Magnificent Unmasking: A Feast for the Face from face naturals!

We write to provide you with all kinds of awesome information that empowers you to boost your body’s health. We believe that this should start with your skin – your number one defense mechanism and the largest organ on your body. Today, we want to make a special post that lets you put your best face forward – literally! We offer a wide range of all-natural clay masks formulated to detoxify, purify, and cleanse your skin from the surface of the epidermis to the layers beneath.

Whether you face damage from aging, acne, sensitivity, or other forms of blemish or irritation, we have have a facial mask that can fix the problem! But making your mask a multitasking part of your skin care routine does not stop there. A variety of creative bases can turn a boring mask into a professional spa-treatment right in your own home. Learn a lesson in face-love with our unique masks and advice on brilliant bases to break ground on a renewed you!


Mask Communication

First, we will introduce you to our line of quality masks created to perfect the individual appearance of each individual face – the natural way. We blended silky, mineral-rich clays to balance and clarify a full range of different skin types from aging, sensitive, acneic, or oily. Clays are excellent for absorbing excess oil, as well as toxins and surface carcinogens. They also aid in retexturing skin to smooth out wrinkles and decrease the appearance of fine lines. Let’s get started, shall we?

If you have a normal, healthy skin type and do not struggle with extra sensitivity, then Christy has a couple of recommendations for you: the Balance Mask or the Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask. The Balance formula pumps the surface of the skin with minerals like magnesium, iron, and potassium while sloughing off dead skin to leave the facial surface with a more polished appearance. The Pomegranate Antioxidant formula contains organic pomegranate juice powder to pack a punch of antioxidants that can preserve and improve the health of a normal skin type.

Christy suggests the Purify Mask for oily skin types that experience excess production of oil through pores. This formula contains French green clay – which absorbs oils, toxins, and impurities – leaving you with a softened, less greasy appearance. It also shrinks the pores, which controls the output of oil on your face’s surface in just one sitting.

Mature, aging skin has plenty of options when it comes to our facial masks. The Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask not only works well for normal skin, but also provides anti-aging benefits for mature skin with its powerful punch of pomegranate. If your mature skin is more sensitive to dryness than others, Christy suggests the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask. This special formula contains crushed organic rose petals and raw organic honey to retexture fine lines and wrinkles, without over-drying or sensitizing the surface of the skin.

Christy also recommends the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask for individuals struggling with sensitive, acneic skin types, as this formula also clarifies pores while hydrating and gently decongesting skin. Another suggestion for acneic skin types with less sensitivity is our Purify Mask, which draws out any toxins that may congest and clog pores to cause blackheads or inflammation.

For blemish-prone skin, our Strawberry Lemon Peel Brightening Mask works like a charm! The organic lemon peel brightens and lessens the appearance of blemishes, while creating a more even complexion. If you struggle with acne scars or dark marks, the organic strawberries infused into the formula have high levels of vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids that quicken the process of cell turnover. This allows your skin to start glowing evenly again!

Our Pure Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask works well for individuals who struggle with fragile skin – like those skin types prone to eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. Christy says that it is also good for spot treatment and has an easy-to-use formula. This mask delivers a dose of delicious minerals, and can help manage numerous skin types.

Finally, for sensitive skin types, Christy recommends the Soothe Mask – which contains Australian pink clay and Australian ivory clay – two of the mildest clays available. For extra sensitive skin types, she suggests the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask and the Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask. Organic mango is excellent for the dryer, more sensitive skin types as it contains high amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene that nourish and condition the skin without causing irritation. Raw, organic honey, a natural humectant, can provide emollience for skin that penetrates and lasts.


Basics of Bases

Now that you are acquainted with our full line of amazingly effective masks, the next step to creating your at-home spa treatment is learning the basics of bases. While you can use water as a base for our masks, we have some creative suggestions so you can experience a wide variety of benefits unique to you and your skin type. Besides, why not make your personal spa time a little more fun?


Liquid Love

Our instructions recommend adding only one to two teaspoons of water to every teaspoon of clay. However, I have discovered numerous techniques that provide maximum skin benefits using richer and more varied bases. In order to create a base that better accommodates your specific needs, you might find it helpful to integrate some lemon or lime juice, or brew and steep a little tea, to mix with the clay.

Organic green tea, organic chamomile tea, and organic peppermint tea are all favorites of mine when making the perfect mask. I also enjoy using a toner or two as a liquid base for extra conditioning. The ways of mixing and matching are endless! You can combine a toner, lime or lemon juice, and tea together – depending on your desired consistency and  skin type.

If you struggle to manage an oilier skin type, using lemon or lime juice with peppermint tea can balance oiliness and the appearance of shine on the face. If you have more sensitive skin, organic chamomile tea can reduce sensitivity and irritation. For more dry skin types, use a mix of chamomile and green tea with no lemon or lime juice. Remember the basics of liquid love:


Chamomile naturally reduces sensitivity, redness, and a variety of skin irritations

Peppermint balances oil production, reduces shine, and increases circulation to balance complexion

Green tea moisturizes and provides antioxidants that revamp the complexion’s appearance, while reducing irritation

Lemon and lime juices are naturally astringent, and can shrink pores, control oil production, even out the appearance of complexion, and exfoliate.


