Truth In Aging Series – Facial Sagging and Natural Remedies

Turn Your Facial Sagging into Facial Bragging

As we age, we start to notice that our skin does not fit the way it used to. We earn jowls, bags under our eyes, and increased sagging around our mouths. These developments can make us more aware of our age, and in turn, we start to look for some solutions. Who wants to look as though their epidermis might slide right off because it no longer seems to fit correctly? And where did that firmness and suppleness go that once made your face look full of sparkle and energy? How can you mend this appearance?

It can be difficult to accept the imminent changes that the passing of time will dish out as we age. Some people will try measures such as laser surgery, Botox injections, face lifts, and other means of making their skin fit the way it used to. However, none of these endeavors actually target the main reason that facial sagging happens. If you want your skin to re-attain that impeccable fit over your jawline, you have to start with understanding why the sagging happens. Check out our blog post ‘Source of the Sagging Madness’ to discover what lies beneath the facial droop. Then, take a look at the methods below to understand the natural ways that prevent and improve facial sagging.


Better Lifestyle For Facial Bragging

Obviously, the very first treatments and prevention methods to look into rely on simple changes in your life style. The main causes for facial sagging lie within environmental factors and lifestyle choices you make on a day to day basis. Environmental factors, like air pollutants and gravity, will always remain out of your control, and play a big role in the aging process. However, your lifestyle options are generally another matter, and either help or hinder your ability to age gracefully. We listed variables below that could help you both in slowing down the aging process and potentially improving the existing sagging.

Unstrengthened facial muscles can cause sagging madness to become a daily reality. Your facial expressions and chewing build muscles in certain places on your face. However, some of these muscles go without stimulation, which results in muscle shrinkage and lack of stimulation to blood vessels in that specific area. The practice of spot exercising certain areas of the face will build these muscles, stimulate proper circulation, and help keep the connective proteins in your facial structure strong. Pay attention to the areas of your face that you use the most, and the areas that you do not. This will help you learn where to start. Dedicate some time each day to moving those muscles to enhance your tone. Some coaches exist specifically to demonstrate how to implement this practice properly.


Environmental Factors and Common Culprits

Sun exposure, are examples of variables that you can control to some degree. While overexposure to the sun results in degradation of the connective proteins, collagen and elastin, a lack of proper sun exposure causes vitamin D deficiency. So, it is of high importance that you enjoy your time in the sun safely. Many sunscreens are crafted with quantities of toxic chemicals that can cause further damage to numerous systems in your body. For proper sun protection, opt instead for Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which carries an SPF value of 28-50. This will allow you to forgo the risk of contamination from carcinogens absorbing through your skin, and still shield damaging UV rays away from your skin while absorbing the sun’s nutrients. Our blog posts ‘Sun Your Way to Health’ and ‘How to Avoid Skin Cancer Naturally‘ will give you more details about maintaining your skin’s health naturally with the sun.

Cut down on your intake of alcohol and quite smoking, if these are common habits you indulge in. Alcohol contributes to the aging process by increasing the body’s inability create more collagen and elastin. It also puts toxins directly into your metabolism, and these travel through your blood stream where the blood cells deliver them to your skin. It also causes dehydration, which can certain bolster your skin’s sagging. Smoking delivers thousands of carcinogenic chemicals, and directly affects the facial areas in which sagging often occurs – the lower region of your face. Premature aging is just one of the many problems that such habits can progress. Quitting smoking and cutting down on drinking can save you some years all around. Take a look at our blog ‘Alcohol and Aging‘ to find out more about how alcohol affects your skin and body.


Change Your Diet For a More Youthful You!

Keep away from foods high in sugar or refined carbs, as these selections will only increase the number of years that appear on your face, as they are directly linked to destroying the connective proteins and keeping needed nutrients from coming to the surface of your skin. They do this by clogging your capillaries to reduce the amount of blood flow that makes it to your dermal layer, and literally causing cell death. You can save yourself a lot of sagging by staying away from sodas, processed foods, energy drinks, and red meats. ‘Anti-Aging and Diet‘ provides more information about how to select food options worthy of your anti-aging skin menu.

