Eating your way into health!

Making your health complete with whole foods

What we choose to eat has a huge impact on our health and beauty in a large degree. When we eat, we do not just fill our stomachs – we are also providing fuel or energy for our cells. Unfortunately, many of the foods so easily available to us these days lack quality ingredients. In turn, our cells are left deprived of much-needed nutrition and energy. Eating is more than just having a full stomach… It is about providing nutrition for our bodies so that we stay healthy, young, and beautiful. Eating highly processed foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) or foods contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals all have negative effects on our health. All of these harmful chemicals in our food can add up over time, taking a toll on our bodies, possibly triggering life threatening diseases.


How food is done

When it comes to the food industry and the quality of the various foods available in stores, we tend to think that the manufacturers are more after making a substantial profit, than to protect the health of the people that consume these foods. They load our food up with preservatives to extend shelf life, add synthetic flavors and colors to make products taste and look more attractive, and they highly process them, again, for making them last longer in stores. Not to mention, the majority of livestock used for most meat products are extremely mistreated and fed a diet full of hormones and antibiotics to promote unnatural growth and protect them against illness. The fruits and vegetables are grown with chemical fertilizers for rapid development, and pesticides to keep them safe from bugs.

As long as the producer is using safe methods, there should not be any problem in making a process more productive, right? Unfortunately, the use of these chemical substances and growth hormones is not safe. By carelessly consuming processed foods, these chemicals end up in our bodies and can accumulate over time. Not to mention the fact that they offer minimum nutritional value. Pesticides and preservatives in foods have a direct link to cancer and other serious illnesses. All of the chemicals used in the food industry, regardless of their purpose, have the capability of making our bodies more susceptible to serious diseases.


Skin health

When it comes to skin care, making sure we stay away from products containing synthetic chemicals is just as important as avoiding pesticides and synthetic preservatives in our foods. The skin is one of the largest organs on the body, absorbing whatever we put on it straight in to the blood stream. Some chemicals commonly used in popular skin and hair care products have been linked to depression, anxiety, weight gain, cancer, and other serious diseases. Making sure you are using organically sourced skin and hair care products is so important.


The solution to healthy living

You may be wondering how to escape the processed world we live in. Awareness is key. Organic foods, organic skin care, and natural hair care products provide and nourish our bodies without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, fragrances, and/or preservatives. Organic foods are left to grow and evolve naturally. If you are willing to dedicate to an organic lifestyle, you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic preservatives. Organic livestock are fed natural foods – such as organic grass, corn, cereals and vegetables – and are mostly left to roam free. This food has the quality and nutrition you need for a healthy body. You can be sure that you will get all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fibers you need to keep your body healthy and whole.

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