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Light surrounds us throughout every part of every day. Even when night falls, and we prepare to bed down and hit the hay, some form of light weaves its way through the atmosphere. Different types of light exist, and perform different functions for the surrounding environment. Some forms of light keep our circadian rhythm in check, ensuring that we can awaken and fall asleep at appropriate times of the day. Other forms of light provide us with certain types of vitamins that only our skin can properly absorb. Still, others cause some negative health effects, including cancer or insomnia.

Whether we realize it or not, there are multiple types of light that have different effects on our bodies and the environment. It depends on electronics, such as laptops or television screens, or the kinds of light bulbs used in our households, and on the sun of course. However, one of the sole focuses when it comes to the vast effects of light lies solely on the sun itself. Today, we provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about how to properly protect yourself from light exposure, and which forms of artificial light could either make or break your health. Discover how to make the best selection for yourself and your family.


Allow Less of This Light 

Some forms of light contribute to health problems, including cancer, sleep pattern disruption, or eye problems. You may not think about it, but while you are at work in front of your computer, or sitting beneath the reading lamp at home, your body could be undergoing some harmful changes. This is even outside of UV rays from sunlight or indoor tanning beds. Additionally, some of these sources can contribute to the destruction of the environment. Check out the following forms of potentially dangerous light to find out which sources you may want to eliminate or limit in your home and office.

Incandescent light bulbs are the some of the more common, widely known forms of light bulb. Their form of light can cause eye damage, especially when you try to focus or read with these lights on a regular, day-to-day basis. Some people even end up with cataracts as a result of chronic exposure to this kind of light. In fact, these types of light may affect your circadian rhythm, resulting in poor quality sleep, endocrine disruption, and irregular cell renewal. Plus, incandescent bulbs use more electrical energy to remain lit, which can make your power bill go up and allow for more pollution and emissions from power plants into the atmosphere. Additionally, since they can be thrown away into a typical landfill, they contribute to the pile-up of garbage that affects our planet and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Halogen lamps have a potential to create a great deal of havoc in the body. Some evidences suggests that they could create genotoxicity in humans, due to occurrences of blood abnormalities, and fractures in chromatids. It can also evoke erythema, or a hypersensitive reaction when some people experience exposure for only fifteen minutes. A type of skin cancer called cutaneous malignant melanoma may also develop. The risks and effects increase dramatically from long-term and chronic exposure. If your office or home uses bulbs such as these, then you expose yourself on a daily basis, and greatly increase your risk of experiencing these health conditions.

Blue light is the type of light that glows forth from the screens of your computers and televisions. It plays one of the most powerful roles in destroying your body’s natural circadian rhythm, as it does more to decrease your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep for a full night of rest. This lack of melatonin increases your risks of developing certain types of cancers, insomnia, and mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. While the modern day’s necessity for technology makes it extremely difficult to avoid blue light at all costs, switching off any of your screens at least an hour before going to sleep may help your body adjust back to healthy sleep pattern.

The sun provides some of the most important and necessary nutrients to our body, and we will elaborate on its benefits soon. However, too much exposure or a lack of proper protection when receiving sunlight can cause a great deal of damage to the skin. It is one of the driving forces behind nearly all of the signs of aging we develop on our skin. From wrinkles to age spots, the sun claims a great deal of responsibility, as it decreases the amount of collagen and elastin kept in the dermal layers, and increases the amount of melanin that protects the surface of the skin. Constant, unprotected exposure can lead to a greater risk of developing skin cancer – especially where sunburn or sun poisoning is involved. However, it is counterproductive to limit your exposure to sunlight completely.


Light to Love

Now that you know what types of light to avoid as a means of decreasing your risks of certain health conditions, you can get to know the kinds of light that you will benefit from. Making a switch can help to keep your body and mind on track in its natural, healthy rhythms. But with so many different lighting options available on the market, and with so much information either warning you away or drawing you to these products, it can be difficult to make a healthy decision about how to light up your home and life. We provided you with information on the lighting options we swear by, and why these selections may work well for your home as well. Check out these lighting options, and find out if one of them will make your day a little brighter.

The sun can provide a multitude of health benefits, when we prepare for exposure in a responsible manner. It encourages your body to produce the hormone serotonin, which plays an important role in ensuring a healthy sleep schedule and appetite. Additionally, this hormone curbs the effects of anxiety and depression. Sunlight, therefore, has a direct effect on how your body and mind handles stress. In fact, evidence suggests that individuals who were prescribed pain medication, and received plenty of sunlight, were less likely to take higher doses of the medication than their sunless counterparts. Sunlight also provides ample amounts of vitamin D, which curbs the growth of cancer. While many dermatologists argue that you should avoid the sun to avoid cancer, it provides this vitamin in the most readily available and easily absorbed form.  

CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs are specifically created to imitate different shades of sunlight. Just as the sunlight in the morning differs from the sunlight in the afternoon, compact fluorescent light bulbs also come in different shades of sunshine. This imitation of natural light can help to adjust your circadian rhythm, which in turn evens out your hormonal secretions, regulates your waking and sleeping schedule, and maintains a healthy appetite. Especially if you work indoors, you will want a light bulb that keeps your body and mind in tune with its natural schedule. Plus, these light bulbs last longer than the average light bulb. So while you may pay a little more for these light bulbs, they require less energy and provide more light in a natural spectrum. This will help your circadian rhythm and the environment.

LEDs or light emitting diodes are another form of light bulb that will emulate sunlight. These light sources not only help regulate the circadian rhythm, but also encourage concentration in the classroom or workspace, improve levels of energy, reduced fatigue, and alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety. Some evidence suggests that using LEDs in places like hospitals or therapy offices could improve recovery time and the effectiveness of the therapy being administered. Plus, this type of light increases energy efficiency. Since many bulbs give off just as much heat as well as light, they use up more electricity. LEDs present an excellent source of light and a minimal source of heat. When it comes to saving the environment, LEDs also take the winning spot. In a study among LEDs, CFLs, and incandescent light bulbs, LEDs scored the highest in all fifteen tests, except for one.

Moisturizers can reduce the effect that lights have on your skin. So, no matter where you go, whether you are outside doing yard work, or simply going from the grocery store to the car, remember to apply your favorite face naturals moisturizer to provide protection against the harmful effects that a number of different light sources have on your skin. Try one of our body moisturizers or facial moisturizers for days spent in the office or at home. Many of the ingredients used in our moisturizers have a natural SPF range of their own, and can prevent light damage from indoor light sources. For days spent in the sunlight, try our Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which has an SPF of twenty-eight to fifty. Click here to access our blog posts that offer further information about natural sun protection.


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