Opt instead for fresh, raw, organic vegetables and fruits, as they instill nourishment for the entire body, and promote health and healing. Tomatoes are a great example of an anti-aging food, and it is no secret that they help lessen the appearance of all signs of aging. This includes sagging skin, as the compound lycopene present in tomatoes increases collagen production and connectivity. Strawberries are another great example of snacks that stop the sagging. They offer a rich source of elagic acid, which preserve fibers of elastin protein so that they maintain their ability to hold skin in place. For better options to fill your daily menu, check out ‘Slow Down the Years with Superfoods.’


Get Your Beauty Sleep!

Your sleep habits also play a direct role in managing the sagging madness. Ensuring you get a good night of sleep, and practicing healthy sleep hygiene will keep your skin in top form. It keeps the stress hormone, cortisol, at a minimum, and ensures your body gets enough of the human growth hormone. Cortisol is responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin in the body, as your body releases it as a response to stress. Meantime, human growth hormone helps cells renew properly, directly affecting how your body regenerates itself and stays healthy. Our blog post ‘How Lack of Sleep Lacks Life‘ will provide more information about how sleep deprivation could make or break your anti-aging routine.

These are some of the first precautions you can take in putting a stop to facial sagging, and turning into facial bragging – without the use of plastic surgery, laser treatment, or botox injections. But what can you do to get some improvements that happen in the more immediate future? Face naturals has the answer with all-natural skincare options that can fit your skin’s preferences, no matter how sensitive or reactive you are. Check out some of these natural remedies that improve collagen and elastin, and see if any will peak your interest.


Treat Sagging with Some Skin-Kitchen Fun!

Now is the time to get your hands a little dirty, and play with your food in the kitchen. Yes, you can get some results a little more quickly by using some of the oldest beauty secrets known to man. Fresh oils, fruits, and vegetables make excellent options for renewing your appearance, and turning your facial sagging into facial bragging. We gave you a few tips from our own skin-kitchen with skin-feeding recipes that will help your face fall back into place, especially with repeated usage on weekly basis.

The first step to every facial mask routine is to clean the face thoroughly so that the nutrients from the ingredients can seep into your skin a little more easily. Use warm water and your favorite face naturals facial cleanser to get started with this. You may also want to make sure you already have your ingredients prepared so that you can apply them to your face and neck immediately after you wash your face. This will let you make the most of your mask, and get your sagging on the fast-track to facial-bragging success. The amount of ingredients you should use depends on your preferred consistency. Use the instructions for the face naturals facial masks as a guideline on where to begin, and work from there.

Recipe 1 works best for nonsensitive, nonreactive skin, and requires the following ingredients: Greek yogurt and the Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask. Greek yogurt provides your skin with a slight lift to improve the shape of your face. The mask contains organic lemon and organic strawberry. Lemon works to draw the skin back to its original form because of its natural abilities to tighten the skin, and strawberries, as mentioned before, contain elagic acid. This mixture will strengthen the connective fibers closest to the surface of your skin, providing a slight, but immediate face lift. Apply the mixture all over the face and neck, or wherever the sagging occurs. Pay special attention to coating it on the areas showing the most, such as chin, jowls, and cheeks. Leave it on until it dries, then rinse to remove it. Follow up with the Anti-Aging Eye Serum. You can apply the serum all over your face – not just your eyes.

Recipe 2 works well with slightly sensitive or reactive skin. It includes a base of freshly, and strongly brewed organic coffee for the base, and the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask. The coffee contains the antioxidant caffeine, which will tone and tighten the skin by drawing excess water out of the surface cells. This will allow your skin to appear more compact, as it awakens and refreshes the cells. The crushed rose petals in the mask have a lightly astringent effect on the capillaries beneath the epidermal layer, eliminating redness and drawing the skin tighter in its connectivity. Organic honey will act as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and retaining it. This will improve the sagging by hydrating the dermal layers properly, providing a more supple look. Follow up with either organic, cold-pressed flax seed oil or rosehip seed oil. Flax seed oil nourishes the skin with omega fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and provide further moisture for more elasticity. The rosehip seed oil will delay any further sagging if you use it regularly.

