Fruit of Paradise – Grapefruit!

Many people are very familiar with this fruit – the tart, citrusy burst of its juice, the glittering brilliance of its aroma, and the appealing lushness of its pulp. The grapefruit holds a place in the hearts of many people who are insistent on good, quality health. Grown in semi-tropical states like Florida, the grapefruit comes into season during the fall, proving that Autumn is not just for apples.

Grapefruits hold powerful health benefits within the sweet juices that spurt from the fleshy pulp. face naturals takes advantage of those benefits, harboring the essence of grapefruit essential oil as a favorite ingredient in many of our most popular products. With its vast variety of skin benefits, the glimmering grapefruit earned its place in the ingredient highlights. We will show you what makes grapefruit so great, how it benefits your health and skin, and point out our products that use it along the way. Prepare for grapefruit greatness.


Grapefruit’s Grand Architecture

Grapefruit holds a potent mixture of beneficial minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that help the body in so many ways. Rich in vitamins A and C, this citrus family member has excellent antioxidant properties that make it prevalent in regeneration. It also contains small amounts of vitamin E, another form of antioxidant commonly desired in most skin-care products.

As far as its mineral makeup, pink grapefruit contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus in larger quantities. Other minerals available in smaller quantities include sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium. Minerals hold great importance in restructuring and retexturing cell surfaces to maintain their strength.

Some other nutrients present in pink grapefruit, like thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin help maintain numerous functions in multiple bodily processes, like digestion and immunity. Pink grapefruits contain folate, choline, and betaine as well. Many of these nutrients help the performance of a number of enzymatic processes.


Gain Health Through Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit helps the body with a number of different ailments, while supplying necessary receptors with plentiful amounts of the aforementioned substances. We covered a variety of health issues that grapefruit not only prevents, but can remedy. Add more pink grapefruit to your diet to let this wonder-fruit work its natural wonders.

If you struggle with health conditions like diabetes, obesity, arthritis, or high blood pressure, then supplementing your diet with more pink grapefruit might be the key to achieving health. The fruit can make weight loss goals easier to attain, and keep blood pressure levels healthy. As an anti-inflammatory, it can help those struggling with arthritis manage pain, and its antioxidant content makes it an essential in preventing cancer.

Pink grapefruits are also excellent for liver cleansing, because of the vitamin C available in its flesh. It aids the liver in extracting toxic compounds that could later make it into the blood stream. This also helps the liver to burn fat, thus adding a dimension to grapefruit’s weight loss abilities.

Pregnant women can also benefit from adding pink grapefruit to their meals in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Pink grapefruit helps ensure proper bone growth and maintenance of cell strength while the fetus develops. The vitamin B content can prevent birth defects and ensures proper growth. Not to mention, grapefruit boosts the immune system and response, which is something every pregnant woman could use.


Pink Grapefruit for Sparkling Skin

Of course, our favorite thing about the pink grapefruit is its long list of beauty benefits that we can capture in our bottles and jars for you to use! We put pink grapefruit ingredients into a variety of our products to ensure our clients’ healthy skin regimen. Pink grapefruit is one of the most successful secrets of beauty, and we want to share it with you.

First, pink grapefruit works as a preventative measure when applied to the skin. It can prevent aging effects, and protect against environmental pollutants that cause damage to the skin’s surface. This is due to its antioxidant content, including vitamin C which is a free-radical scavenger. For this very reason, we use pink grapefruit essential oil in our Super Fruit Facial Cream to complete our formula for environmental protection.

We also use pink grapefruit essential oil in our Plum Perfect Eye Cream – a client favorite. The essential oil in this formula functions to gently brighten the skin around the eyes, fading away dark circles caused from stress, lack of sleep, age, or environmental damage. Pink grapefruit, like most citrus fruits, makes the complexion lighter and more evenly toned.

Our Grapefruit and Bergamot deodorants let pink grapefruit take the starring role, as this freshly sweet citrus lends its antibacterial properties to kill odor-causing bacteria. It also serves to make the skin on the underarms softer and firmer, to help you avoid any scaly or rough patches.

Pink grapefruit also earns its love by making an appearance in our Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser. This is because the fruit’s acid content makes it excellent in controlling oil production, as it shrinks pores with its astringent qualities. The skin-brightening qualities also make pink grapefruit a must for fading acneic scars or marks from irritation.


Find a Grapefruit Cure at face naturals

We pride ourselves on our quality products, created from organically botanical ingredients. That’s why our ingredient highlights showcase the broad spectrum of the ingredients we select to formulate our products. As for pink grapefruit, its uses in our products do not stop there! You can experience a full-bodied treatment for all of your skin with our other grapefruit-bearing products. You can experience our body cleansers: Mango-Honey Body Cleanser and Citrus Squeeze Body Cleanser. We also have our Juicy Grapefruit Bar Soap available.

If you wish to experience the full range of benefits available for your hair through pink grapefruit, then we suggest you give the Citrus Squeeze Shampoo or the Mango-Honey Shampoo a try to enjoy cell-exfoliation that lets your hair grow thicker and fuller while detoxing the chemicals clinging to each strand.

To learn more about face naturals skin-care products, or to find out which organic products would work best for your skin and hair, contact us to strike up a conversation with our staff members. We are happy to direct you to the product that works individually for you! Plus, if you wanna know more about a specific ingredient for an ingredient highlight, we welcome your suggestions. Ingredients are listed in the full product description, so you can pick and chose at will. Feel free to say hi to your face naturals family today!



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