Flu Prevention

Natural Cures to Prevent Flu

Oregano oil

Essential oils like oregano may help your body fight the flu. You can use them topically or take them internally to support your immune system. Oregano oil contains several essential compounds that have been shown to fight viruses. It can also help soothe a sore throat caused by sinus drainage.



Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy that is available in many forms, including pills and liquid extracts. It is often used to treat common colds and flu. It is best to use the herb as soon as you notice any symptoms, especially when you have symptoms of the cold or flu.


There are many herbal medicines you can take to prevent the flu. One of them is Sambucol. This tincture is a powerful antiviral that works by strengthening the immune system. It can also help with cold symptoms. The herb can be taken in two ways, as a drink or as a suppository.


Herbal treatments and home remedies can be a natural way to prevent flu. Many of these remedies contain herbs that can help boost the immune system and fight germs. Herbal teas contain antiviral and antimicrobial properties that can soothe the throat and sinuses. They also have properties that can help boost your overall health.

Astragalus root

Astragalus root is an effective natural remedy for the prevention of flu and colds. This herb is rich in antioxidants and immune-stimulating polysaccharides. It helps the body fight off various infections by strengthening the qi, or life force energy. It also improves cardiac blood flow and reduces excessive sweating. Astragalus is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a highly effective natural antibiotic. It has numerous properties and is extremely safe to use. It is also very versatile, and is often used to treat infections. It is also beneficial for skin care, dandruff, and even managing emotions.

Warm baths

Taking a warm bath can help soothe the body aches associated with flu and fever. It also induces sleep, which is essential for the immune system. You can add Epsom salt to the water, which can reduce aches and pains. Essential oils are also effective in clearing up the nasal passages and can be diffused into the warm bath.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the immune system. It can prevent the symptoms of the flu, as well as reduce the duration of a cold or flu. In addition to its antiviral properties, vitamin C also has antioxidant properties. A healthy dose of vitamin C can lessen the duration of a cold by 24 to 36 hours. However, high doses of vitamin C can cause diarrhea and stomach upset. In children, it’s best to avoid high doses.


Ginseng is an herbal remedy used to treat various health conditions, including colds, flu, and other common illnesses. It can be consumed as a tea or incorporated into many foods. It can also be found in extracts, capsules, and tablets. Its recommended daily dosage is 200 to 400 mg. It is best taken before meals and should be taken at least four hours before the onset of symptoms.

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