Truth In Aging Series – Aging Eyes

Anti-Aging: The Apple of Your Eye

Your eyes need some anti-aging spa treatment, as they are one of the first parts of your face to start showing the tell-tale signs of the years passing by. Crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles, and bagginess are all a part of your skin’s clock. You do not even have to be tired or worn out for these aesthetics to redefine your youthful look. However, you can reinvent your eyes by taking a few extra steps in your skincare routine, and through understanding why these facial changes occur.

Prevention is the best possible anti-aging step you can possibly take. But the chances of your eyes showing your age before your time increase day by day. Many people wonder what natural ways they can employ to manage this, and make their eyes return to the sparkling stars of juvenescent wonder that they once were. Learn where crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, and bagginess come from, and then find out how to treat and prevent them with simplistic skin solutions.


Cash Out Your Crow’s Feet

Most of us are familiar with crow’s feet. They are those fine lines that extend from the corners of your eyes outward – tiny creases that reveal how much squinting you really did back in the day. The skin surrounding your eyes is very thin and delicate, and has no fatty tissues to support it. This is why crow’s feet are often one of the first signs of aging. Luckily, this thin skin does not allow crow’s feet to become very deep, unlike other forms of wrinkles that many people acquire.

Massaging organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or tomato onto your crow’s feet will help diminish their appearance. Coconut oil has plenty of fats, minerals, and hydration that will allow the skin to retain more elasticity and stay taught. Olive oil contains the antioxidant vitamin E, which ensures your skin will maintain its youthful texture, while deeply moisturizing skin so it will retain its smooth elasticity. By crushing a fresh, ripe, red tomato into paste, you will enhance this process by applying lycopene directly to your skin, which further builds up collagen and elastin.

Face naturals also has some all-natural, organic products available to help you with this process. The Anti-Aging Night Crème employs organic rosemary essential oil and apricot kernel oil to ensure improved circulation to the surface of the skin and a natural reserve of fatty acids. This keeps this delicate area of skin nourished and hydrating, allowing it to maintain elasticity. Applying this cream to the skin around your eyes will provide excellent anti-aging effects without any harsh effects or irritation.


Ditch the Dark Circles

Also called periorbital circles, dark circles occur around the lower area of the eye, forming an area of darker coloration that may resemble a light bruise. They can occur for a number of different reasons, including bruising, fatigue, too much sleep, fluid retention, negativity and stress, or too much salt in your diet. Sometimes, the root of the cause can even be genetic for some people. Luckily, you can easily treat this issue with some very simple, and classic ideas.

Cucumber slices make excellent packs for your eyes if you find you struggle with dark circles. They help reduce inflammation, and provide hydration for the affected area. Simply place them over your eyes while lying down, and relax. It draws toxins, excess water, and excess salt from the skin surrounding your eyes. You could also take your used peppermint tea bags, run some warm water over them, and place them on your eyes as well for a cooling compress. Peppermint also relieves inflammation by improving blood flow to the surface of the skin. This will reduce the appearance of the dark circles, whether you have been crying, not getting enough sleep, or have fluid retention.

Our Plum Perfect Eye Cream also works to this affect in lessening the appearance of the circles. It can supplement your eye-care routine by providing improved appearance within a short amount of time. It provides the lightening qualities of pink grapefruit essential oil, while the plum kernel oil nourishes with fatty acids, age-reversing vitamin E, and plant sterols that generally occur in the most effective natural anti-aging formulas available. In fact, many clients saw enough improvement to award it with five star reviews across the board.


Put Puffiness in Its Place

Puffiness can happen as a result of the above periorbital circles, as well as a number of other factors. What you eat and allergic reactions can cause this slight swelling under the eye. You can also acquire it from crying, as this puts extra pressure on the lower eyelid from swollen tear ducts. Eye infections can also contribute to this condition. All of these causes have simple, all-natural treatments that you can easily practice in your own home.

A few ways you can reduce the appearance of puffy eyes is through reducing your sodium intake, avoiding allergens, and drinking plenty of water. You can also apply your leftover chamomile tea bags for eye compresses to help reduce the swelling. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that will keep the puffiness at a minimum, whether the swelling happens from an allergic reaction, bacteria, or the general aging-process itself. It even works more effectively than other treatments that may include steroids.

If your problem lies in allergic reaction or bacterial infection, then face naturals has a solution. Our two eyelid cleansers, Rosemary Eyelid Cleanser and Lavender-Mint Eyelid Cleanser, work well to clean the surface of the skin surrounding the eye. This will help keep bacteria and debris from causing irritation. Sometimes, we may experience excess buildup of debris as we age, due to the fact that our eye’s natural cleansing system stops working as effectively. Our cleansers will gently remove this debris, keeping the eyes clean. This may also help reduce puffiness.


Banish That Bagginess

Getting bags under your eyes is fairly common among most people as they age. One of the most typical causes of this lies in the fact that the area underneath the eye has the muscles responsible for supporting the eyelid. As we age, these muscles may bulge or start to lose strength, resulting in the skin becoming stressed. If fluid begins to collect beneath this delicate surface, than this can enhance the appearance of bagginess. Eye bagginess can result in your eyelids appearing puffy or swollen as well, so it presents a bit of a double dose of age to your face. However, some simplistic compresses can easily lessen this effect.

To reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, make a few lifestyle changes. Reduce your sodium intake, as this could lead to some swelling and fluid retention. Take supplements or eat foods that help regenerate your reserves of collagen and elastin, as this will enhance your skin’s ability to stay connected without stress, allowing the muscles to strengthen. You can also use potato slices daily to supplement your remedies. Chill two slices of raw potato in the refrigerator. Potatoes are rich with the enzyme catechelose, which helps make the skin appear toned and brightened. This will make the eye bags less visible, and the coolness from chilling will reduce inflammation.

You could also employ our Anti-Aging Eye Serum for an intensive form of therapy each day as well. It contains a number of nourishing oils including pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and argan oil. This provides a high amount of protective and renewing vitamin E in the form of tocopherols, skin-lightening beta carotene, and easy revitalization of the connective proteins collagen and elastin. Applying this serum on a nightly basis offers optimal nutrition, along with the soothing sensation of rosemary essential oil, which improves blood flow. It also reduces eye irritation.


A Bright-Eyed Future with Face Naturals

We have a full range of products that can help you keep your eyes in tact. Our items work gently with the delicate eye skin, and do not intrude or cause further damage to your eyes – even if they are sensitive. Many of these products get five-star reviews from many other satisfied customers – yet another reason why you should join the face naturals family in a healthy mission today. Make your youthful appearance the apple of your eye by taking some preventative measures today. Keep your diet, sleep schedule, habits, and skin-care in check to ensure the youngest possible version of you never expires with the passing of time.

Natural beauty comes from natural remedies, and we advocate the usage of raw, organic food products to nourish both the skin and body. If you have any suggestions on what worked to eliminate the appearance of age on your eyes, comment below and share with your face naturals family! We would love to know what worked for you to see if it works for others. Stay updated on health and beauty topics by checking out our blog regularly. We provide information and education on what to avoid (toxic chemicals and processed products) and what to enjoy for a healthy life style! If you need help making a selection, feel free to contact us! Provide us with information on what you wish to accomplish, which products interest you, and your skin type, and we will direct you to a routine that suits your unique skin.




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