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Synthetic vs. Natural Skincare: a Skintimate Look at Your Products

One of the main keys to healthy living lies in keeping yourself clean and maintaining your personal hygiene. This also extends to proper skincare and haircare, which requires a number of different steps and vast understanding about how the skin actually works. We cannot just go around slathering different products on ourselves, and hope for the best possible results. However, even those with extensive knowledge about how to maintain proper skin and hair health may opt for products that contain harmful ingredients that not only damage your hair do and complexion, but also factor into some frightening health problems as well. 

The unfortunate reality is that many people, no matter how well educated on the subject, do not realize how they put themselves in danger. When a product does not work for them, they immediately turn to a different product, gaging mainly whether the end result was worth the price. While some of these conventional, synthetic products may produce what appears as satisfactory results, they actually wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and health. We put together a list of ingredients that will leave you with unsatisfactory results, and products that will treat your skin, hair, and health with more respect. Check out this guide on unsatisfactory synthetic skincare ingredients versus healthy, healing ingredients that will not destroy your health or appearance.


Unsatisfied with Synthetic

Haircare Hiccups

Most synthetic haircare products contain a variety of ingredients that can ultimately destroy your hairdo. This goes for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. They disrupt your hair’s natural functions by stripping the protective cuticle that keeps nutrients and moisture locked in your hair, congest the pores on your scalp to prevent natural oils from repairing your hair, impede hair growth, and lock each strand in a cuticle of chemical that gets tougher and tougher to remove the more you use these kinds of products. You can also check out our blog post ‘The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo‘ for further reading.

Shampoos contain ingredients like polyethylene glycol, an ingredient often used to thicken the consistency of the formula. This substance also strips the hair strands and scalp of their natural moisture, resulting in dull, dry, brittle hair. They may also contain formaldehyde, which is not only toxic for the body in general, but also contributes to hair loss. And those shampoos with brightly colored formulas that have a fragrance that sticks even after you wash your hair? They are culprits that can cause high amounts of scalp irritation. Synthetic colors and fragrances are in nearly every synthetic shampoo that has a pleasant smell. And that shiny gloss that some shampoos give your hair? These products may contain waxy silicones that cover each strand in a coating.

Conditioners also present a bit of a problem when trying to attain healthy strands. Most conventional conditioners aim to create a healthy look, not actual health for your hair. Believe it or not, some conditioners actually contain monosodium glutamate, or MSG. We already know to stay away from it in our foods, but never thought to look for it in conditioners. It often comes under the name of amino acids, yeast extract, or glutamic acid. Some of these names deceive you by disguising themselves as nourishing. Additionally, some conditioning agents may also contribute to clogged pores in the scalp because of petroleum products or oils. Like silicone, petrochemicals will coat the hair, creating a coating that can be difficult to remove. These keep your scalp from obtaining oxygen, while decreasing your hair’s ability to grow.

Dangerous Deodorants

You may rely on deodorants and antiperspirants to keep from smelling funny. Especially if you are prone to sweating a lot, you may be applying numerous times a day to keep the funk from wafting from your underarms. However, this could also mean that you allow your skin to absorb some unwanted ingredients into your body. Not only do these ingredients clog your pores and prevent your body from detoxifying itself naturally, but they also absorb into your blood stream to travel throughout your body. Most conventional products meant to keep stink away will cause such problems.

One of the most common and well known toxic ingredients used in deodorants is aluminum. Any ingredient that has the word ‘aluminum’ in it should be avoided at all costs. These are the substances that create blockages that cover up the pores and prevent sweat from exiting the body. Eventually, the skin takes them in, throwing off your body’s natural, healthy balance of the hormone estrogen. Aluminum-based ingredients have also proven to have toxic effects on multiple vital organs, including the liver and brain.

Deodorants and antiperspirants may also contain parabens, which can also act as endocrine disruptors. Parabens have been linked to health issues such as the formation of breast cancer, especially for the areas nearest to the underarm. As the body absorbs paraben substances, it stores them in the tissues. Parabens can remain in the body for years. Learn more about the dangers of parabens with our blog post ‘Parabens and Your Health!‘ You can also learn more about the dangers of conventional deodorants with ‘Look at What Really Lurks in Deodorants.

Monstrous Moisturizers

Nothing feels better than slathering on some lotion right after a hot bath or shower. Besides, one of the most commonly known secrets to a healthy complexion lies in proper moisturization. However, those lotions and body butters that keep your skin wrapped in a pleasantly scented blanket of silky softness may be some of the worst possible products to apply to your body. With a wide variety of ingredients known to clog pores and even dry out the skin, some monstrous moisturizers will do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do.

Like deodorants, many moisturizers contain parabens and aluminum, which will absorb directly into the skin and create a plug that prevents it from absorbing oxygen and secreting the naturally repairative oils your skin needs. Other pore congestants used in lotions include a variety of petroleum products, like mineral oil. These ingredients offer the ‘moisturizing’ properties that give lotions their silky feeling. Unfortunately, these substances are also know to fuel the growth of cancerous tumors. Because these ingredients inhibit your skin’s ability to properly condition and moisturize itself, the end result can often include your complexion becoming drier than it was without the lotion.

