Truth In Aging Series – Age In Reverse

Reversing Aging –  Naturally

Okay, so we all get to experience the joys of aging skin. One day we look in the mirror and see crow’s feet, or maybe our skin has started to fit a little too lose for comfort, or perhaps the infamous furrowed brow begins to develop. Our natural reaction is to wonder how to get rid of these aesthetics, and keep them away for as long as possible. Thus begins the search for anti-aging remedies, whether they come from store shelves, dermatologists, or spas, as we look to find the best method to reverse our aging appearance as much as we possibly can.

Some of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other tell-tale signs of aging do not come from a bottle, laser, or jar. They come from a few simple lifestyle changes, and some slight alterations to our skincare routine. Believe it or not, it can come down to a few simple how-tos and recipes from your skin kitchen. We will outline a few of the best ways to turn back time, and reverse your aging appearance. Once you learn these ins and outs of anti-aging, you will have your friends asking how you look so young!


Skin-Loving Lifestyles

If you want to improve your appearance and shed a few years, then you need to start at the root – a few lifestyle changes that will love your skin the way you do. In fact, some of the most recommended ways to turn the clock back include changes to your diet, habits, and the other little things you do that make a big difference in the long run. The best news? No matter how old you are, you can turn back time and get real results by following these tips and tricks to altering your lifestyle.

First and foremost, if you smoke cigarettes, stop it! Stop that, right now! It can make you age twice as fast, adding up to twenty years to your appearance – especially for women. Plus, it is a common factor in premature aging. So, if you are only in your thirties, and you start to see fine lines and other developments, and you smoke, then you have your reason. Plus, one study showed that its smoking participants who dropped the habit for nine months reduced their perceived age by appearance by thirteen years. That is over a decade of years dropped from their faces.

The next way to ensure a better, younger look is to eat healthy! Many sources, from beauty to health blogs will give you this advice – and for good reason. Consuming raw, organic fruits and vegetables high in nutrients like beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E will fight oxidative stress to the skin from the inside. Vitamin C is especially known for its abilities to improve connective tissues like collagen and elastin, which give skin that supple, firm look. Want to look younger and feel better to boot? Then add more of these little morsels to your diet. You will get duel results for better energy and appearance.

Get plenty of exercise on a day to day basis! Exercise is not just for gym buffs or athletes – it can also be helpful for those who want to look and feel younger as well. Keeping your body moving improves blood flow, which in turn helps your body flush out toxins more efficiently. Since toxins can destroy the texture and glow of your skin, you can probably see why it is of such high importance. It improves the healing process as well, making cell regeneration happen at a much quicker rate than it normally would as your body ages. It also makes a more desirable environment for collagen production resulting in fewer wrinkles.

Drink more water instead of turning to sodas, energy drinks, or other sugary drinks. You can hold dehydration responsible for the appearance of some sagging and wrinkles, as lack of hydration can cause skin to sag and seem loose. Water is the answer to that dilemma, and will promote detoxification as a plus. Besides, those tasty sodas and sugary drinks will only add to the problem, as too much sugar contributes to deterioration of collagen and elastin. Time to start carrying around some water to help eliminate wrinkles and sagging!

Stop the stress and get more sleep! Stress enhances your body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which degrades your collagen and elastin, resulting in more wrinkles. Getting too little sleep per night will also prompt the release of this same hormone, furthering the destruction. Plus, with too little sleep comes too little human growth hormone, a biochemical responsible for helping your skin reproduce new cell to take the place of the old ones. This results in a lackluster, dull complexion.

Seems simple enough, right? Some changes in diet, sleep, habits, and attitude will result in a more efficient anti-aging routine – plus you will even feel younger too! What is not to like about having more energy to go along with your juvenescence? However, you are probably wondering what you can do to the surface of your skin to supplement your skin-loving lifestyle. Face naturals has you covered with the naturally beautiful details.


