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Healthy Living – Living Naturally

Which Old Wives’ Tales Should You Follow?

Believe it or not, naturally living is not just a new trend or hot topic to read about in blog posts or other websites. For many people, it is a way of life that has been passed down through several generations. You may have even heard of some of these traditions for natural remedies from your grandparents or other elderly people in your community. For these people, ‘natural living’ was an everyday lifestyle that they implemented into their typical routine. Many of the most popular natural remedies that circulate on the internet were common knowledge to people who previously lived this type of lifestyle.

Some of the old wives’ tales are true, while others are pure superstition. Discovering which of them will actually work can create quite a task for average researcher. However, science and tradition both have proven some of these old remedies as reputable, reliable methods for preventing and healing mild illnesses – from colds and the flu to simple improvement health and bodily functions. Some of these simple ideas come from earlier generations, and survived till today for good reason.

Healthy Living – Natural Solutions in Skincare

Synthetic vs. Natural Skincare: a Skintimate Look at Your Products

One of the main keys to healthy living lies in keeping yourself clean and maintaining your personal hygiene. This also extends to proper skincare and haircare, which requires a number of different steps and vast understanding about how the skin actually works. We cannot just go around slathering different products on ourselves, and hope for the best possible results. However, even those with extensive knowledge about how to maintain proper skin and hair health may opt for products that contain harmful ingredients that not only damage your hair do and complexion, but also factor into some frightening health problems as well. 

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy I

Skincare Savvy Mother-To-Be

Some women plan for it for years, while to others, it comes as a pleasant surprise. It requires lots of preparation, thought, and research, from the doctor you select to the color of the nursery walls. Friends and family congratulate you as the excitement builds for the new arrival to finally get here. These are all fun, thrilling experiences for any expectant mother, yet a pregnancy can also come with many different bumps in the road. Lots of not-so-great memories might take hold of a woman during this crucial time. From acne and skin sensitivity that never occurred before, to morning sickness and aching backs. Just like every rose has its thorns, every mommy-to-be experiences some bumps along the way. Even though every pregnancy unfolds differently, there are a few things that every woman should know going in.

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy 2

Meal Mastering Mom-To-Be

Women receive lots of advice from other women and doctors about what they should and should not put in their bodies during pregnancy. A healthy baby comes from not just from a healthy body, but from a mother that makes good nutritional decisions. The body starts making some major changes as the fetus grows as a means of accommodating its ever changing needs. Since your body is fueling the growth for the new arrival, making necessary changes will prove highly beneficial. Of course, the obvious changes come to mind: quitting smoking, eschewing alcohol, and eating healthier. It is even recommended that women who want children should prepare months before conception to ensure that any harmful substances lingering in the tissues have time to be metabolized out. These are excellent tidbits of advice to impart to a mother-to-be; however one specific key often goes unspoken. 

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 3

Take the Toxic Out of House Cleaning

Now that you know how to tackle your skincare routine and nutritional necessities while preparing for or during your pregnancy, you may be thinking more into how to eliminate other potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins from other parts of your lifestyle. Part of what makes a happy, healthy home lies in cleanliness and tidiness. Having good habits in hygiene is highly important to your health, especially if you are already a portion of the way into your pregnancy. Plus, you will want to bring your newborn baby into a clean home that is not riddled with toxic chemicals.

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 4

Re-education on Radiation 

As your unborn child continues to grow inside of your uterus, you become more cautious to what you expose your body to. The fragile stage of life called the gestational period is the time period that the fetus grows and develops in the womb, making it one of the most important points in every human being’s life. This point in time marks the growth and function of nearly every system, and may also dictate the overall health of the child once it is born and starts its life outside of mother’s body. We already discussed the potential effects of your skincare routine and your diet, elaborating on why it may be beneficial to make some changes. Adjusting what goes into your body can help you avoid potentially devastating effects on your. Check out ‘Skincare Savvy Mother-To-Be‘ and ‘Meal Mastering Mom-To-Be‘ to learn more about what changes you should make to your skincare and diet. But there are a few common items that many mothers often forget that can have an equally toxic effect on their bodies and that of their developing babies.

Healthy Living – Toxic Sleep

The Madness Inside Your Mattress

New kinds of mattresses have been circulating on the sleep market, with manufacturers promising a better, fuller night’s rest with fewer body aches. Many of these promises come into fruition once a customer makes a purchase. However, while these new, improved mattress may create an enhanced night of sleep, they may also put severe dents into the health of the sleeper. What goes into some of these mattresses? What can this concoction of synthetic materials cause on the health horizon? Should you be having second thoughts about that new mattress that makes you feel like you are sleeping on air?