Mix and match any of these ingredients to compliment your skin type, or add some of our signature toners. You can also use the toners on their own without the above suggestions. We have a large selection of toners that help manage numerous skin types. Our naturally astringent toners contain only organic, botanical ingredients with no alcohol. You can maximize your mask experience with a teaspoon or two of our toners.


 Our Ylang Ylang Hydrosol can regulate oily skin, and pack extra moisture into dry skin. The natural fragrance adds an extra kick.

For normal to dry skin types, or damaged skin types that are not super-sensitive, our Super Fruit Facial Toner can give your skin a vitamin-rich dose of fruit-filled refinement.

The Soothe Facial Toner works well for sensitive skin types as it tightens pores, moisturizes, and soothes irritation. It plays well with combination and reactive skin types. You could couple this toner with the Soothe Mask.

Our Purify Toner balances oil production, and increases blood circulation to even out the complexion. Couple it with the Purify Mask for maximum results.

For extra sensitive or fragile skin, the Chamomile Hydrosol can provide relief for numerous ailments by reducing most types of irritation and inflammation. Couple this hydrosol with the Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask to indulge extra sensitive skin as much as possible.

Our Anti-Blemish Facial Toner works super-effectively for normal but acneic skin. It specifically targets blemishes and decongests pores, without over-drying the surrounding areas. Blended with the Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask, the combination proves invincible when managing a difficult acne situation.

Our Balance Facial Toner can help the majority of skin types from dry or mature to acneic or normal. Infused with the Balance Mask, you can regenerate your complexion by maximizing cell turnover and balancing oil production.


Fruity Fresh

One type of mask base that provides excellent benefits packed with vitamin-rich goodness is probably right at your grocery store, kitchen, or refrigerator. Mixing some organic food products, such as organic fruits, organic teas, or even some organic oils, can make your mask chock full of nourishment. Ensure a good consistency by mixing a teaspoon of our mask clay, a teaspoon of the following fruity ingredients, and two to three teaspoons of liquid base. Mix your mask with some of the following fruity fresh suggestions for a luxuriously healthy luster.

Organic strawberries brighten the complexion with a powerful supply of vitamin C. Mixing a teaspoon of mashed-up strawberry into your facial mask can boost the surface of your skin and even its tone. They also have great cleansing properties that remove dead skin cells for a youthful, more refined appearance.

A teaspoon of organic avocado has anti-aging benefits that reduces wrinkles and deeply hydrates skin. It also helps in the prevention of wrinkles, so if you want a head start on your anti-aging routine, this fruit can give you a boost. It also gently and effectively cleanses skin and protects from environmental damage and potential breakouts.

Make a teaspoon of organic cucumber pulp to add into the mix for cooling nourishment that relieves and soothes. Great for pore treatment, reducing inflammation, and rejuvenation, this melon makes for a great ingredient in a mask formulated for sensitive skin.

Organic bananas also make for an excellent addition to your mask. A personal favorite of mine, crushing a teaspoon and mixing it in with the clay and liquid can fight off the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and soften dry skin, and lessen the appearance of fine lines.


Writer’s Recipe – (Emery’s Experience)

Christy recommended the Purify Mask and Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask for my skin type – acneic and blemish prone but relatively normal in sensitivity. She also suggested the Rose Geranium Hydrosol as a part of my skin treatment routine. Since everyone has different skin types, consistency preferences, and ingredients for their personal masks, I will give you an example from my own experience. Here is how I created my personal masking method, what ingredients I used, and the results.

First, I prefer to use a teaspoon of each of my recommended masks with a teaspoon of organic peppermint green tea, a teaspoon of the hydrosol, a teaspoon of banana, and a teaspoon of lime juice. Organic lime juice brightens and evens my complexion while removing any excess oil build-up. It also shrinks my pores to control future oil production. Peppermint green tea provides relief for any irritation that blemishes may cause to the surface of my skin, while furthering oil control, and leaving a soothing sensation. The hydrosol gently cleanses with its astringent qualities, drawing out toxins and decongesting pores. Finally, the organic banana provides a fruity seal of moisture and emollience that seals in the vitamins, minerals, and healing properties of the other ingredients while creating a firm, strong consistency.

I typically do a facial mask about once a week. I wash my face with Hibiscus Facial Cleanser and hot water before hand to remove any film or excess dirt. Then, I apply the mask to my face. I always heat the liquid ingredients to ensure that my pores draw in as much of the mask as possible. This enhances the mask’s detoxing abilities. After about fifteen minutes, I rinse the mask off and wash my face one last time with Hibiscus Facial Cleanser and hot water. Finally, I splash a spritz of Rose Geranium Hydrosol on my face to seal in all the naturally organic goodness.

Afterward, my face feels smooth, clean, and and velvety soft. My pores appear less noticeable, and my skin feels sufficiently hydrated without having a greasy residue. The clay from the masks fades any acne scars away, while working with the organic lime juice to exfoliate, brighten, and detoxify my pores the natural way. The banana seals in moisture and vitamins, while the peppermint green tea refreshes and improves circulation. The hydrosol ensures a deep but gentle cleanse.


What’s Your Recipe?

What effective face-banquet did you whip up using face naturals products? Tell us about which mask you selected, what creative, fruity concoction you sampled, and the results by either commenting below or dropping us a line. If you have yet to try our amazing masks, check out our Try-Me section – for both masks and hydrosols!



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