Truth In Aging Series – Returning To Your Youth

Plump Up Your Features!

Want the secret to a fuller, more plump appearance? Pay some special attention to those smaller features that often get left out of the bigger picture. We all pay attention to our faces as a whole with special cleansing methods, rituals, and routines to ensure the youngest possible appearance all around. And that is a great start to ensuring the most effective anti-aging routine. However, many of us leave out the little things, like our eyes and lips. Many other minor details can make or break the aesthetics of a pretty face. Plus, many quick-fixes exist without the extravagant remedies that many stars and celebrities use to obtain their youthful look. So, what do you need to know when it comes to ensuring a prettier, big picture?

Plumping up your features can give you a whole new perspective on an anti-aging routine that fits you best. You also need to know how to keep the rest of your face plump and full to maximize your aesthetics. Pay attention to some of the smaller, simpler aspects, and you can have a natural look that makes you see the more luscious, plush side to your beauty. We give you some details on the simple tricks and tips you can employ day by day to plump up your skin for a fuller, firmer, more juvenescent picture that you will be happy to take pride in. No more Botox injections for that youthful glow. We have suggestions for your own skin kitchen, so get down to business in creating the picture perfect plumpness that you desire.


Kiss and Tell for Kissable Lips

One of the main facial features that often goes neglected over the years are your lips. Beauty bloggers dote on the full, lusciously kissable lips of celebrities, models, and actresses. Most of the general population forgets to give their lips an occasional treat to help them maintain that same fullness over time. In our blog post ‘Healthy Loveable Lips!’ we discuss some ways to maintain lip health overall. Check it out to discover how to ensure proper lip health for years to come. As you age, these simple tips may not be enough, since your lips’ ability to remove dead skin becomes impaired, and the circulation of blood may not flow as efficiently to them. The result: thin, lifeless lips.

However, a few simple ways to maintain a plump pucker also exist. Our natural Cool Mint Lip Balm contains organic peppermint essential oil, which will stimulate the circulation of blood to your lips, resulting in a slight, swelling effect for plumper lips. This can also increase and deepen the color, providing you with a fuller and more noticeable pair of lips temporarily. Our Mint-Chocolate Lip Balm works just as naturally too, but with a desert-worthy touch of chocolate extract to make your mouth water.

Proper lip exfoliation will help you maintain fuller, glossier lips as well. Create a mixture of finely ground raw sugar, and mix it with a small amount of honey and cinnamon. Cinnamon, like peppermint, will enhance blood circulation to your lips, causing a fuller, more colored appearance. The sugar will create a slight agitation as it removes any dead skin from the surface, adding to the plumping effect. Finally, the honey will draw moisture to your lips, and help them retain hydration with its humectant properties. Moisture is also key in ensuring a plump pucker. Smear this mixture onto your lips gently in a circular motion, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off, and applying one of our lip balms to seal it in.

The very act of smiling, smirking, and blowing kisses will move the muscles of your mouth, which will also result in a fuller pucker. Over time, you may start to see an increase in volume. So move your mouth more to express yourself – and kiss and tell the news to your friends. Plus, after you brush your teeth, do not put that toothbrush down just yet! You can gently move the brush over your lips in a circular motion to create a pillow-plush look for your lips, as this will increase circulation, resulting in noticeable fullness.


Keep Your Eye on Your Eyes

One area of the face that often goes forgotten also shows the first signs of aging. Your eyes can fall subject to problems like crow’s feet, bagginess, puffiness, and dark circles – especially as the years go by. This can depend on your sleep schedule, your diet, allergies, and how much stress you experience from a day to day basis. However, some simple treatments exist to help relieve these aesthetics, and make them less noticeable in a short amount of time. Take a look at these methods to discover ways to hide your age through your glimmering eyes.

Dab coffee onto your eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness and bagginess. Coffee not only awakens you in the morning while you drink it, it can also make you look more awake too. As an anti-inflammatory, it effectively reduces any swelling, whether from water retention, tiredness, or stress. It also evens out skin tone, which can improve dark circles under the eyes. It stimulates better blood circulation to obtain this effect. So, take those last few drops of coffee and rub them onto the skin surrounding your eyes for a more awake and attentive appearance.

Cucumber slices are also a great remedy for your age showing on your eyes. You may have seen it done before in spas, and there is a good reason behind it. Cucumbers rehydrate the skin surrounding your eyes, resulting in a fuller, less sleepy look. They also draw out excess fluid, so you can tell your puffy eyes goodbye. Cucumber has phytochemicals that induce improved collagen production, resulting in fewer fine lines like crow’s feet and sagging eyelids. So, for a simple way to give your eyes an energized look, just place some cucumber slices onto your eyes for about ten to twenty minutes.

