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Truth In Aging Series – Alcohol

Alcohol and Aging

Adult beverages are a favorite pastime of many Americans – especially on the weekends! It can make us feel more relaxed, sociable, and happy. But what does it do to your body? And how does it speed up the aging process? Many people believe that an occasional drink cannot be all that bad for their bodies, but do not comprehend the reality of what it does to their bodies’ ability to function or how it will look years down the road. When the signs of aging begin to progress, you may start to rethink your bubbly cup of cheer. 

Truth In Aging Series – Diet

Dos and Don’ts of an Anti-Aging Diet

Maybe you are a young man or woman who wants to prepare your anti-aging regimen to stay ahead of the game. Maybe you have hit middle age, when you just start to notice those annoying crow’s feet and dark circles under your eyes. Or, you might be preparing for retirement, and desire to look as fresh as you will feel with your new-found freedom. Regardless of how many birthdays have come and gone in your life, you and many other people likely take interest in how to look and feel younger – even as you age.

Truth In Aging Series – Personal Care Products

Toxic Personal Care Products and Anti-Aging

When you think of a skin-care routine that specifically targets anti-aging, what comes to mind? Expensive creams, serums, oils, and cleansers that bear fancy names and prestigious brands, high in fragrance and promises. Products such as these line the shelves, claiming to transform your skin into the dazzling complexion that the representative model showcases in their clever advertising ploys. They draw in their target audiences, and successfully reel them into their bids on the product’s effectiveness. And many unsuspecting victims will fall prey to the wild reviews and marketing ploys that these companies use.

Truth In Aging Series – Restoration

Ultimate Guide to Facial Restoration

As the aging process begins, we start to notice the little things, like crow’s feet or bags under our eyes. The more time that passes, the more noticeable the little things become. Eventually, they turn into more obvious features like laugh lines, small creases mapping out the face, and sagging skin around the jowls and neck.

Truth In Aging Series – Air Pollution

Can Pollution Push Your Skin to Age?

Air pollution surrounds us almost every second of every day. Especially if you live in a high-traffic area like a city, you are constantly exposed to a stream of destructive particles that wreak havoc on your health and our environment as a whole.  If you read our article ‘Organic Air and the Toxins We Breathe,’ then you know that air pollution is directly responsible for hundreds upon thousands of chronic health conditions, illnesses, and deaths in the United States alone.

Truth In Aging Series – Skin Neglect

The News on Neglecting Your Skin

One thing that could lead to an anti-aging disaster: neglecting your skin. Seems simple enough, right? Keeping your skin in tact should be a relatively easy task to figure out and put in place. The big problem, however, lies in the little things you do or do not do – and you may not even realize the damage that occurs as a result!

Truth In Aging Series – Smoking

Smoking and Aging

You get stressed out, or upset at something. You light up, take a puff, and immediately feel a little calmer. That is often how a smoking addiction works for most people. Some get started on cigarettes because when they were younger, it was a cool thing to do. We see it in movies and advertisements, or maybe someone close to us did it as we grew up.

Truth In Aging Series – Age In Reverse

Reversing Aging –  Naturally

Okay, so we all get to experience the joys of aging skin. One day we look in the mirror and see crow’s feet, or maybe our skin has started to fit a little too lose for comfort, or perhaps the infamous furrowed brow begins to develop. Our natural reaction is to wonder how to get rid of these aesthetics, and keep them away for as long as possible.

Truth In Aging Series – Facial Sagging and Natural Remedies

Turn Your Facial Sagging into Facial Bragging

As we age, we start to notice that our skin does not fit the way it used to. We earn jowls, bags under our eyes, and increased sagging around our mouths. These developments can make us more aware of our age, and in turn, we start to look for some solutions.