Truth In Aging Series – Facial Sagging

The Source of the Sagging Madness

Facial sagging happens for lots of reasons that affect the way our skin connects to the bone beneath, and the effect that passing time has on our appearance. It can come as a number of simple things that we would barely consider to the things we put into and onto our bodies. It makes the entire structure of our faces appear different, and causes our reflection to appear unrecognizable when compared with photographs taken years ago. So, it is no surprise that many individuals look for the reasons why this sagging happens.

Many reasons exist behind the sagging’s occurrence, and understanding them can both supplement your existing anti-aging routine and prepare you for future endeavors as well. It allows you to know what to expect and what to avoid. Facial sagging comes from a number of different factors derived directly from your daily routine. Discover the plethora of elements that play into the slow sag of skin, and find out which ones may affect you and your individual habits the most.


The Making of the Madness

What goes up must come down, right? This includes your skin. The very first factor we want to mention is that gravity draws your skin downward, as it does this to all things. The longer you live, the more gravity your entire body will experience. Gravity is a form of pressure, a constant environmental agent, that continuously holds everything down. So, overtime, it will effectively start to cause your skin to draw downward. It also does this to everyone else’s skin. Thus, your skin starts to droop a little bit every single day.

The next reason for the sagging madness is unstrengthened facial muscles. There are many different muscles in our face, and we use them to make expressions like smiling or frowning. We use them to chew and speak as well. But some muscles get moved more than others, and the ones that do not get used contribute to facial sagging. They get weaker and weaker, shrinking as they go without use. Plus, your body does not produce collagen and elastin at the efficient rate that it used to, which allows your skin to loose its grip to some degree. Collagen and elastin are the proteins responsible for connecting your skin to your bone. This allows for a less defined facial structure.

Environmental factors, such overexposure to UV rays, also contribute to facial sagging and other aging features up to ninety percent. This can include both sitting in the sun for too long and lying in a tanning bed. UV rays are a part of the reason that your reserves of collagen and elastin break down over the years. On the other hand, receiving too little natural sunlight can make the sagging madness take a turn for the worse as well, since your epidermis needs vitamin D. Another environmental agent that generates further sagging is air pollution. This is especially true for people living in high traffic areas. Air pollution will cover the surface of the skin throughout the day, making it more difficult for the complexion to obtain oxygen, and allowing microscopic, toxic debris to escape into the pores. It dehydrates the skin, and interrupts the process for proper cell turnover.

General health conditions factor into skin sagging by potentially decreasing the blood’s ability to circulate properly, thereby decreasing the cell’s ability to stay healthy and nourish itself. This plays another role in the degradation of collagen and elastin, as well as keeping your skin dehydrated and deprived of important nutrients. It can come from circulatory or heart diseases. Serious conditions, such as a history of stroke or Bell’s palsy, will also affect the way your entire face functions by interrupting the way the brain controls facial muscles and coordination.

Kick all toxic products to the curb! Some of your health habits will speed up the process a great deal by putting toxins directly into your system. One such habit is smoking cigarettes, which most noticeably affects the central and lower areas of the face, but also contributes to aging on the whole spectrum of the body. It can also be a main reason behind the inefficient blood flow, interrupting the blood’s ability to deliver nutrients to skin cells. Alcoholism is another example of skin-damaging habits, as it erodes away the elastin that keeps your skin firm and supple.

It all comes down to diet. Indulging in a daily diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates creates what some deem as the ‘sugar sag,’ defined by high blood sugar levels effecting the strength and function of collagen negatively. This process, called glycation, not only makes the collagen become more frail, but also effects the whole body, and may result in developing diabetes. Oils and foods high in trans fat are also main diet culprits that can advance facial sagging, as the cause additional cell death to connective fibers and do not nourish muscle fibers. And too much salt in your diet will render a similar situation, as salt will dehydrate the skin, causing it to lose its full suppleness.

Your skin needs protein! Plus, if you do not get enough protein in your diet, then this will render the same result. Not only does a lack of protein affect your hair, nails, and the top layer of your skin, it also affects how well your skin connects to the bone. Collagen and elastin are both forms of protein that require replenishing, and not consuming enough protein to nourish and regenerate these tissues will cause your facial to loosen up a great deal as the years pass.

Eliminating stress. If you do not handle stress well, or consistently experience states of negative emotion such as anxiety and depression, then this can have a high impact on your facial sagging as well. We all get upset or experience negative emotions, but allowing the to take over our daily lives will result in our body’s nutrient absorption to become inadequate, thus depriving your skin of needed nutrients to function properly and stay well connected. It can also throw your hormones out of balance, and result in your body releasing too much of the hormone cortisol, which contributes greatly to skin aging.

Sleep, sleep sleep! Finally, getting too little sleep will also affect your body’s ability to restore itself. Human growth hormone, a hormone produced during the hours you sleep, triggers your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, thus rebuilding any damaged or weakened connective fibers that hold your dermis to the bone. Plus, less sleep means more cortisol, the aforementioned stress hormone. This will double up your aging process and let the years come through on your skin much quicker.

You may recognize some of these elements appearing in your lifestyle, whether it is a conscious choice you make or simply the environment you currently inhabit. Some factors are within your control, while others are not. Best medicine for ridding yourself of the sagging madness? Eliminate as many of the controllable variables as you can to reduce to the stressful affects from appearing from your skin. However, for the ones that are entirely out of your control, nature does offer a little help to combat facial sagging. Check out our blog post ‘Turn Your Facial Sagging into Facial Bragging’ to find out how earn your face’s original shape back.


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