Another lotion ingredient you will want to avoid is phthalates, which are often used for their ability to moisturize and improve skin flexibility. While they may reduce the parched tightness that comes from dry skin, they can bioaccumulate in the human body, with detectable amounts traced in the urine of children aged six to eleven. Studies performed on rats showed that these ingredients may contribute hormone disruption, which has consequences for major bodily functions and reproductive abilities. Of course, DEA or diethanolamine, is also found in a number of moisturizers as a means of balancing the pH of a product to reduce its acidity. It primarily appears in sunscreens, which inhabit a dangerous category all on their own. DEA is a carcinogenic ingredient known to cause precancerous growths in the skin and thyroid.

Sleazy Soaps

We all need some form of soap to keep our bodies clean each and everyday. They generally serve the purpose of removing dirt, grime, and excessive oil from our bodies after we come into contact with a vast, growing number of pollutants on a daily basis. Plus, many people regard soap products as a necessity for proper health, as these items help to cut down on the amount of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens that could easily cause us to become sick. However, many soaps prove to be a double-edged sword, as they can also contribute to negative health conditions years down the road. The more you are exposed to synthetic soap, the more likely these issues could occur. Here are some ingredients to watch out for.

From bar soaps to body washes, many cleansers contain triclosan, an ingredient known for its abilities in wiping out the growth of potentially harmful microbials. It is used in up to seventy five percent of all liquid soaps, and around forty five percent of the soaps bought and sold. It is such an effective substance at wiping out pathogens, that it contributes to bacterial immunity to many common germs and antigens. This could mean more evolved types of pathogens that are far more difficult to kill, thus adding to the potential for human disease. Triclosan also causes a higher level of sensitivity to sunlight, and makes allergic susceptibility increase. This is because it actually compromises the immune system by not allowing it to fight off microbials the way it is meant to. Find out more about triclosan from our blog post ‘Triclosan – the Antibacterial Ingredient You Should Never Use.’

Another ingredient often used in different kinds of soaps is cocamidopropyl betaine, an ingredient used nearly every kind of soap from bubble bath products to bar soaps to foaming body washes. It usually serves to thicken the formula of foaming products, and also as a surfactant. It can often be listed as a ‘coconut-based cleaner’ in many different ingredient lists as a means of shielding the reader away from its true nature. It is also commonly included in many of the tear-free formulas that ensure your eyes will not hurt if they come into contact with the soap. Also known as CAPB, this synthetic chemical can cause skin sensitivity such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. Even though it is supposed to save your eyes from irritation, it can still cause serious irritation to the eyes. Even worse? It is often disguised in ‘SLS-free’ formulas, despite lacking any actual benefits.


Sweeter Skincare

Healing Haircare

If the above information gave you a hair scare, then we have a solution. Our formulas work with the natural processes of your hair. What should your hair care system actually do for your hair? It should require a shampoo that restores and rebuilds the protective cuticle surrounding the hair strands, thus leaving coif’s hydration in tact without looking greasy. The conditioner must restore acidity to the hair and scalp. This creates a preferable environment in which your hair can grow. The end result is that your hair should shine with health, not the false sheen of a chemical cuticle that coats the strands. After all, the longer you use conventional hair products with the above ingredients, the more the chemical cuticle clings to the hair.

Switching to a natural haircare system provides the best option to keeping your tresses in check. Our shampoos contain no surfactants or detergents, and do not rob your hair of its own ability to nourish itself. Each ingredient list discloses exactly what goes into the formula. Our line of natural shampoos contain organic essential oils and botanical extracts based in saponified, organic oils that effectively remove dirt. Additionally, truly healing hair products cater to your specific needs. Many people select products that are entirely unsuited for their hair. Our shampoos work to the individual needs of multiple hair types. Our Shampoo FAQ offers guidance on selecting the best option for your hair. Plus, each shampoo has a unique, naturally light aroma. You do not have to forgo your hair smelling pleasant.

Next, your hair needs a conditioner that will restore a slight acidity to the scalp and strands. This helps with detangling, fighting off harmful microbes, and providing a wonderful environment for optimal hair growth. Face naturals conditioners contain organic apple cider vinegar to obtain this goal. It may sound strange, but apple cider vinegar can help fuel hair growth. It provides the healthy shine, and keeps your hair manageable. Plus, it does not coat your strands with silicone petrochemicals in order to condition your coif. You do not have to use a lot to achieve the wanted effect. Just a small amount through the length of your hair conditions effectively. After washing, you can even prevent and heal split ends with our Hair Shine Serum.

Once you start using a natural haircare system like ours, your hair will change. At first, it goes through a detoxification period, in which it sheds the coating of chemicals. This can last for a few weeks, but can usually be quickened with the use of baking soda. Your hair will readjust its natural processes as well. This can cause your hair to feel oilier than usual for awhile. Since most shampoos typically rid your hair of its protective oils, the scalp produces more oil to compensate. Eventually, it will readjust, and not secrete as much. Thus, the natural balance and performance of your hair and scalp is put back in tact.

