Fall in Love with Liquid Gold

As the leaves start turning bright, crisp colors and the temperature moves down to a chill, a few seasonally symbolic images come to mind for most people. The deep, rich colors of autumn mingle with aromas of potent spices and herbs. Everyone starts participating in fun fall activities like high school football games, drinking hot beverages, and carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns. Whenever you decide to put that toothy grin on your pumpkin this Halloween, think about the health benefits that this American squash can provide you as you clean out the seeds.

Organic pumpkin seed oil, often called liquid gold, has many beneficial qualities that can improve the health of your skin, hair, and body. An ingredient used in a variety of products, we decided to share the potential for healthier appearance and well-being with our readers. So, the next time you and your family make a jack o’ lantern, consider buying some pumpkin seed oil as a supplement, or one of our products that contain this ingredient for skin health. We promise you will appreciate the protection it offers from the autumn weather as much as we do.


The Puzzle of Pumpkin Seed Oil

When one breaks down the makeup of pumpkin seed oil, many of its amazing properties surface as evidence to support the healing behind it. Pumpkin seed oil has a high quality of antioxidants and vitamins that support numerous bodily functions. The content within pumpkin seed oil plays an important role in understanding how and why it works so well with our bodies.

The oil has a strong content of linoleic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid crucial for regular growth and development during childhood, and healthy brain function as an adult. This acid also regulates the body’s metabolic rate, while improving the health of bones and the reproductive system.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains vitamin E in the form of tocopherol. Tocopherol, an excellent antioxidant, helps the body produce red blood cells, by playing a supporting role in their formation. This vitamin also helps the body absorb other vitamins, like vitamin K. Pumpkin seed oil has a content of vitamin K, as well. This vitamin helps the body form and maintain a strong bone structure in elderly individuals.

This carrier oil also contains other amazing nutrients, like vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, and B6. It has an impeccable mineral content of iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and calcium for the maintenance of the cell structures that make up these systems, so you can maintain proper functions.


Lavish Your Skin with Organic Liquid Gold

If you know anything about face naturals, then you know we use the most potent botanicals available to formulate the recipes for our skin care products. That is why we use organic pumpkin seed oil in a couple of our products, including Anti-Aging Eye Serum, Plum Perfect Eye Cream, and the Super Fruit Facial Cream. Here is a look at the reasons behind why we use pumpkin seed oil in some of our products, and how it benefits the skin and hair.

Pumpkin seed oil has multiple uses for various skin types when it comes to treating epidermal maladies. Its rich texture and hearty makeup allow it to offer beneficial and potent relief in numerous ways. You can apply pumpkin seed oil directly to the affected area topically without any risk of irritation. Or, you can use it a carrier oil to mix properly with essential oils for a formula with a multidimensional list of benefits.

This oil contains naturally active enzymes that exfoliate the surface of the skin by feeding off of, and thereby removing, dead skin cells. Even as an effective exfoliate, pumpkin seed oil still works gently with no irritation caused from exposing skin to it as a treatment formula. Once the dead skin cells are removed, the fresh layer of skin can absorb the variety of other benefits offered by pumpkin seed oil.

It also balances the appearance of skin tone while maintaining the quality of the collagen levels needed to advance the anti-aging process. The mineral content in pumpkin seed oil also contributes to the restructuring of the skin’s surface. The high content of hydroxy acids within this oil allow it to generate an improved turnover of cells. These functions produce an evenly juvenescent appearance.

If you struggle with acne problems, then pumpkin seed oil may provide some relief. Zinc,  a mineral plentiful in this oil’s content, manages the levels of hormones and secretions that the skin produces. Pumpkin seed oil also has excellent healing qualities to protect the skin’s surface from pore-clogging pollutants that can further irritate a situation.

As a part of the skin-care routine, pumpkin seed oil is definitely worth its weight in gold – at least we think so! Its high content in nutrients allow it to remedy a whole variety of irritating skin conditions. When using it alone, you can use it all-over as an anti-aging remedy, or as a spot treatment for acne. Putting on an application at bedtime allows the oil to moisturize and retexture the skin’s surface for further prevention of skin problems.


Studies Supporting Liquid Gold

Organic pumpkin seed oil helps with the maintenance and formation of other bodily systems because of its unique set of beneficial nutrients. In order to maximize the potential for the benefits you can reap from pumpkin seed oil, you can purchase supplements up to 1000 mg from online stores or vitamin shoppes. Figure out how to incorporate pumpkin oil into your supplemental routine so that you can experience the aforementioned perks.

Numerous recent studies suggest evidence supporting the claims that pumpkin seed oil can offer protection from problems regarding cholesterol and blood pressure. A 2011 pilot study shows a regulation in the levels of HDL cholesterol within postmenopausal women after taking a regular supplement of pumpkin seed oil. A study performed on rabbits shows that supplements of pumpkin seed oil taken along with prescription drugs that lower cholesterol could work effectively.

A study performed in 2013 conducted on rodents shows the oil’s potential in relieving symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. Another previous study conducted in 2009 used pumpkin seed oil along with palmetto oil as a supplement to treat Korean men struggling with prostatic hyperplasia. The subjects experienced improvement in urine flow.

Pumpkin oil works from the inside out, both as a health supplement and as a part of skin-care treatment. Recommended by doctors and dermatologists, and backed by scientific research, organic pumpkin oil has earned its claim to fame as the ‘liquid gold’ of carrier oils.


Our Organic Ingredients

We love our pumpkin seed oil, and the way it functions with the other ingredients in our formulas. We are just as passionate about the large selection of other amazing botanicals we use to craft the perfect skin concoctions. Each individual product description has an ingredient list readily available to read, and sometimes an ingredient highlight!

If you are curious about a specific ingredient we use in our products and want to know more about it, contact us. We are happy to further discuss the naturally organic botanicals featured in our formulas. If you have a specific topic you would like for us to cover in a blog, feel free to let your face naturals family know! We are always up for suggestions.



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