Healthy Living – Raw Foods to Add to Your Daily Diet

Deepening Your Health with Diet 

We have authored and posted a number of different articles revolving around how to manage regular nutrition, which foods heal naturally, and raw foods that could potentially extend your lifespan and quality of health. With the growing number of people who partake in the Standard American Diet, the consumption of healthy, nourishing foods decreases as people get their meal-time fills from hot fast foods, processed or microwaveable meals, or items extremely high in refined sugar. These items make the human body a breeding ground for chronic conditions, diseases, cancer, and a slew of other health problems that shatter a person’s quality of health.

Healthy Living – Housekeeping Made Naturally Clean

Keeping House Cleaning Chemical-Free!

When we do our part to keep our house clean, neat, and tidy, we expect to ensure a healthier living space for ourselves and our family. Chores such as mopping, sweeping, dusting, or doing the laundry offer a venue to keep all of our materials clean and germ-free. The smell of a nice, clean house is also a nice aftertouch. However, while we work hard to have a place for everything and everything in its place, the chemicals included in many of the most popular cleaning products could be cutting our lives shorter.

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 5

Making a Maternity Wardrobe

If you are already familiar with our blog post ‘Green Living Pesticide Free,’ then you are well-informed about the corruption that is eating away the conventional cotton industry. From jeopardizing the health and lives of farm and factory workers, to destroying the environment and wildlife inhabiting it, conventional cotton wreaks havoc on ourselves and planet in a number of different ways. However, the destruction does not only reach so far as the workers and the surrounding land. It could also reach into your own home, and touch your very family. From color dyes to insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides, chemicals used in fabric can make or break an organic lifestyle.  

Healthy Living – Seeing the Light Naturally!

Enlighten Yourself About Light

Light surrounds us throughout every part of every day. Even when night falls, and we prepare to bed down and hit the hay, some form of light weaves its way through the atmosphere. Different types of light exist, and perform different functions for the surrounding environment. Some forms of light keep our circadian rhythm in check, ensuring that we can awaken and fall asleep at appropriate times of the day. Other forms of light provide us with certain types of vitamins that only our skin can properly absorb. Still, others cause some negative health effects, including cancer or insomnia.

Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 6

Get Engaged with Your Emotional Health

Not all aspects of pregnancy come with a glowing smile and excitement as the expectant mother decorates her infant’s nursery. Some parts of pregnancy can feel scary, and you may feel alone and isolated at times. Rushes of unwarranted anger, threads of anxiety, and shreds of sadness may darken some of the days counting up to your baby’s birthday. On the other hand, the happiness and joy of anticipating a new family member and a new challenge also lace together with the negative, creating the aura of motherly love that friends and family comment on.

Healthy Living – Certifying Your Supplements

The Buzz About Supplements

A great deal of controversy circulates around the subject of supplements, such as multivitamins, multiminerals, and herbal doses. Many niches of individuals, including doctors, bloggers, and natural enthusiasts alike, argue about whether or not these products actually work. The purpose of supplements is to provide an extra kick of nutrition. Most people understand that they are not stand-ins for consuming healthy foods each day, and ensuring proper eating habits. They simply supplement and fortify what we already consume each day to ensure we get enough of the nutrients we need to keep our bodies working properly.

Healthy Living – Makeup’s Toxic Cover Up

The Price of Pretty

What young woman does not enjoy enhancing her features with a little extra glam and glimmer? Numerous cosmetic products loom enticingly from store shelves inviting a woman of all ages and social statuses to purchase them for a unique appearance. Plus, the makeup industry rakes in a lot of cash and attention, with models wearing a specific brand, or actresses using a line for their cover photo shoots. As one of the main products mass-produced on today’s market, it is by far one of the most common commodities associated with female identity and fashion. It makes eyes look brighter, complexions appear more even, and lips look fuller and more kissable. What is not to love about good makeup that plays up your facial features?

Maybe the concoction of toxic ingredients will make you change your mind.

Why you should consider ditching conventional skin care

What Separates Natural Skin care Apart from Conventional Skin Care?

Supple, wrinkle-free and glowing skin forever: the absolute dream of every person who cares about beauty! You are subjected to splashy ads everywhere that promise to make it happen for you and to turn back the clock if you use their products. And nowadays, many people mistakenly think the higher the price and the presence of exotic new chemicals in the skin care product, the better performing the product. However, the real truth is those chemicals only harm your skin in the long run and price has little or nothing at all to do with efficacy in the context of beauty. Now you can discover the real secret of beauty with Face Naturals- the best natural skin care products for everyday use.