Take your leftover tea bags, and either run cold or warm water over them. Cold water will calm and reduce inflammation, while warm water will improve circulation. You could use black tea for a similar effect as coffee, green tea to lighten dark circles, chamomile tea to reduce inflammation, or white tea to provide antimicrobial properties – especially if your eyes tend to get irritated from debris build-up. This will provide a gentle, inexpensive remedy to thwart the signs of aging on your eyes – without the pricey creams and serums that many people use.

However, if you want intensive formulas that are guaranteed to work well for your eyes, employ any one of the face naturals eye treatments for safe, organic options to reverse the signs of aging. We carry the Anti-Aging Eye Serum, which contains numerous oils that work synergistically with your delicate eye skin. The Anti-Aging Night Crème offers a gentle, light application with rosemary to enhance circulation and boost collagen production. The Plum Perfect Eye Cream makes a great daytime cream to lighten the appearance of dark circles.


Full Facial Firmness

You can mask your way to facial firmness fairly easily by using a few specific ingredients and combining them with our facial masks as a base. We can never get enough of different ideas that work well with our facial masks. Get out either your juicer or your blender, because you will need them to create these amazing mask bases to mix with your favorite face naturals mask. Prepare a meal for your skin in your kitchen to plump up the rest of your facial features. You may even want to apply these bases to your lips and eye skin for a similar affect – without the clay.

Juice or puree organic spinach and organic kale to add to a facial mask. These two leafy vegetables contain the antioxidant lutein, which enhances your skin’s appearance and glow all around, and keeps your face plump and firm. They stimulate cell growth and renewal, and allow you to avoid annoyances like dark circles, age spots, and other signs of aging. The powerful content of antioxidants will also help reverse existing damage, while protecting your skin from future environmental damage. Both of these selections are packed with antioxidants that can tighten the skin on your face, and regenerate collagen and elastin for a fuller, firmer appearance.

You can do the same with a mixture of organic tomato and organic kiwi fruit as a mask base. Tomato contains lycopene, a compound that helps maintain and reproduce collagen and elastin, thus diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Kiwi has a high content of vitamin C and other antioxidants, allowing it to act as a detoxifier that removes wastes from your skin. Vitamin C also enhances your collagen and elastin. This combination will result in improved connectivity between the skin and bone, providing a plumper look to your face. The two used together enhance your skin’s ability to renew its cells for tissue support, making them an epic combination for facial plumping.

Pureeing a blend of organic carrot and organic sweet potato can impact your plump perfection. This mask base will provide plenty of revitalizing vitamin C and beta carotene, which improves the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While carrots can literally stop the signs of aging in their tracks, sweet potato will enhance the texture of your skin all around. Plus, you can enjoy the additional benefits of a glamorous, bombshell complexion that is even, balanced, and smooth. If you eat these two foods on a regular basis, studies show that it can create a visible decrease in the wrinkle patter developing on your face.

You can also use our collection of authentic natural toners as bases for your mask to reap optimal results. The White Tea and Cranberry Facial Toner provides a gentle, moisturizing option packed with antioxidants from organic white tea and organic cranberry extracts. Excellent for aging, delicate skin, it will render a brighter, younger complexion, and protect your collagen and elastin reserves to keep your face supple. The Super Fruit Facial Toner offers another option for skin plumping and brightening, as it has an incredible amount of natural fruit and berry extracts. This provides the skin with an intensive dose of vitamin C for collagen and elastin reproduction, as well as protection from any further damage you might experience. Of course, our most popular anti-aging toner is the Helichrysum Hydrosol, another gentle toner that works great for more fragile reactive skin. Organic Helichrysum makes moves in renewing the skin cells, and decreases the appearance of fine lines for a fuller, plumper effect.


Find Your Natural, Health Solution with Face Naturals 

Fill your anti-aging routine with products from face naturals and foods that you eat for health. Nothing that goes on your skin should be bad for you to ingest! This is why face naturals supports the organic, natural skin kitchen, where you nourish your skin from the inside out to create the best possible anti-aging routine. Include products from our website and fresh, raw fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store to obtain the results you want. Whether you eat it or apply it to your face, you can the get results you want without extreme or toxic measures. Share your skin kitchen recipes and ideas below, and tell us what you think of ours!

Your face naturals family works hard to educate you with information about toxic skin-care ingredients that can endanger your health, dangerous processed foods that can cause disease, and the natural options that can help you heal from your illnesses. Our healthy mission extends to every part of our lives from the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, to the products that we apply to our skin. We also invite you to contact the friendly face naturals staff today to get started in your own healthy mission. Reap the benefits of creating an account with us through Reward Points, skincare advice, beauty and health tips, and coupon codes for savings on your favorite organically botanical products.




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