Recipe 3 works best for dry or extra sensitive skin. Use one part honey with one part freshly brewed chamomile tea for the base, and the Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask. The honey, as mentioned before, will draw in a retain moisture for the skin, allowing moisturizers and creams to work more effectively, and providing more suppleness and tone to the complexion. Chamomile is a hydrating anti-inflammatory that will further the moisture’s ability to provide elasticity and suppleness. Mango also provides an ultra-hydrating ingredient. Where there is moisture on your skin, there is also health and less sagging. Follow up your mask treatment with an application of organic, extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil allows your skin to maintain its suppleness, and many people notice a reduction in wrinkles and sagging after using it regularly. It also nourishes your complexion with antioxidants, which will protect the resources your skin still has.

Recipe 4 works best with oily skin. Brew a fresh, organic mint tea. Mix one part of the tea with one part lemon juice, and our Purify Facial Mask. All of these ingredients target oil production, while toning and tightening the firmness of the skin. Mint will improve circulation, which will in turn draw the skin back to its original form slowly. The lemon juice provides further astringency, and lifts the sagging areas slightly while removing excess oil and buildup. The clays used in the mask will pull out any toxins form the pores that might clog them, or cause the skin to look more droopy. You may notice some slight changes even after the first use. Moisturize with cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, as it contains vitamin A to help reduce bacteria that might be drawn to excess oil later, and it absorbs quickly so it does not leave an overbearing film.

Recipe 5 works best for normal, mature skin. Mix the Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask with some raspberries and blueberries pureed in a blender. Make sure that the berries have a thick, liquid consistency to make mask application a little easier. The berries contain a type of antioxidant that boosts collagen formation and elastin buildup, which is key in making your sagging skin step aside. They also have the astringency abilities similar to that of lemon, but not quite as intense or concentrated. The pomegranate in the mask contains an extra dose of elagic acid, which will improve the connectivity and strength of the elastin proteins that help your skin hold its structure. You can follow this treatment up with a light coating of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which will deliver a powerful punch of tightening and brightening antioxidants and vitamins.

Adding other ingredients to the above recipes can take your at-home facelift even further. For instance, adding a small amount of ground cinnamon to your mask could improve plumpness, as cinnamon improves blood circulation to the skin, making for a fuller appearance. Ground black pepper works similarly to cinnamon, making the skin appear more supple and firm from the outside. However, both of these spices should be used with caution and discretion, as they can illicit sensitivity if too much is added to the formula, or it sits on the skin for too long. Turmeric is a gentler option for those who struggle with sensitivity, and offers the same elasticity boost and anti-aging benefits as the other spices.


Get Facial Bragging Rights with Face Naturals

We manufacture a number of different skincare products to help your skin keep up with the passing years. You can reverse the damage of gravity, sun exposure, and toxins over time with consistent use by employing these methods to your anti-aging routine. Be sure to check out the other blogs in our Ageless series to discover more ways you can alter your lifestyle and beauty regimen in favor of your goals in aging gracefully. Be sure to take a look at the great, all-natural, organic products mentioned in this article, and give them a try to put our methods to the test. Comment below to discuss your results with other readers. Or share natural methods of your own that have worked for you. Your face naturals family wants to know what works for other individuals so we can all fine tune our skincare.

Like what you see, but are not sure where or how to get started? Contact us to discover how the journey to great health can begin with natural skincare options. Provide us with information about your skin, what you wish to accomplish, and which products interest you. We will direct you to some great suggestions from our learned and friendly staff members. They will help you readjust your skincare routine, and readjust your life surrounding it. We look forward to hearing from you, and satisfying your skin needs. Make an account with us today to reap the full benefits that face naturals offers all of its customers and clients.



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