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Benzoyl Peroxide – Helpful or Harmful?

Breakouts are the skin bane of teenagers and adults alike. It’s tempting to reach for the “quick fix” to clear skin. Usually that’s benzoyl peroxide, likely the most widely used ingredient in acne preparations both over the counter and prescription. The use of Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) in cosmetic and acne preparations has been banned throughout Europe. So why are we still using it?

25 Dangerous Chemicals Commonly Used In Cosmetics

These are commonly used toxic chemicals that even manage to find their way into many “natural” body care products. We recommend that you avoid these chemicals in your personal products as many of them have the ability to bioaccumulate (build-up) in your body.


Natural cure for dry winter hands

Get rid of dry winter hands naturally! Ah, the joys of winter are back again and along with that comes the dry, cold air that can wreak havoc on your epidermis, also known as your skin. Everywhere you go, people seem to be itching and scratching all different areas of their body. Many buy hand cream after hand cream to deeply hydrate their hands so they will have oh so soft hands.

Natural, Wildcrafted, Organic Facial Toners – Do You Need Them?

Facial Toners – one of the most disputed beauty secrets – remain the object of debate by multiple factions of people, including skin-care experts, beauty bloggers, health editors, and typical people with opinions on why or why not use them.

Oil-Pulling For Opulent Health

We have all heard about the craze – the trumpets of alternative health bloggers triumphantly announcing oil-pulling as an alternative health practice that allegedly fixes everything in your life but your marriage or financial issues. Writers and beauty editors swear by it, claiming miraculous results within days.

Magnificent Unmasking: A Feast for the Face from face naturals!

We write to provide you with all kinds of awesome information that empowers you to boost your body’s health. We believe that this should start with your skin – your number one defense mechanism and the largest organ on your body. Today, we want to make a special post that lets you put your best face forward – literally! We offer a wide range of all-natural clay masks formulated to detoxify, purify, and cleanse your skin from the surface of the epidermis to the layers beneath.

Fall in Love with Liquid Gold

As the leaves start turning bright, crisp colors and the temperature moves down to a chill, a few seasonally symbolic images come to mind for most people. The deep, rich colors of autumn mingle with aromas of potent spices and herbs. Everyone starts participating in fun fall activities like high school football games, drinking hot beverages, and carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns. Whenever you decide to put that toothy grin on your pumpkin this Halloween, think about the health benefits that this American squash can provide you as you clean out the seeds.

Pomegranate Perfection

Organic pomegranates lay in crates awaiting purchase at local grocery stores, the full fruits supple and round – ready for eating! Autumn marks the season of the pomegranate fruit, one of the juiciest, most attractive foods available on the market. So, to celebrate what pomegranate does for us and our products, we put together a portrait of what pomegranate perfection really means for you!

Fruit of Paradise – Grapefruit!

Many people are very familiar with this fruit – the tart, citrusy burst of its juice, the glittering brilliance of its aroma, and the appealing lushness of its pulp. The grapefruit holds a place in the hearts of many people who are insistent on good, quality health. Grown in semi-tropical states like Florida, the grapefruit comes into season during the fall, proving that Autumn is not just for apples.

The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo

When walking down the hair-care aisle in the supermarket, you see lots of enticing brand names proclaiming miracle work for your hair. Bottles bursting with color that contain fruity or floral fragrances promise to handle all of your hair dilemmas with exotic ingredients advertised on each label. Do they really do as promised? Or can they make a bad hair day much worse? And, what about all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients that make you feel like you should have paid more attention in chemistry class? What do they do?

The Beauty of Carrot Seed Oil

Caress Your Complexion with Organic Carrot Seed Oil

We pride ourselves on using products that turn our ingredient list into a cornucopia of skin-care creations, with organic botanicals extracted from vegetables, fruits, and spices. That is why we are happy to feature organic carrot seed oil in our ingredient spotlight! We use organic carrot seed oil in our products due to the full range of benefits it offers the skin. The benefits do not stop there, and you can do your whole body a healthy favor by tapping into the best-kept secret we share with our readers.


Truth In Aging Series – Dark Spots

Shining the Light on Dark Spots

One of the most common aesthetics associated with the skin’s aging process include age spots – also known as liver spots, dark spots, or sun spots. You know what we are talking about: those annoying speckles that start appearing on the your face, neck, shoulders, and sometimes arms. Most often, they bear testament to just how much sun exposure you received during your youth, and what kind of damage it imposed on your skin. Dark spots reflect the not so bright side of sun bathing, tanning beds, sun burns, and spending hours at the beach without reapplying your preferred method of sun protection.

How Your Teeth Talk To You

What’s All the Chatter About?

What comes to your mind when you think of your teeth? Your pearly whites are one asset that nearly everyone in the world has in common, and they also serve as personal messengers about your health. Most people do not realize that their teeth can tell them secrets about how their body is functioning, or what kind of shape they are in, but your set of chompers often provide tell-tale details about what you are or are not doing to take care of yourself.

While teeth seem like such a minor detail in the grand scheme of your health, think about how you would function without them.

Organic Perilla Seed Power Up

Praise for Perilla Seed Oil

Perilla seed oil will take your health by storm, with its power-packed contents of vitamins and minerals. Effective both as a skin-care ingredient and supplement, this carrier oil claims a space in dozens of our products. Today, we extrapolate on the vast combination of health benefits that perilla seed oil can provide in this special ingredient highlight.

Indigenous to the regions of eastern Asia, especially China and Japan, perilla plants have a place on the mint family tree. First used by the Chinese in the traditional herbal medicine practices common to their culture, it relieves a varying quantity of diverse ailments and irritations – inside and out.