Delightful Deodorants

Now, you need a deodorant that keeps your underarms smelling fresh without disrupting your body’s natural processes. This means no antiperspirants. It can be difficult navigating what product to select, since many brands present deodorants that are synonymous with antiperspirants. Natural deodorants offer a way to keep underarms smelling fresh without disturbing the pores’ output of sweat. They do not use aluminum-based ingredients to plug up the sweat glands, nor parabens that may lodge in the body and produce cancerous cells later on. Besides, each body needs to detoxify, and this is the most efficient way to do it.

Our deodorants perform this way, with organic essential oils to offer a fresh, unique aroma and help inhibit the smell. Bacteria that feed off of the fatty acids in sweat droplets are the culprits behind body odor. Their feeding process lets off gases that we can smell sometimes. The pores with the most fatty acids are located around the underarm, hence why deodorant is a necessary skincare product. The essential and carrier oils work to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria, while providing a naturally pleasant aroma. Our signature formula also contains organic arrowroot powder, which acts as an absorbent substance that draws in some of the sweat released from your pores.

Marvelous Moisturizers

Everyone’s skin needs hydration, as well as a protective covering that puts a layer between the epidermis and all the pollutants it contacts on a daily basis. Our blog post on air pollution details exactly why they are important and how they perform a double task. If nothing provides a shield between your skin, the UV rays from virtually everything that gives off light, and the toxins that float around at any given location, then you are at a higher risk for premature aging. But you also do not want to risk exposure to those skin-coating chemicals – especially on a daily basis. Most lotions and oils tend to coat your skin, clog your pores, and inhibit oxygen flow to your skin cells.

A natural lotion or body butter allows your skin to absorb the oxygen it needs by absorbing quickly. Yet, you still get that protective shield from the ingredients that both repair and protect the skin. Our body butters and lotions work in such a manner, providing full, nourishing hydration with organic botanicals that smell just as delicious as they feel. Helpful hint for extra dry, flaky skin: exfoliate with our natural bath scrubs. The Dead Sea salt combined with organic essential oils removes dead skin cells that can prevent your epidermis from absorbing the necessary moisture. Then, follow up with a body butter for an aromatic finish. The organic shea butter provides protective antioxidants and optimal hydration to return your skin to its original silkiness. Our liquid lotions provide a lighter form of hydration that absorbs quickly without leaving a film. Both of these options keep a barrier between the skin and harmful pollutants with antioxidants and vitamins.

Safe Soaps

Finding a cleanser or bar soap that cleans your skin properly and nothing more can be quite a task these day. Good cleansing products should heal your skin as they cleanse, not cause any undue irritation. With ingredients such as triclosan and cocamidopropyl betaine commonly used in many body washes and bar soaps, it is difficult to make a selection without the risk of sensitivity or damage from synthetic chemicals. Many of these chemicals have not been studied enough to understand the full effects they have on the body. Everything from the skin to vital organ systems stand the chance of being affected on toxic levels. Years and years of using these kinds of products could easily have drastic effects on someone’s health.

Our line of bar soaps, body cleansers, and hand cleansers provide cleansing without stripping your skin of its protective lipid layer. These soaps gently remove the dirt, grime, and excess oil that collects on your skin throughout the day, leaving it with a clean, fresh finish. Plus, the organic ingredients offer nourishment through antioxidants found naturally in the botanicals used in the formulas. Each one has a unique aroma that both men and women will enjoy. Where most brands bearing the term ‘natural’ would hide ingredients such as cocamidopropyl betaine under ‘coconut-based cleaner,’ our cleanser ingredients are quality botanicals that solely undergo extraction processes. This simply means the means through which the oils are extracted from the plant itself. We even carry the Simply Smooth collection, which is an unscented alternative for those with extra sensitive skin.


Mind Your Skin with Face Naturals

In a world filled with consumerism, advertisement, and a variety of enticing products that promise to improve your appearance, it can be difficult navigating which ones to enjoy and which to avoid. Many skincare companies produce items that contain harmful ingredients disguised insidiously with innocent sounding names or remain unlisted whatsoever. Even many brand that claim to be natural are often deceiving their customers by using trendy terminology. These types of products allow cancer and disease to run rampant. That is why face naturals follows a healthy mission dedicated to educate customers and readers about the toxic effects that often result from synthetic chemicals. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about potentially harmful ingredients, and how to implement better alternatives into your healthy lifestyle.

Want to start making some healthier changes to your lifestyle, but are unsure of where to start? Contact your face naturals family to find out how! We can provide you with plenty of ideas on what changes to start making around your home to head-start your family for their own healthy mission. What better place to start than your skincare routine. Provide us with information about your skin, what you wish to accomplish, and which products interest you the most. We will guide you toward some recommendations that will suit your unique skin type. Plus, you will no longer have to run the risk of exposing yourself and your loved ones to toxic, synthetic chemicals that serve no benefit for your skin or health. Each of our products is made from organic botanical ingredients. Each ingredient is fully disclosed with each product. Create an account with us to join the face naturals family, and reap the benefits of Reward Points, coupon codes, and updates on what’s new with face naturals.


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