of prevention, but boost cognitive function in individuals struggling with dementia.

Organic ginger also shows promising results with molecular-level healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties and richness in antioxidants that allow it to help restore damaged or degenerated cells. It also protects against future degeneration in the brain’s protein structures. A study from 2013 suggests that ginger may even counter some aspects of the disease in rats.

One study on Alzheimer’s patients showed results suggesting that ginseng works on a clinically effective level. Doctors observed two groups of participants – one ingesting ginseng regularly and one not. The groups that partook of the ginseng supplements earned better scores on mental tests consistently throughout the course of the experiment. The other group scored consistently worse. Thus proving that ginseng has a high rate of effectiveness on those struggling with Alzheimer’s.

Organic peppermint improves mental clarity through multiple platforms of usage, including aromatherapy, tea, and supplement. As a natural anti-inflammatory substance, it can help reduce damage to cells and increase general blood flow. It works as a stimulant, awakening the senses while reducing anxiety. This allows peppermint to provide an individual with more immediate affects.

Now that you have a grip on what can help you prevent and manage Alzheimer’s, while maintaining certain functions and abilities that might otherwise fall through, you need to take a look at certain things to avoid. Many substances in our chemically-christened world can be neurotoxic agents that cause or quicken Alzheimer’s. It is of high importance to stay away from these substances to keep yourself and family out of harm’s way.


Condemning Chemicals

If you are looking for a few things to avoid as far as protecting the mind from Alzheimer’s, then many of the mass-produced products commonly used among the general public contain chemicals that prove detrimental to brain function and memory support. This can quicken or cause the onslaught of Alzheimer’s, or its progression. Here are some examples of products to avoid.

One chemical often found in many of the enjoyable foods lining the aisles of grocery stores everywhere, called DA (diacetyl), causes beta-amyloid proteins to bind together. This creates a buildup of plaque in the brain – a common form of evidence that Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia, is forming. You can find this chemical in food products like microwave popcorn, candy, and snack cakes.

Aluminum, often used in antiperspirants and other cosmetic or skin care products, can help the manifestation of Alzheimer’s and its symptoms progress – especially in individuals who worked or lived close  to a source of industrial aluminum for a number of years. Multiple studies and cases linked continuous and consistent exposure to aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease, among other neurological diseases.

A big part of prevention and treatment means staying one step ahead of the things that can cause these degenerative disorders to happen to begin with. This means avoiding products that contain chemicals and metals like aluminum or DC, which absorb into and poison our bodies. Luckily, you have come to the right place to take the first step in altering your lifestyle.


Maintaining Your Brain

Because we understand the importance of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from degenerative diseases – including Alzheimer’s – we craft products made from purely organic botanicals that help keep your body and mind in good form for years to come. Some of our products contain the ingredients mentioned in this article that can help prevent the onslaught of Alzheimer’s.

We carry a line of Peppermint and Tea Tree scented items, like shampoo, body cleanser, and deodorants that contain no unrecognizable chemicals – only healing, organic botanicals. Peppermint helps boost immediate mental clarity and relaxation, while encouraging blood circulation. Our Lemongrass and Rosemary Facial Cleansers use organic rosemary, which enhances cognitive function and improves circulation.

These are just a few in an extensive line of products crafted in small batches to assure quality and health to those who use them. So, start making lifestyle changes today to ensure yours and your family’s health tomorrow. Our products are a great way to begin. Drop us a line or check out other articles regarding your health and your right to inform yourself.



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