Using Nature To Help with Organic Ingredients

Nature has a few beauty secrets to complete your quest for age reversal – and many of them are at your disposal. Many of these results have either been studied by scientific research or proven by in-home results from curious people like yourself. Implementing a few of these methods into your skincare routine could help you get age-reversing results fairly quickly – especially when you use them along side of your skin-loving lifestyle changes.

Organic Aloe vera is one of the most evidence-based ways to naturally reduce the appearance of age-related aesthetics on your face. Not only can you take one tablespoon per day internally, but you can also apply it to your skin! Aloe vera works as a humectant, and has a number of age-fighting benefits, like enzymes that reduce dark spots by breaking up concentrated areas of melanin. It also hydrates the skin, which improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by providing your skin with a fuller, firmer appearance. We use aloe vera in a number of our products – check them out!

Another anti-aging wonder-food that you can both take internally and apply to your skin is organic pomegranate juice. Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants, and its juice has a molecular structure that allows it to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface. It contains elagic acid – a component that allows the elastin reserves to rebuild themselves, providing better skin to bone connectivity, and therefore, less sagging as a result. You can find pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate in a number of face naturals products.

Organic Lavender is another option that comes with a pleasant, floral scent as a plus. It gently encourages proper circulation to the surface of the skin, allowing nutrients to flow more easily to the epidermis. This results in better nourishment. Plus, lavender will reduce inflammation, and these components put together will give your skin a more even tone with less puffiness or irritation. It works great for more sensitive, reactive, or delicate skin types. You can employ lavender through some of our products that contain lavender as an ingredient.

Grapefruit essential oil has an impressive profile of antioxidants like vitamin C, which help build and maintain collagen and elastin reserves for a stronger, tighter complexion. It will also help reduce the appearance of dark spots by breaking up areas of melanin through its citric acid. Like many citrus oils, it enhances circulation to the skin and its acidity acts as a mild exfoliator that reduces buildup. When you have too much buildup in on the surface of your skin, your epidermis will not function properly in attaining the needed oxygen and other nutrients, and pores become clogged with dead skin and excess sebum. Grapefruit essential oil can reduce such occurrences, resulting in a brighter, cleaner complexion.

One ingredient that we use in the majority of our products is organic coconut oil – and it can provide an anti-aging go-to for you as well! It encourages the production of collagen, and the replacement of disordered or nonfunctional collagen proteins. This will result in few wrinkles and fine lines. They hydration it provides your skin is also a plus in eliminating the signs of aging. Do not forget that it reduces the appearances of scars with its healing abilities!

In order to delay any further signs of aging from showing up on your face, opt for organic rosehip seed oil, which has a rich content of natural vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a key role in ensuring a slower, less noticeable aging process, and many beauty product manufacturers have attempted to duplicate it in synthetic formulas. However, rosehip seed oil offers unique abilities that cannot be duplicated. It serves as an all-around treatment when reducing the signs of the passing years. It eliminates premature aging, reduces the appearance of dark spots, evens out overall complexion, and improves cell turnover for a brighter, more lively look. We use rosehip seed oil in a number of products, including some anti-aging selections.

Give any one of these awesome suggestions a try for positive results within a short amount of time. Use them with consistency, and you will find yourself wearing a whole, new face in a few months of time! You can also try our face naturals products that use each of these ingredients, so that you can reap the benefits of the other synergistic ingredients in each formula as well. So, next time you find a new fine line or wrinkle starting to show up in the mirror, do not look to Botox injections and laser surgery for improvement. You can get results much cheaper with more satisfactory results if you trust your skin to nature’s own remedies for age reversal.


Fantastic Agelessness with Face Naturals

Do you have some tips or tricks to reverse the signs of aging that we did not cover? Comment below to share with your face naturals friends and family! Let us know what worked for you, and just what you did to make your skincare routine turn back the time. Check out our other blogs for more ideas to use in your anti-aging routine as well! From lifestyle changes to topical applications straight from nature itself, the possibilities for facial restoration are endless. Keep up with our blog, and do not forget to share it if you liked what you read.

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